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Another Man’s Treasure: 4 Tips for Selling Dell Used Servers and Parts Online

Whether you’re an IT technician maintaining company servers or just a PC enthusiast working on your home workstation, there’s a good chance you’ve accumulated several computer parts over the years. Unless you’ve got space in storage for all those motherboards, CPUs, routers, and graphics cards, you might want to look into selling old components. Not […]

Time to Invest in Used Cisco IP & Wireless Phones: 4 Major Reasons VoIP is the Future for Business Communication

It’s not uncommon to see households ditch landline phones for smartphones nowadays. The added convenience and portability can make traditional phones obsolete for many families. And for businesses, a similar change can be seen with Voice over Internet Protocol phones, or VoIP. VoIP is an umbrella term for a variety of devices and technologies allowing […]

Quick Guide to Cisco Certifications and How They Affect Your Purchasing Decisions for Used Cisco Equipment

CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE are technical certifications provided by Cisco that indicate skills in business networking. At the professional level, workers can use these certifications to find jobs and earn higher salaries, while recruiters use them to find experienced employees. Plus, knowing the certification of your employees can also indicate the kind of networking equipment […]

Digital Protection in a Compromised World: Common Threats Affecting a Business’s Network, IP Telephony, and VoIP Security

For better or for worse, the Internet has penetrated into every aspect of our modern lives. While it enables us to enjoy more conveniences than ever before, online connectivity has also introduced various network security threats almost every business needs to address. And if you’re a small business, pay attention, as studies show that 71% […]

Beyond Resetting It: Troubleshooting Your Juniper Router

Not many Internet users think about the network routers they’re using. They’re out of sight, out of mind when they’re working but cause a slew of frustrations if they ever fail. Even with the most durable and reliable hardware, issues are bound to pop up every now and again. For most issues, simply resetting the […]

Equipment with Experience: A Guide to Buying HP and Dell Used Parts

Patience has its rewards. As a business owner, you might be looking for affordable yet reliable computers, printers, servers, routers, and other components. If new equipment seems a little pricey, buying used HP or Dell parts could be the solution. Sure, you could buy refurbished parts and shave off around a quarter of the price, […]

3 Ways Cisco SMARTnet Optimizes Your Business’s IT Department

In today’s connected world, businesses need to utilize technology to the fullest extent to stay on top. But you can’t guarantee all your servers, routers, printers, and terminals will always work without a hitch. Hence why companies invest so much into professional IT departments and offload technical support onto third parties for severely perplexing issues. […]

Why You Should Purchase Used Cisco Gigabit Switches Today!

Does this scenario sound familiar? Bob is a business owner. Bob is frustrated by the low data transfer speeds on his business network, and he feels that he could be more productive if his data transfer speeds were faster. However, Bob does not know much about technology. Bob wants a simple solution that will lead […]

Why Tech Equipment Stores Sell Dell Used Servers

Many business owners, whether they are new to the game, or they have been business owners for decades, usually default to purchasing new equipment, rationalizing that it is a better investment. However, although understandable, this is not always the case. When you walk into a big box store, or even a specialized technology equipment store, […]