Another Man’s Treasure: 4 Tips for Selling Dell Used Servers and Parts Online

Whether you’re an IT technician maintaining company servers or just a PC enthusiast working on your home workstation, there’s a good chance you’ve accumulated several computer parts over the years. Unless you’ve got space in storage for all those motherboards, CPUs, routers, and graphics cards, you might want to look into selling old components.

Not only will selling that Dell used server part put some cash in your pocket, but you’ll also avoid contributing to the global e-waste problem and breathe some new life into old Dell, IBM, or Cisco hardware that would otherwise be collecting dust in your closet. Read on to find out the best tactics for selling used hardware online.

Find the Right Price

Your search should begin on popular selling markets like eBay. Local alternatives such as Craigslist might work but may be limited in smaller cities. Check whether your particular product or similar ones like it is being sold and at what cost. Don’t only look at the prices; see if a used item is actually selling at that price to paint a realistic picture of what to expect.

When deciding on a price, factor in the age of the item as well. Computer components, unfortunately, go out of date and fall in price rather quickly as new generation products are introduced.

Finally, ask yourself how much money you’re expecting to gain out of the sale and when you’ll need it. Local sellers can get back to you quickly whereas larger sites like Amazon can take several days for you to receive your cash.

Provide All the Details

The quality of your selling page can have a huge influence on your sales. These are a few tactics to maximize exposure to potential customers when you’re selling Dell used parts.

  • List all the details (make, model, specifications, etc.) you would look for if you were shopping for the product. The more specific, the better. After all, “LG – 22MB35PU-I 21.5″ 1920×1080 60Hz Monitor” is a lot more descriptive and easier to find than “LG Computer Monitor.”
  • Include the model number in the description.
  • If you’re selling a component or module, provide installation instructions if you can.
  • Take photographs of the components individually in well-lit areas so customers can see the details.

Know What to Sell

If you’re working for a business, remember that some companies may forbid selling old storage drives because of security risks, as even cleaned out drives can still contain retrievable data. Check with your organization’s policy before attempting a sale.

Also, many enterprise-grade components like Intel Xeon CPUs and NVidia Quadro GPUs are harder to sell because of their specialized appeal. Consumer-grade products like GeForce cards, in contrast, can sell more easily in general marketplaces.

Also Consider Resellers

Another option besides Amazon, eBay, and Craigslist is to sell to electronic resellers. Such companies will offer a quote for the trade-in and even assist in shipping over the parts. Consider this option if selling that IBM used server seems difficult.

If you choose to do so, make sure you know the reseller’s policies regarding the sale, such as when and how you will receive the money, any shipping requirements, and how negotiable the quote is.

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If selling to a reseller sounds like your best option, request a quote from us at Network IT. We buy all sorts of server and networking equipment from Dell, HP, or IBM. Whether you have wireless routers and switches to get rid of or want to reduce desk clutter in the workplace, we’ll take it off your hands.

  • Selling old servers and computer components online is a viable option for many businesses and individuals wanting to get some money back for old hardware.
  • Know what you want to sell, what price to sell at, where to sell it, and how you’ll make your pitch.
  • If you have a lot of items or want to sell in bulk, sell your IBM or Dell used servers and parts with Network IT.

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