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3 Tips to Increase Your Network Security in 2018

Securing your business network is very, very important. This is usually an issue among new businesses, especially where entrepreneurs are used to conducting business over public free Wi-Fi in coffee houses, or by using their own unsecured data network or cell plan. If you have data service, strengthen it. If you do not, switch to […]

Why We Sell IBM Used Servers

It may be a bit baffling to you when you see a computer technology store selling used servers. It may be baffling to see any used goods in a computer store. Everyone “knows” that the best computing technology is new, right? In some cases, yes. In some cases, no. It all depends on your situation […]

Three Common Reasons Why You Need Juniper Switches

Every business owner wants to have a business network that runs as efficiently as possible. However, business owners without the technical or technological knowledge required to troubleshoot their IT equipment may not know where to start. Articles like this are for business owners like these. If you are interested in securing your business network, simplifying […]

The Value of a Cisco SMARTnet Contract for Small Businesses

Does this scenario sound familiar? Bob runs a business. He has setup his business network with Cisco products. Bob knows that Cisco products are the best and he wants to ensure that his network runs as efficiently and as long as possible. However, Bob is not a “tech” guy. Bob also does not have an […]

Used Cisco Gigabit Switches Are Ideal For a Business

In business, you need to gain every advantage to succeed. Anything that you and your employees can do to become better as a business and stand out against your competition, will help your business succeed in the market. With the proper tools and advantages, you can increase your business’s revenues, reduce its long-term expenses, and […]

Top Two Reasons to Sell IBM Used Servers

Bob owns a company. He has physical servers in his office. Bob wants a better data storage solution than physical servers. Bob has heard of the cloud, and has been doing research. Bob learns that by switching to the cloud, he can save his company money, and still enjoy a secure data storage solution. Bob […]

Used Cisco CP-7942G Phones Are Great for Office Use

When purchasing a phone for your office, consider purchasing a used phone that is specially made for office use. You will save money on your initial investment, and you will have a phone that can last decades. In addition, office phones are more secure, and protect you and your business when using them. This is […]

Pass Your CCIE Exams with CCIE Equipment

Bob works desk support for a local company. Bob has grander aspirations though and wants to get a promotion. Bob decides to train and sit for a certification. After a few months of hard study, Bob passes his certification test, and is promoted for his success. This is the way people get promoted in the […]

Buy HP Used Parts to Create a Custom Computer for Your Business

Buying servers may help you with your computing needs. Servers are simply computers that are used to hold data. As such, you can turn a computer into a very high quality server, and vice versa, if you have the technical experience and ability to do so. You can find tutorials like this one all over […]

Three Non-Traditional Things You Can Do with Juniper Routers

Many business owners either throw out or get rid of equipment they no longer feel they need. While this can be a prudent way to free up storage space, it denies these businesses of the ability to reuse common IT parts that can find a second life being used for some other means. Reusing hardware […]