Five Reasons To Do Wireless Networking with Used Cisco Routers

We believe that wireless networks are one of the most important inventions ever made in the annals of human history. To have a wireless network run on one of the most robust routers in the world at a fraction of a price – used Cisco routers – is even better.

Just to make the whole picture clearer for you, here are five reasons why it’s essential to leverage a wireless network for your home or business with used Cisco routers.

Used Cisco Wireless Routers Reason #1: Sharing Web Access

With wireless networking, you can easily and cheaply share one single Internet connection among different computers, without having to utilize more modems. If that wasn’t enough, you can even include new computers in your network only by using a wireless card and switching them on to have an immediate Internet connection! Not many wired networks can do that! And, using a used Cisco router provides the desired robustness at a fraction of the cost.

Used Cisco Wireless Routers Reason #2: Sharing Printers and Files

A strong wireless network powered by a used Cisco router ensures access to your files regardless of your location within your house, and also facilitates the synchronization of data between computers. Using wireless networks makes it so much simpler to send files between computers, compared to the traditional emails, CDs or flash drives.

Moreover, if your printer is connected, you can write your documents anywhere you want and finally print them through a printer connected to another computer. In other words, a printer plugged into one of the computers on the network is available to all the computers saving you the expense of having multiple printers at home.

Used Cisco Wireless Routers Reason #3: Playing Games Online

With network games being around for nearly two decades, wireless internet connections can leverage that by allowing one to play from anywhere in a house against another family member without physically being next to that annoying brother or sister.

Besides, isn’t it more exciting to play with your family and friends instead of unknown people on the Internet? With used Cisco routers, you can even ask your friends to bring their own computers in and join a thrilling ‘LAN party!’

With wireless networking you can easily connect any games you wish to play to the Internet, and start playing online. Playing online with a wireless connection from aused Cisco Router to a Wii, Playstation 3, or Xbox is much easier than having to directly connect your modem the entire time.

Used Cisco Wireless Routers Reason #4: Always On Access

What really popularized broadband connectivity was that it allowed Internet connections to constantly be on, thereby eliminating the need of dialing. With wireless networking, network connections are always on, so that any time you wish, especially in the case with used Cisco routers, any one of your computers can connect to the Internet!

Regardless of where you take your laptops to within your home, they will have instant access! Moreover, wireless networks offer the convenience of eliminating usernames and password systems, as they operate without logging in. Talk about convenience!

Used Cisco Wireless Routers Reason #5: No More Wire Running Everywhere!

Being able to eliminate wires from running all over your house is probably the biggest reason why you should switch to wireless. You will be so pleased when you rid yourself of problematic, costly, unsightly and unsafe wires.

  • While the average Ethernet wire doesn’t cost much, the incremental cost of multiple wires adds up depending on the size of your house or business.
  • Whenever you wish to have wires running between rooms or floors, you are forced to have holes in the walls, which might not even possible if the house is not yours.
  • Many people living in rented apartments have to limit their network to a particular room until they finally decide to switch to wireless. Switching to a wireless router allows them to even take their computers outside should they wish to!
  • Using wireless networks also allows for more safety, as there is no danger of tripping over uncovered wires.
  • Lastly, if you are moving, you do not have to pack all the wires up and re-connect them again. Finally, with wireless networks there’s no need for you to check every single wire if your Internet connection doesn’t work.

Are You Convinced Yet?

If you are now convinced that wireless routers, especially with used Cisco routers, is the way to go, check out the rest of’s website for prices up to 90% off onused Cisco routers. Don’t give up now, you’ll see that setting it up is easier and cheaper than ever.


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    Sinjanv says:

    You can connect as many muopcters as you want.The box you refer to is the high-speed modem. That’s the device that is directly connected to your ISP, and is the ONLY device directly connected.This modem is called your gateway to the internet.When you connect a single computer to the internet, you use an ethernet cable to connect your computer to the modem, which has a single ethernet port.However, if you have more than one computer, you can plug what’s called a hub to the modem instead, and then plug your muopcters into the hub.Most hubs have 4 ports, but you can get them with 6 or 10, and even more if you look around.If you have more muopcters than you have ports, you can plug another hub into the first hub. This is called daisy chaining .Suppose you had 5 muopcters. and let’s also suppose you happen to have two 4-port hubs. You would plug a hub into the gateway. This gives you 4 ports to the connection.Now you would plug 3 muopcters into the hub.In the 4th port, you would plug another hub.Now you can connect the other 2 muopcters to this second hub.If you get more muopcters, this process can be repeated.This is the simplest workable method. There CAN be problems if all the muopcters are being used at the same time using this method. These particular problems can be solved using a router, but that gets a little more complex.I’ve connected 3 muopcters at a time using a single 4-port hub with no problems.


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