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Saving Money Through Second Hand: A Quick Guide to the Refurbished Market for Buying Dell Used Parts

Enterprise-grade components, servers, and parts are more durable, more reliable, and more featured than their consumer-grade counterparts. They’re also aimed at businesses with larger budgets than the average individual. It’s no surprise then that they tend to cost a lot to compensate. If the IT department wants to save some of the budget this quarter, […]

Details on the Layer 3 Juniper Switch and Comparisons to Routers

It’s no secret lots of specialized, technical knowledge is required to run an IT department properly. While most employees probably know what a router is, few can explain the differences between a networking router and a networking switch, and an even smaller proportion know what a Layer 3 Juniper switch can do. It’s essential to […]

The Many Ways You Could Be Overcharged for Traditional Phone Service and Why a Switch to IP Telephony and VoIP Is a Good Idea

You probably keep a close eye on your mobile data to prevent unintentional overuse and a shocking phone bill at the end of the month. It’s similar with business telephone services. Traditional telephone providers find a variety of ways to increase your monthly bill, whether it be through hidden charges, ambiguous maintenance fees, or taxes. […]

New or Used Cisco Equipment? Answering the IT Conundrum

So you’re an IT technician, and management wants you to fix an old, broken down server rack. Your budget is limited, so buying a new product might not be an option. At this point, you consider buying from the used market. We’ve all heard the rumors that pre-owned IT equipment is prone to failures and […]

3 Configuration Settings You Should Never Disable on a Used Cisco Router or Switch

IT workers will commonly cite misconfigured hardware as a prime cause of technical problems and operational inefficiencies in business technology. That’s why, when your company buys a new set of used Cisco routers and switches, you should never mess with specific settings you aren’t sure about. For example, here are three configurable options on that […]

New Trends and Predictions for the Server Market: What to Think About Before Buying a Dell Used Server

The server industry is an intensely heated market. With businesses as the primary customer base, the profit margins, competition, and stakes are high as thousands of equipment and part manufacturers aggressively try to one-up each other. Is your company’s IT department in need of an upgrade? Well, before you buy Dell used server components from […]

What to Look for in a Used Cisco IP & Wireless Phone Service

Making a major purchase always calls for some product research first. Getting a new car, a new house, or a new refrigerator? It makes sense to look up prices, check on features, compare offers, and plan out future upgrades for such a large purchase. Your organization’s IP telephony needs shouldn’t be any different. If you’re […]