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Too Much Data to Store? Buy HP Used Parts to Create a Local Server

August 10, 2017 by netnit in Dell with 0 Comments

Sooner or later, every business will need to deal with the following scenario.

For the past few months or years, you have been storing customer information, client information, product information, and even tax information or legal information on your main computer. You slowly watch your hard drive filling up. As a result, it becomes increasingly harder to find the documents you need, especially if you do not implement version control to make sure you can easily access a specific version of your documents. In addition, your computer starts slowing down because your hard drive is becoming bloated with so much data since the drive needs to be indexed before searching can begin.

Have you experienced this scenario? If not, you will soon. Here are two ways you can deal with it. You can either use the cloud, or you can buy HP used parts and served to create your own physical server.

Buy HP Used Parts and Go to the Cloud

For most people, the cloud is awesome. Cloud computing allows us to store data on virtual servers across the web. Many companies that specialize in offering online space of some sort, like Google, offer cloud computing. You can also access your cloud account from any computer in the world, as long as you have a functional internet connection. Cloud space is a great choice for any business owner or operator that is not uploading any serious information.

When you upload to the cloud, you take the risk that your documents might be viewed by others without your permission or knowledge. Many people have had their photos leaked online from their cloud accounts due to insecure password use in recent years. In terms of data, there is not that much difference between a photograph and a word document. Therefore, if you must upload your files, make sure that these are documents that you do not mind people accessing.

Purchase a Local Server

When you buy a used HP server, as well as buy HP used parts, you are purchasing the freedom to clear up your computer, while also protecting your data that you are transferring. Simply transfer your data to your local server that you set up in your office.

Physical servers make sense for the vast majority of businesses. No one but you, and anyone you personally give access to, can access the server. The files you have transferred are kept safe on the server. You can retrieve them at any time that you are in the office.

You do not need to worry about insecure passwords or unauthorized people gaining physical access to your data because you can lock your server up. As such, when you purchase a used HP Server, and buy HP used parts, you are making an investment in the safety and security of your business.

If you need more space to save your files and your business computer is filling up, you should consider buying HP used servers, buying HP used parts, or buying Dell used servers and buying Dell used parts. Once you are done with them and no longer need your server or parts, you can sell Dell used servers, sell Dell used parts, sell HP used servers, or sell HP used parts to another business owner. For more information on the benefits of a local physical server, visit us at Network IT, with satisfied customers in and around Toronto and the GTA. You can also visit us at our website for information as well.

You Have an Office? You Need an Office Phone

August 10, 2017 by netnit in blog, Used Cisco with 0 Comments

As an entrepreneur, it may seem easy to just use the technology you already have in order to conduct business. You might use your laptop as a business computer. You might use your smartphone as your dedicated business phone. You might even set up your devices and work in the public library to take advantage of their free Wi-Fi and affordable printing.

However, in business, it pays to be secure and it pays to be able to have complete control over your devices. Not doing so is a security risk. If anyone can access the devices you use for work, they can potentially access information that is either sensitive, or secretive, or both like your customer and client details.

Every business needs a phone. No business needs unnecessary risk. Whenever possible, you should strive to minimize risk, even if it means using specialized equipment made purposefully for office use. Sure, an office phone may not be as slim or sleek as a new smartphone, but it is better when it comes to handling multiple calls, achieving great sound quality when talking to clients, or making orders with your suppliers.

The best precaution you can take is to ensure that you have complete control over your devices and the information on these devices. When it comes to purchasing a business phone, do not rely on your smartphone. Instead, purchase a dedicated business phone that has literally been engineered and manufactured to ensure business success. Buy a business phone like the used Cisco CP-7942G.

The Used Cisco CP-7942G

The used Cisco CP-7942G is a fully-featured office phone that will be a welcome inclusion to any new or existing business equipment that you may have around the office. It features such great options and features like an LCD display, a high resolution screen, call features like caller ID, 2 lines for you to host multiple calls at the same time, dual Ethernet capabilities with an integrated Ethernet switch and full POE support, and more.

This phone is amazing when used in a workplace capacity. It can also be placed anywhere in the office that you like. While most people choose to leave their office phones on their desks, Cisco phones have the ability to be mounted to the wall. This is a great feature for any small business that has a small office.

Even if you do not have a small office, you can still install this phone on the wall. It is perfect for employers and employees who like to be as mobile as possible while at the office. To achieve this, all you have to do is align the wall brackets that come with the phone with Cisco’s wall mount kit, which is sold separately.

One of the reasons why the used Cisco CP-7942G is so successful is because it is so versatile. It can be used in any office around the world and by anyone. The controls are simple to learn and use. The sound quality is great. As such, this phone is really geared towards success, just like you.

If you are in the market for used Cisco IP & wireless phones, like the used Cisco CP-7961G, the used Cisco CP-7942G, or the used Cisco CP-7962G, you are in luck! Network IT, which has served countless happy customers and clients in and around Toronto and the GTA, has these phone models in stock. Come visit us and pick up your next great office phone today. You can also visit us online at our website today for more information.

CCIE Exams: Which One is For You and What CCIE Equipment Should You Use to Prepare

August 10, 2017 by netnit in Equipment with 0 Comments

CCIE exams are for everybody. There is no natural proclivity towards succeeding in IT. Anyone, with enough time and effort, can pass successive exams. Millions of people before you have done it, and you can do it as well. However, this does not mean that you should sit for an advanced exam like the CCIE without any preparation or training.

If you are not at such an advanced level yet, you should take the time to prepare, investing your time in gaining more knowledge and lower-level certifications before you decide to sit for your CCIE exams. You would be far better studying for a lower exam like the CCNA before the CCIE, since the CCIE will require more in-depth knowledge.

First, there are several CCIE level (expert level) certifications that you can sit for. However, before you make this decision to do so, you should carefully examine your own experience and knowledge. If there are significant gaps in your knowledge that will take more than a few months to fill in, perhaps you should postpone your exam date in order to adequately prepare.

Once you have made the decision to sit for a CCIE exam, you should decide on which certification you would like to pursue. While most people will gain more and more knowledge in a specific IT field, like routing and switching, others will go for a broader range of knowledge in multiple areas. It really depends on how well you learn and apply concepts in your job.

You can sit for the CCDE, CCIE Collaboration, CCIE Data Center, CCIE Routing & Switching, CCIE Security, CCIE Service Provider, or CCIE Wireless exams. You do not need to limit yourself to just one exam, as you can sit for any and all of them eventually if you would like. It just may be redundant if you do not need to sit for every exam, especially since it will cost you a significant amount of money over time.

Studying from books is great, and will do if you are pressed for time, but it should not be your only option. You should purchase and use affordable CCIE equipment to practice on. Nothing compares to the real thing. You need hands-on practical experience if you want to ace your CCIE exam. There simply is no other way. The knowledge you will gain while applying the theory you have learned will be irreplaceable, and may even be the difference between you passing the exam.

As an IT professional, you are around relevant IT equipment every day. You know how important it is to prepare with, and to know and understand, the equipment you use on a daily basis. The same is true no matter how far along you are in your career, or which equipment you use. As such, you should consider purchasing used CCIE equipment in order to prepare for your exams. Doing so is a prudent decision that will help you prepare for your own success.

Purchasing used equipment to practice on can make the difference in succeeding in your CCIE exams. Invest in your future today by purchasing the equipment you need to succeed. For the best in used Cisco equipment, including CCIE equipment, CCNA equipment, and CCNP equipment, you should contact Network IT in Toronto and the GTA. To learn more you can visit us in-store, or online at our website today.

Deciding Between Wired and Wireless? Go Wired Every Time with Used Cisco POE Switches

August 10, 2017 by netnit in Switches, Used Cisco with 0 Comments

When first setting up a business network, even if it is a home-based network for your personal office, it can be difficult to decide if you should go with a wireless connection or a wired connection. However, while both wireless and wired connections do the same thing, there are differences in how they accomplish connectivity, or allow you to connect to your devices.

While there are advantages to going with a wireless connection, for most instances, you will want to go with a wired connection using used Cisco POE switches. There are clear advantages to doing so when setting up a business network. When making business decisions, you always want to lean towards decisions that are more secure and carry less risk than their alternative. In this case, you should, in most cases, choose a wired connection before a wireless connection due to the inherent security advantages that wired connections provide.

Wireless Connections

Wireless connections are in vogue. They are really amazing if you think about it. You can connect to other devices on a network, even if those devices are halfway around the world. As such, it seems like a really easy choice to go wireless. You want to ensure that, no matter where in the world you are, you can connect to the devices you need to connect to.

Wired Connections

While wired connections do not have the same range of wireless connections, fewer people are choosing wired connections these days to connect with other devices, especially since you can use both types of connections in tandem. That way, there really is no reason to choose a wired connections since there will be moments in your life where you need to go wireless, or so it would seem. However, wired connections are more secure, and you have more control over a wired connection than a wireless one.

Go Wired, Add Wireless Later If You Need To

Wired connections are stronger, faster, and more reliable than wireless connections. Wired connections are also more secure. The fact is that while wireless connections will be more convenient, the majority of devices that you might want to connect with will be in your immediate vicinity. You will likely be connecting to your phone, your printer, your fax machine, a server, and possibly a backup computer. As great as wireless connections are, you will be better served by using a wired connection.

Used Cisco POE Switches

Used POE switches are reliable and can do a lot for you and your network. You can transfer data or electricity over a POE switch, which will power things like access points, wireless routers, and security cameras, as well as allow devices like these to function as well as possible.

Since all these connections are wired, and your network is in a physical location near you, you can rest assured using your network while understanding that your network is secure. There are less means for unauthorized people to access your network. With wireless connections, by contrast, since you connect over bluetooth or wireless internet access, you are increasing your risk of having unauthorized people access your network since they have potentially more capabilities when accessing your network.

To increase the potential of your home or business network, even if your home network is your business network, be sure to pick up some used Cisco routers and switches today. Used Cisco POE switches and used Cisco gigabit switches can be great tools in your digital network arsenal, especially if you use a wired connection. For more information, please visit us at Network IT in Toronto and the GTA. You can also visit us online at our website today.

Sell HP Used Parts to Entrepreneurs

July 10, 2017 by netnit in blog with 0 Comments

Landing on a profitable business is difficult. Everyone wants to do it but few can. Simply finding a business solution that is inherently profitable from Day 1 is like winning the entrepreneurial lottery.

This brings us to servers. Servers have many uses. Even if you have no use for them, others do. One thing that servers are great for is building affordable gaming computers. With this knowledge, you can easily convince a budding entrepreneur to purchase your old and unused servers and server parts. That entrepreneur can turn old servers and parts into gaming PCs, and sell the PCs for a profit. Everyone wins in this situation. Here are four reasons why.

The Return on Investment

For an entrepreneur who is in need of a project, building gaming computers can be an excellent venture. People always pay premium for custom items. After all, there is a reason why set prices do not exist for custom products. The seller prices his or her items as he or she values them, and customers purchase custom items due to their rarity and customizability.


An excellent entrepreneur can easily charge quite a few percent more than the labor and materials are worth, especially when re-purposing old servers and parts that you sell them. This results in an excellent business model. You can sell HP used parts and servers and make your money back on the transaction. The entrepreneur gets an affordable server, as well as server parts, to affordably run a custom gaming PC building business.

Unlike many businesses that struggle to make profits, embedding a sensible profit model into your business model will ensure that your gross revenues are higher than your net revenues, regardless of how scaled your business is.

A New Business Connection

Connections are important in business. They practically are the reason behind many new hires, new equipment, and new opportunities. It is not just about what you know, but who you know. New hires, if they are good, get passed around from company to company when these employees choose to leave. A good worker with a good track record for success will rarely find him or herself out of work.

New equipment can be bought at a discount if you purchase equipment in bulk from a loyal customer or client. New opportunities, especially potentially profitable ones like building gaming PCs, can pop up out of nowhere.

A new business connection can be a great thing to have; even if you have to pass on the opportunity you are being offered. Just having an offer is great for your connectivity. Another offer will come around.

The Gaming Market

The gaming market is expensive and custom builds are prevalent. However, custom builds are usually more expensive than stock gaming gear. If you can sell HP used parts and servers to an entrepreneur, who can enter this market and establish him or herself, you both win. You are able to sell equipment you no longer need, and your new connection has a potentially profitable business that he or she can build.

Visit Network IT in Toronto and the GTA to buy HP used servers, buy HP used parts, sell HP used servers, sell HP used parts, buy IBM used servers, buy IBM used parts, sell IBM used servers, sell IBM used parts. For more information on the many uses that old servers and parts have, please visit us in-store or online at our website today.

Why Network Security Is Important & How to Improve it

July 10, 2017 by netnit in blog with 0 Comments

Many entrepreneurs believe that having a home-based network is enough to fulfill their business needs. They have their basic internet package from their wireless package, a smartphone with data for emergencies, and their laptop. However, entrepreneurs and anyone who operates out of a home-based network should familiarize themselves with network security.

Network security is important, especially if you are handling sensitive data like financial data and credit card details from your customers and clients. One of your technological priorities as an entrepreneur should be to beef up your network as much as possible.

5 Ways to Improve the Network Security

Third Party Applications

Third-party applications like desktop work applications and mobile apps can access your information if you let them. When downloading and using any application that did not come with your computer’s embedded operating system, be very careful about the permissions you give out to these applications. You may be allowing them to access things they should not.

This is a very simple way to improve the security of your network that, unfortunately, not a lot of people do this. However, such a tip is great for preventing a potential issue with your network.

Access Control

You should sparingly hand out privileges on your business network and only hand them out to people who need them. This means that you should not share your network password with friends, that you should not provide administrative accounts to all employees and that you should regularly inspect accounts and connections to make sure you were the one who initialized them.

Access control is one of the simplest, and most effective, ways to protect your business data from prying eyes.

Malware Software and Antivirus Software

Running regular scans of your network and ensuring that no malicious programs or files are running on them is essential. Any computer that can access the internet, or be accessed physically, can potentially be hacked. You should run scans to ensure that no one else can access or control your computer or data. Run a scan at least weekly with a few different software’s to provide a multi-faceted approach to malware and virus detection on your computer.


While you do not need to invest in a physical firewall to block unauthorized or unwarranted access to your devices, you should at least install a virtual firewall, which is a software program. After you set the firewall’s rules when it comes to access control, the firewall will monitor incoming connections and ensure that your set rules are followed.

Some computers, like Apple Macbooks, have built-in firewall protection, which you can access via the Systems Preferences program located on your Dock. However, for non-Apple computers, accessing the software firewall may be a bit more difficult since Apple computers are created to be super user-friendly.  Be sure to consult with your user manual to learn how to turn on your firewall and set your desired settings.

Lock up Important Devices

Physical security is important to preventing people from accessing your data physically. Creating physical protections can mean locking the door to your office, turning off the Wi-Fi when you close up your shop for the night, or stashing your server in a locked cabinet or locker. There are many ways that you can lock up your important devices so that only people authorized to access them can.

All you need to do after locking up these devices is providing authorized people with their own tagged keys. It is even better if authorized people need to sign out and sign in their keys so you know who accessed your devices.

Network security is just one of the services offered by Cisco as part of their Cisco Network Consulting and Support Services. Other services include routing and switching LAN/WAN, wireless, and IP telephony and VoIP. For more information to secure your network, contact Network IT in Toronto and the GTA today. The quickest way to contact us is through our website, but for a more personalized experience, we recommend that you visit us in-store.

Not Everyone Is Tech-Savvy Around Cisco Products and That Is Ok

July 10, 2017 by netnit in blog, Used Cisco with 0 Comments

The technology world is becoming a more detail-oriented place. Technologies are improving so fast that the average person is struggling to keep up with the changes that occur month to month, and year to year.

Many people do not have the tech skills to fix their own computers and equipment and that is becoming more and more normal. Computers exist in everything now, even lightbulbs, and computers are becoming more and more complicated to fix and learn about. The sheer number of advances in computing have been huge, and their capabilities continue to advance daily.

However, with all these advances, as great as they are, come increasingly complex and esoteric instructions to understand these new technologies. Unless you are a professional, you may have trouble even understanding common tech lingo and slang, which is featured in technical guides and documentation. This is becoming more and more normal every day. When this occurs, it is best to rely on the manufacturer for help. After all, they created their own products, and therefore know how to best service them.

Most people, at one time or another, will struggle to understand their computers and network devices. Some people even have difficulty using simple tablets, which are essentially limited computers created with the sole intention to be as user-friendly as possible. That is why tablets have the big buttons, bright colors, and easy navigation. Our computers and network devices are simply progressing too fast for many people, regardless of their level of training and expertise.

Even IT professionals usually stick to one isolated field of knowledge like network security or wireless devices or the cloud. Few IT workers generalize broadly in IT after they complete their entry-level certifications or have been in the industry for a few years. Even then, there are whole careers focusing on sub-topics like mobile security, cloud management, and network analysis.

Eventually, even if you are tech-savvy, you will come face to face with some piece of technology that baffles you. However, there is no reason to fear if you do not understand the intricacies of your equipment. Simply purchase a Cisco SMARTnet contact and let Cisco take care of your devices for you.

One of the great things about Cisco SMARTnet contracts is that they are not “one size fits all” like other companies’ contracts may be. Instead, there are varying levels of assistance, allowing you to choose the level that best suits your business needs, as well as your technical capabilities. Even if you have the knowledge, it may pay off for you to purchase a contract simply because it saves you a lot of time that could be better spent making sales or improving product development.

Some of the options for assistance available with a Cisco SMARTnet contract involve access to user forums where you can look up and implement other users’ solutions to common problems, telephone access so that you can speak to a professional about your devices, and even on-site device repair in case you need some specialized help in your office or workplace to get your Cisco products up and running.

Purchasing a Cisco SMARTnet is one of the most potentially valuable investments a company can make in regards to its IT equipment, computers, and network devices. If you are unsure of how to maintain your equipment, or you just simply do not have the time and need to focus on more important tasks, a contract is the right way to go. You can purchase contracts at Network IT, which services small businesses and entrepreneurs in and around Toronto and the GTA. For more information, you can visit us and contact us online at our website today.

Buy Juniper Routers and Juniper Switches for Your Home Office

July 10, 2017 by netnit in blog, Juniper, Routers, Switches with 0 Comments

Many entrepreneurs and small businesses that operate out of their home tend to use limited networks and devices when carrying out their business. However, you should strive to use business resources and technologies as much as possible, since you are running a business. Just because you have a home-based office does not mean that you should cut corners with your business network by only using minimal amounts of equipment. In fact, your network in your home office should be just as good as any business network operating in a dedicated office space.

If you do not have any routers and switches installed, especially routers and switches, you should consider doing so. Routers and switches are necessary when thinking about expanding your network, even if you are the sole employee in your business.

Here are three reasons why you should add routers and switches to your home business network, and the advantages you will reap by doing so.

Increase Your Network Size

As your business network grows, you will need more and more connections from your main computer to peripheral devices like security cameras, printers, fax machines, office phones, and so much more. The exact equipment you use in your business network is not as important as the eventual number that you will need. Expanding a business network, especially expanding one efficiently and securely, is more difficult if you do not use routers or switches.

The larger your network, the more devices you will have, and you will need, to connect to each other. Even if you are starting out small, you should invest in routers and switches now so that you know you have the necessary devices in storage for when you need them.

Add Employees to Your Network

As your business grows and expands, you will most likely need to hire employees to scale up your business. No one person can keep an entire company afloat for very long. There is just too much to do. As such, you will need to add your employees’ devices to your business network, especially if they are working alongside you in your home office.

Routers and switches like Juniper routers and Juniper switches make it easy to add other individuals and groups to your network, and to add their devices to your peripheral network devices. With routers and switches, your employees can easily access your servers, your printers, and more. Any device connected to the network can be connected to with your administrative permissions.

Take Advantage of Intranet Capabilities

Juniper routers and switches can setup an isolated intranet for you and your employees to perform business related tasks on. Intranets are advantageous if you want a private and more secure network to connect and communicate with employees, clients, and even customers. You can do so by setting up guest accounts and user controls.

You can request data, share data, receive data, post data, and more, all in a timely fashion since you are all on the same closed network. This is a great way to ensure that everyone is updated on the daily happenings of your business, and your future plans for your business as well.

Setting up a home-based network is not difficult, but you must make it a business network, just like your competitors. You may not have to rent out dedicated office space but that does not mean you should use less resources than the competition. For the best in routers and switches, purchase Juniper routers and Juniper switches from Network IT in Toronto and the GTA. You can learn more information by visiting us in-store, or online at our website, today.

A Used Server Can be the Lifeline of Your Business

June 8, 2017 by netnit in Servers with 0 Comments

Every business needs a server. You are probably using one now, even if you do not know it. The cloud, after all, is a server, just one that runs on the Internet and not in a physical location, at least not physically at your office.

However, you should consider purchasing a physical server for your office, as you will have more control over it, and the files you place on it. Buying an IBM used server, and even buying IBM used parts is a great investment for any business, and one that will pay off in the future.

Servers are a great resource for any business, whether new or old, to invest in. The use of a server is, generally, to keep files in so that you do not have to worry about duplicate files in each and every worker’s computer. The clutter from the duplication of documents is one issue, but a greater issue is when you have no version control, which means it is that much more difficult to know whether the document you are looking at is the most updated one, or is outdated.

Another issue with keeping documents on individual computers rather than on a central server, or central servers, is authorization to access the materials. If your business’s files are not for public eyes, you need to authorize access to each individual who accesses them. When you have a central server, it is that much harder to do so, which is great for your business.

However, like most purchases, many individuals buy servers and then wait for them to break down. This is bad because, in doing so, you are just prolonging the expense that you would incur if you never bought a server in the first place.

One of the great things about servers is that they save space. With a server, you can save money because you no longer need large hard drives for your business’s computers anymore. Any computer that can access the server and view the files, if not edit them, is good enough. This means that you do not have to purchase updated computers every time a new model comes out, which is a great way to save money in your business.

To take advantage of the benefits of purchasing servers, without any of the downsides, you should consider buying IBM used parts. Buying parts before you need them, especially when you are buying IBM used parts, is smart. Although your used server will be in great shape when you buy it, it will, over time, need maintenance in order to continue running.

Now, you could always copy the files, wipe the server, and replace it, but it is much faster and cheaper to simply purchase parts and replace the ones that need replacing.

A used server can do great things for your business. If you are looking for a used server, consider buying IBM used servers, buying IBM used parts, buying Dell used servers, and buying Dell used parts. Once you are done with a server, or you no longer need parts, you can always sell IBM used servers, sell IBM used parts, sell Dell used servers, or sell Dell used parts to others. For more information about the benefits of used servers, or to buy your own, please visit Network IT, in Toronto and the GTA, either in-store, or online at our website today.

Starting an Office Requires a Dedicated Office Phone

Sure, you may be thinking that you do not need an office phone, however, if for no other reason than privacy, you do, especially if you hire employees. Smartphones are awesome mini computers but they are vulnerable in ways a dedicated office phone is not. Every app you download and use has access to your information and system. Not so with a dedicated office phone. Every time you let an employee use your smartphone, they have access to your private information and system. Not so with a dedicated office phone.

It makes sense to separate your phones, depending on the environment you are operating in. Used Cisco IP & wireless phones are a great investment to this end, and should be seriously considered by any entrepreneur that is initially successful in the beginning. Once you put your full time and effort into your business, you need to do everything in your power to achieve results.

A dedicated office phone, like the used Cisco CP-7961G, is just one part of a large amount of dedicated things you need once you decide to scale up your business. Office space is another. Staff and equipment are other expenses that you will certainly incur as well. However, every expense that pays for itself and allows you to generate even more revenue is worth it in the long-term. This is the most practical reason why you should not dismiss the use and efficiency of a dedicated office phone like used Cisco IP & wireless phones.

Sooner or later, every entrepreneur stops working from their laptop in a coffee shop and purchases a dedicated office space to expand his or her business. By scaling up operations, it is also common for entrepreneurs to start hiring staff in order to take full advantage of their new office space and increasing revenues. One of the first employees many entrepreneurs hire is a receptionist and/or personal assistant.

With limited office equipment, especially at the beginning of scaling your business, you need a dedicated office phone that can be used by anyone in the office, whether they are the boss or the receptionist. A used Cisco CP-7961G is that phone!

This phone is simple to operate and easy to use. Even if you have never used a dedicated office phone before, doing so is instinctual with a Cisco phone. With a used Cisco CP-7961G office phone, you can easily access backlit programmable lines, feature buttons that provide enhanced functionality, and a high-resolution display screen, perfect for certain features that require a graphical interface like caller identification and unicode text.

If you have a dedicated office space, and dedicated office employees, you need a dedicated office phone like used Cisco IP & wireless phones. Simply using smartphones is not enough anymore, especially when you are dealing with the cyber security side of things. The last thing you want is to leave your personal information vulnerable to access from others, whether they are your own staff, hackers, or customers. Dedicated office phones are very simple to use, provide great results, and come pre-equipped with a function for practically any office task you could need a phone to handle.

For the best in used Cisco IP & Wireless Phones, like the used Cisco CP-7961G, used Cisco CP-7942G, or the used Cisco CP-7962G, are great for entrepreneurs who are expanding their business operations and purchasing dedicated office space. For more information regarding dedicated office phones, as well as other dedicated office equipment, please visit us at Network IT, located in Toronto and the GTA. You can visit us in-store on online at our website today.

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