Month: February 2016

The Benefits of Buying Used Dell, HP and IBM Used Servers

Whether you are a new business owner, or you have years and decades of experience, you know that the strength of your IT department and workers depends on the equipment they use. While it may not be the fashionable thing to do, and you may doubt the quality, purchasing used servers can be very beneficial for you and your company. Used servers are cheaper than their newer counterparts, more reliable and higher quality than off-the-shelf servers, and come with great support from both the manufacturer and the retailer as well.

Since used IT equipment is cheaper, if you purchase a used server and would like to sell it back, Network IT may buy and sell Dell, HP and IBM used servers and parts from you in the future, as well. Here are the top three reasons why you should purchase a used server today.

JUNOS OS: Juniper Routers’ and Switches’ Secret Advantage

JUNOS Operating System (OS) may not be a secret in the conventional sense of the word. After all, practically everyone working in the IT field knows the operating system exists. However, for newcomers and those interested in an IT career, the JUNOS OS and Juniper routers and switches tend to be overshadowed by the more …

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