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Sell Used Servers and Parts That You No Longer Need

April 13, 2017 by netnit in Servers with 0 Comments

As the owner or operator of a small business, you know the limitations of office space that you have. Of course, even large corporate offices are limited to their office space. When leasing office space, everyone, from the mom and pop shop owner to the CEO of a multinational corporation, has to make decisions on a number of factors, each of which determine the exact amount of office space he or she has for his or her company. After leasing the space, the key is to use the space as efficiently as possible.

There is possibly no department or area as important when it comes to making office space more efficient as the IT department. Whether your IT workers are fixing computers and phones, installing new software, coding, or maintaining your office network, they often have to work with large machines that are required in order to ensure the office is running efficiently. As such, space is limited.

If you have used servers and parts that you no longer need, either because you have upgraded to a new system, or downgraded the size of your system, you should consider selling HP used servers and parts. Doing so will allow you to ease up on the clutter that your office workers have to navigate through in the office storage, and will instantaneously make your office space much more efficient for them. This will ensure that your workers are as productive as possible.

Selling HP used servers, while often thought of as easier than selling HP used parts, is really of equal ability. Some owners and operators like to keep spare parts around the office in case something needs repairing or replacing. However, you will be able to sell HP used servers more if you also include parts in the package as well.

New owners of HP used servers like it when you are selling HP used parts for the same reason you keep those parts around the office. It is convenient. Since you are not using the servers or parts anymore, you really should consider including them both in a package deal.

The more space your IT department has, relatively, the more efficient they will be at their jobs. If the Internet goes out, even temporarily, or a computer malfunctions, your office could grind to a standstill. This is why many, many office managers consider IT an important function of the office, even if it seems like little work is being done.

By virtue of their profession, IT workers work to maintain, if not improve their IT systems. Since everything usually works all the time, it seems like little productivity is being had. The reality is quite the opposite. The first step to making your IT department and workers more efficient is to sell used servers and parts that you no longer need.

If you want to earn some money on assets you no longer need, as well as free up some storage space for your IT workers (they need all the space they can get), sell HP used parts, sell HP used servers, sell Dell used parts, and sell Dell used servers that you no longer need. If you are looking to upgrade your IT network, you can also buy Dell used parts, buy Dell used servers, buy HP used parts, or buy HP used servers. All it takes is one visit to Network IT if your business is located in Toronto, or the GTA. Visit us in-store or online at our website today, to learn more.

I Have a Smartphone..Why Do I Need a Dedicated Office Phone?

April 13, 2017 by netnit in VOIP and Wireless Phones with 0 Comments

Everyone has a smartphone now. These phones are everywhere. Even Nokia, famous for making indestructible basic phones, has come out with a smartphone. There are kids still in elementary school with full-powered smartphones, maybe even in kindergarten.

Having a smartphone is now a facet of everyday life, and it can be difficult to function without one. We rely so much on our mobile technology that it can be difficult to remember life before smartphones, especially in the office.

There are apps for note taking, dictation, emailing, messaging, and more. Practically any task an office worker has to do can be found in a live app. However, just because an app exists does not mean that it is best if you use it. Sometimes, older technology prevails, as we can see in the case of having dedicated office phones like used Cisco & IP wireless phones.

Many famous companies offer perks, or even just basic service to owners of smartphones. Drive-sharing companies like Uber and Lyft have smartphone apps. You can get discounts at stores like Starbucks and 7-11 via your smartphone. Companies often offer discounts with special QR codes which must be scanned by a smartphone.

This personal convenience, and even necessity, of having a smartphone, especially if you live in the city or a large town, often carries over to work. Many small business owners and operators, due to the more lax routine than, for instance, a CEO of a multinational corporation would have, use their smartphones in business.

At first glance, this makes sense. However, if you want to be more productive in the office, you need to consider investing in a dedicated office phone like the used Cisco CP-7962G.

The Benefits of a Cisco Phone in the Office

Sure, you could use your smartphone, but you will become more productive, literally overnight, if you use dedicated office phones like used Cisco & IP wireless phones.

Using dedicated office phones is like driving to work instead of biking. It is easier, faster, and more convenient.

Having a convenient phone does not mean having a phone with incredible features, like smartphones do. You can download an app for anything and everything today. However, the sheer amount of apps on your phone does not mean you will become more productive.

Sometimes, it is better to consolidate your phone’s functionalities and direct them to complete a specific task. This is the power behind dedicated office phones like used Cisco & IP wireless phones.

The used Cisco CP-7962G has multiple VoIP protocol support, power of ethernet support, features an integrated ethernet switch, and has crisp, clear speakerphone capabilities, perfect for any office worker from a receptionist to an office manager.

With caller ID, voice mail capability, and an LCD monochrome display, the used Cisco CP-7962G provides you with the functionality you need to work in an office setting. No longer will you be distracted by apps running in the background of your phone, by notifications popping up every few minutes from your favorite social messaging platforms, or having to constantly recharge your phone. Office phones are great for the office, where they need to be fully functional, all day long.

If you are looking for a dedicated office phone, look no further than used Cisco & IP wireless phones, like the used Cisco CP-7961G, the used Cisco CP-7942G, and the used Cisco CP-7962G. You can use a smartphone, but you will need a dedicated office phone if you truly want to ramp up your productivity, as well as have a healthy life-work balance. For more information on the benefits of using a dedicated office phone, you can visit Network IT in Toronto and the GTA in-store, or online at our website, today.

How to Switch Used Cisco Equipment into IT

April 13, 2017 by netnit in Equipment, Used Cisco with 0 Comments

Career switching is common. Practically everyone has done it at least once. Sure, there is some risk involved, and you may find you do not like IT, but most people who switch into IT have some experience going in, from coding websites to setting up office environments with printers, computers, and other common technologies.

One of the best entry-level certifications to enter the IT industry without a college degree is a CCNA certificate from Cisco. To do well on this exam, however, you will need to study a lot, since IT changes often and can be difficult for a newcomer to grasp, especially if they start by learning outdated information.

Outdated information is common when looking for free resources. This is why you should seriously consider investing in your own CCNA equipment and other professionally-prepared materials, instead of solely using free materials from the library and the Internet.

Another great tip is to switch industries slowly. Work on IT after your regular workday and on weekends instead of taking a hiatus off work. If you find you do not like IT as a career, even if you love it as a hobby, you will always be able to work while finding another industry to practice in. This realization often takes time though, so you should think carefully before taking a hiatus. Luckily, with CCNA equipment, you can learn the fundamentals of IT, one step at a time.

IT is a great field for individuals who like to problem solve. Practically everything in programming and IT is problem solving. In fact, it is the cornerstone of computing, even if there are no “problems” to solve. You usually find yourself with something that needs to be done, like setting up a network, authenticating users, installing software on multiple operating systems, and more. This is the “problem” that needs to be solved.

Then, looking over the resources you have for the job, you will resolve the issue successfully. Whether you are tasked with hardware, software, or both, the day to day routine of an IT worker is never boring.

In addition, you do not have to stop at one certification, once you get your CCNA certification. You can invest in CCNP equipment and CCIE equipment and practice on those, to sit your CCNP and CCIE exams. The more exams you sit and pass, the more capable you will be at your job.

Whether you decide to purchase CCNP equipment and CCIE equipment or not, having your CCNA certification will open doors for you. Sure, a CCIE certificate, which is the most difficult type of certification you can receive from Cisco and requires CCIE equipment to practice on, will open the most doors for you, but opening doors is not the focus of many people.

If you just want to get your feet wet, and experience the IT sector, studying with CCNA equipment or CCNP equipment may be best for you when you are just starting out.

If you live in or around Toronto or the GTA, you want to sit a Cisco certification exam, and you are considering buying used Cisco equipment, or selling used Cisco equipment, contact Network IT today. We have CCIE equipment, CCNA equipment, and CCNP equipment, that you can use to ace any certification exam you sit. Time-tested equipment from a time-tested company will help you ensure you are prepared for the exam date. For more information about Cisco exams and the equipment you will need to use to succeed on these exams, please visit us at our website today for details.

Purchase and Install Used Cisco POE Switches in the Office

April 13, 2017 by netnit in Switches, Used Cisco with 0 Comments

Office managers everywhere, regardless of the business or industry, usually have a common goal: make the office run more efficiently on the budget they have. This means weighing the pros and cons of various types of equipment. However, comparisons do not stop at the surface. Each component in an office needs to be evaluated based on the indirect effect it will have on office productivity. Weighing more than the cost and function of a component, but considering the effect it will have on other components.

An office camera, for instance, may take gorgeous photographs but, if it does not last as long as a slightly-lesser camera that has a lifecycle of ten years, the latter is a better deal. The same is true with IT equipment like used Cisco POE switches.

Top 5 Reason to Invest in POE Switches

They are Affordable

You do not need to be a certified engineer or even an electrician to install POE switches. Anyone can do it. Just run a network cable from the switch to the network and, voila, your new switch is installed. It is so easy a child could do it (not that you should let a child to actually install your network, hire an IT freelancer or do it yourself for the best results if you are on a strict budget).

They are Flexible

Since you can route power through the network to power POE switches, you can make your network layout more flexible. No outlet in the room? No problem. POE switches can be placed anywhere, as long as they are connected to the network. This is great if you want to install a security camera in an obscure place or you want to install a telecom on the wall.

They are Safe

POE switches, like all used Cisco routers and switches are safe to use. You do not have to risk losing power, overloading a circuit, or incorrectly installing your switch on your network. These advantages make POE switches very attractive to small businesses, especially small businesses without a dedicated IT department or workers.

If you want a foolproof method of setting up switches on your network, look into purchasing POE switches.

They are Reliable

Since POE switches do not require a direct plugin to the wall outlet where they are located, instead relying on the network to power them, you do not have to worry about being limited by your store’s or office space’s electrical grid. You can even hook your network up to a generator to ensure that your business network has constant power, in case you work in an area with a lot of brownouts or blackouts, or you run a 24/7 business.

You can also turn off the power to certain sections of the network, by disabling devices. Doing so will allow you to re-route power to help run your network more efficiently.

They are Scalable

Scalability may not matter much to a new business, or a small business, but scalability will be at the forefront of any expansion you do as a business owner and operator. You will need to have scalable components if you want to continue to do business once you do scale up. Used Cisco POE switches are perfect for this task, as are many used Cisco routers and switches.

Since they draw their power from a local network, you can install as many POE switches as you would like. In addition, installation is simple and effective, allowing you to expand your network to incorporate new offices, equipment, and more.

If you are looking for used Cisco routers and switches, like used Cisco POE switches or used Cisco Gigabit switches, and your business is located in or around Toronto or the GTA, contact Network IT today. You can visit us in-store, or online at our website.

Gain Peace of Mind with Cisco SMARTnet

March 10, 2017 by netnit in blog with 1 Comment

Everybody likes peace of mind. This is the reason why stores have money-back guarantees and you cannot buy a car without at least being asked if you want an extended warranty. No matter whether you will actually use a warranty agreement, or whether you will return that product back to the store for your money back, warranties make us feel good.

We know that, even if we choose not to buy a warranty, we can at least ensure peace of mind regarding our investment. Cisco SMARTnet is not different. For this reason, purchasing a support contract can be a great idea for any business person or entrepreneur.

Great Support for a Great Price

The Cisco SMARTnet provides Cisco customers with ongoing support for their products. These support contracts can be had for any Cisco product purchase, and many customers do buy SMARTnet contracts because they want to protect their investment.

3 Tips to Know if a SMARTnet Contract is Right for You

You Want to Protect Your Investment

In the grand scheme of things, spending a lot of money on a Cisco product and spending a little more on a support contract is no big deal. In fact, if a business owner or operator spends a lot of money on Cisco products, they will most likely want to purchase a support contract to make sure that nothing happens to their investment.

If something does go wrong, it is far cheaper to be covered under a support contract than to have to buy another Cisco product, simply because you decided not to be covered under a contract. Risk-averse business owners and operators make this decision because, more than valuing the money they spend, they value the peace of mind they gain from purchasing a SMARTnet support contract.

Varying Contract Levels to Meet Your Needs

There are various levels to a Cisco SMARTnet support contract. You do not have to purchase contracted benefits that you do not require, and you do not have to feel like your support contract offers too little for the price. Instead, when purchasing your Cisco product, you will be given a choice regarding the coverage and services on your support contract. This allows you to get the coverage you want, and the price you want.

Even the lowest level of support contract offers technical support from Cisco. For product owners, this is a great service that will ensure you can fix and maintain your products over a healthy life cycle.

Being able to connect with, and contact, knowledgeable customer support workers who know what they are talking about can mean the difference between a good experience, and a superior one. This is the power of a SMARTnet support contract.

The Ability to Cover Used Equipment

Many business owners choose to purchase quality used goods instead of new ones, for financial reasons. Used goods even if they are from a great company like Cisco, are cheaper, and may last almost as long as a new product.

If you have purchased used Cisco products from a second-hand retailer, you may be able to get a support contract for your product, or you may be able to buy into an already-existing contract. Of course, you will need to contact your retailer, and maybe even Cisco, for a decision, but the possibility still remains.

Cisco SMARTnet support contracts can be great investments for any business owner of Cisco products. Cisco is top-of-the-line, in no small part due to its great support services, like support contracts. To learn more about the Cisco advantage, you should contact Network IT, which operates in and around Toronto and the GTA, either online or at our website today.

When to Upgrade and Sell Dell Used Servers

March 10, 2017 by netnit in blog with 0 Comments

Every business, even new ones, can find a use for a server. However, there comes a time when the server you do have is either too slow, too old, or has too little storage space. At that point in time, you need to upgrade. However, you still have a server that you are using that is becoming less and less useful by the day. Luckily, selling Dell used servers and selling Dell used parts is a great way to pass on your used server to someone else, prior to purchasing a better server for yourself.

3 Tips to Know When It’s Time Sell Dell Used Servers and Parts

Nothing lasts forever and this is true regarding servers and parts as well. Upgrade to a new model, to better server your business needs. Maybe it is time you purchased a newer server to meet all your business needs.

It is Over 3-5 Years Old

As servers age, and as new servers become better, the life of your server can really show. An old server will be running older software that may not be compatible with the rest of your network, and your business as well.

An old server will be slow, or less efficient, or its lack of maintenance may be showing. This is not optimal for business. Whatever the reason, if your server is over 3-5 years old, you should consider selling Dell used servers, and selling Dell used parts, before purchasing a better server for your needs.

Your Server is Failing

Like any form of electronics, it can occur sometimes that your server will fail. Usually, this will be rare and be little cause for alarm. However, if your server fails consistently to do a task, you should consider replacing it. Some common failures that you may have experienced are: hard drive crashes, routing failures, DNS failures, memory chip failures, malware attacks, and a CPU meltdown.

If any of these failures have happened to your server, you should sell Dell used servers and get a newer model for your business. When you are doing that, you should also sell Dell used parts that you have, as you may pick out a different model.

Your Server Requires Too Much Maintenance

If you are lucky, you have probably hired an IT worker whose sole job is to make sure that your IT needs are being fulfilled. This can mean doing everything from installing new equipment, troubleshooting issues, and maintaining old software and hardware. However, there is only so much time in a day and every minute is important when you run a business.

If you notice that your IT worker is spending too much time repairing and maintaining your server or servers, you should consider upgrading to a newer model. Doing so will allow your IT worker to better handle his or her time, and your business will run more efficiently as a result.

Running a business is difficult and you need a server that is built to meet your requirements. You should contact Network IT if you want to buy Dell used servers, buy Dell used parts, sell Dell used servers, sell Dell used parts, buy IBM used servers, buy IBM used parts, sell IBM used servers, or sell IBM used parts. We have helped many business owners and operators in Toronto and the GTA, and we want to help you as well. For more information, please visit us at our website today.

Improve Efficiency with Cisco Network Consulting and Support Services Today

March 10, 2017 by netnit in blog with 1 Comment

Routing and switching LAN/WAN allows you and your office to improve your bottom line, increase office ability and participation, and more.

The Top 4 Benefits to Introducing Routing and Switching into the Workplace

Regardless of the common connections on an office network, you can ensure easier facilitation of these connections by adding routers and switches to the network. Your business can become more profitable, literally overnight in some cases, in doing so.

What Can Routing and Switching LAN/WAN Do For You?

Routing and switching allows you to more efficiently send packets of data across a network. Also, you only send data packets where they are needed. This means that you can send information along your business network quicker and more efficiently. Sending pictures, documents, movies, and more, along to your staff is all possible with routing and switching.

Business owners and operators are always looking for better, more efficient, ways to do business. Now, they can, with routing and switching LAN/WAN.

Increased Economic Efficiency

As a business owner, every dollar counts. You cannot make one decision without it impacting another. Every dollar spent on marketing means you have a dollar less on staff salaries, and every dollar spent on network infrastructure is a dollar less to spend on business software. The struggle is real, and is experienced everyday by millions of business owners across the nation.

You can improve your business’s bottom line, by investing in routing and switching. Doing so will improve efficiency, lower the costs your network infrastructure takes to setup and maintain, and will improve your business’s cybersecurity.  Each of these benefits alone can have a significant positive impact on your bottom line. Imagine what all three can do for you!

Equality Among Your Staff

Different employees need different things in order to be productive. However, they all need access, in some way or another, to your business network. Routing and switching LAN/WAN offers staff members this access, which allows them to be as productive as possible for you.

Regardless of whether you hire remotely, or you have staff members sharing a common office space with you, routing and switching will allow your employees to login and access business applications and do their work.

Routing and switching allows you and your staff to take full advantage of your business applications.

Share Office Resources Among the Network

One common example can illustrate the benefit of introducing routing and switching LAN/WAN into your business network infrastructure: the office printer. Having a common office printer for office staff, with some private exceptions for the senior leadership due to the important of such documents, allows the office staff to have an easier time printing and retrieving their documents, as well as using the printer overall.

If a staff member is connected, via routing and switching over LAN/WAN, to a common office printer, he or she will be able to quickly print out important documents and then get onto other important tasks. There is no questioning whether he or she has selected the correct printer, or the location of the printer, or even the state of use of the printer. It is a simple task, made simple, for increased efficiency in the office.

Cisco Network Consulting and Support Services, like routing and switching LAN/WAN, wireless, network security, IP telephony and VoIP, and more, can offer countless benefits to you and your small business. For more information about how they can influence your Toronto- or GTA-based business, please visit us at Network IT, either in-store or online at our website today.

When to Purchase Juniper Routers for Your Business

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There are many different network configurations that you can deploy to suit your business needs. However, while a network configuration may work, it may not be optimal. Here are the top four ways to know if Juniper routers are good for you. If you do not want a router, you can always purchase Juniper switches instead.

You Have Multiple Devices

We live in an era where a small business owner can perform almost every task sitting in a coffee shop with a laptop. However, while many business owners do this, many also do not. The needs of your business really depend on what business you are in.

If you need to support multiple devices on your business network, you should purchase a Juniper router. You can support multiple devices, and even other routers, on your network, allowing you expand your network as much as you would like.

Juniper Routers Leave You with Options

Sure, you may not need a router now, but you may foresee the need for one in the future. As a result, to ensure a seamless transition between not needing a router, and using one, you may want to install a Juniper router now. Choice is never a bad thing, but lack of choice can make your business less efficient, especially if you are unsure of whether you want choice in your business network or not.

It is better to provide yourself the possibility for expansion later on, instead of closing yourself off to the possibility of it. Purchasing a router is a way to ensure that you always have the option to expand, even if you ultimately decide not to.

Having options is also welcome to any business owner. Even if you do not use every option you have, they are great to have in case you want them. This is the power that routers bring to your business. You can unlock even more options with Juniper switches, in addition to your routers.

The Ability to Split Your Internet Traffic

Even if you only need a laptop to perform all your business-related tasks, you may still need to split your internet traffic in a way that it does not interrupt, or slow down, your network traffic. As you know, slow network traffic can make any task unbearable, especially if it lasts too long. Juniper switches can also help with this task, although a router is ideal.

With a router, you can separate your Internet use, ensuring that you can use multiple devices at the same time without interfering with other network connections. This way, if you are researching online, and downloading music, and uploading pictures, you can do this as quickly and seamlessly as possible. For an entrepreneur on the go, this is a great investment to purchase.

Share Files Quicker and Easier

File sharing is a fact of any business that uses online communication. You need to upload documents, download documents, share powerpoint presentations, and so much more. If you have employees who are required to be online on the same network that you are, this is even more of a priority, since you will all be sharing the same network.

With Juniper routers, you can do this so much easier. Since network use is uninterrupted on a router, you can connect many devices, and share between them, with limited to no interference with other devices.

If you are interested in routers and switches that make your business network more efficient, you should consider investing in Juniper routers and Juniper switches from Network IT in Toronto and the GTA. For more information regarding the benefits of routers and switches, please visit us in-store, or online at our website, today.

Buy IBM Used Servers for Well-Known Servers that Will Stand up to Any Task

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Buying a computer can be a difficult task, especially if you are not familiar with all the technological advances, jargon, and lingo that come out every day, as well as personal computing devices that not even tech bloggers can keep up!

You may not even be aware that, while servers are computers, not all computers are servers. Sure, you can turn your old Android phone into a mobile server, but when you think of servers, you probably think of tower desktops: big, metal boxes with CPUs and hard drives that have been turned into personal storage devices.

The reasons to buy IBM used servers, as well as buy IBM used parts, are especially worthwhile. For one, IBM is a brand name that has been known for decades and decades. If you are looking for a server from a top quality company, it is hard to beat IBM. Second, with name recognition comes quality. Because IBM has been famous for so long, their hardware is also top-of-the-line. When you purchase IBM goods, you know you are getting the best value for your money.

Used servers are great for many tasks that you may need to perform. Purchasing a used server for the extra storage space, or the ability to host your website files, are two great reasons that are commonplace among server customers.

Extra Storage

If your personal work computer is quickly filling up, and you now have limited hard drive space, you should consider buying IBM used servers for your office. You can transfer all your files to the extra server, and then retrieve the files when you need them via a flash drive. Sure, you could use the cloud to store your important documents but, an air-gapped server is more secure because it is not connected to the Internet so hackers will not be able to access it without physically being in your office.

Run Your Website

If you upload files to your website over FTP (File Transfer Protocol), you know that you need a server to do this. Buying IBM used servers to do this is an economical use of your money that will continue to provide your small business with value.

When you are purchasing used servers, you should also ensure that you buy IBM used parts as well. Buying IBM used parts is a vital necessity for any individual who relies on their server, because it is inevitable that things need to be repaired. When you do need to do a repair, especially in business, you need to do it quickly enough so you do not leave your customers waiting.

Having parts around the office, or stocked in the storeroom, that can ensure you are able to repair your used server as quickly as possible, is a great idea for when you need them. This is why it should be essential that you consider buying IBM used parts when you are also purchasing your server.

If you need a server and you want to buy IBM used parts, IBM used servers, HP used parts, or HP used servers, you should visit Network IT in Toronto. Conversely, you can also sell IBM used parts and servers, HP used servers and HP used parts. For more information, please visit us at our website today.

Used Cisco for Office Productivity

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Phones are important. Even though everyone seems to moving on to tablets, phones are a required part of office technology that must be present, if you want to do well in business. Multi-tasking is great but multi-tasking software is not as great. We humans can juggle many tasks because our ability to succeed depends on our skills. Technology is much more rigid in its requirements and what it can do. This is basically why you need a dedicated office phone if you want to run an efficient office.

Working as an entrepreneur, especially when you are running your very own and first business, is a tough, yet feasible accomplishment. You can succeed, especially on raw talent and skill alone. However, many entrepreneurs know that it is not just talent or skill, but the support base as well that can have a significant influence on your success.

Now, when we think of a support base, we usually think of a social support base; friends and family who are there for us in our times of entrepreneurial need. However, you can also gain a support base from the technologies you use. By using the best in office technology, like the used Cisco CP-7942G, that you can afford, you are automatically setting yourself up for success. By definition, you will be more capable in the office, and you will have a relatively easier time to succeed in doing so.

The used Cisco CP-7942G  is a great phone that will give you the capacity to succeed, far more than any smartphone could. While a smartphone is created with the consumer in mind, office technology is created with office productivity in mind. They are two different worlds, and each phone excels at what it is supposed to do. That stated, if you want to increase your office productivity, you will need an office phone that is reliable, dependable, and trustworthy.

What Makes the Used Cisco CP-7942G Unique

The used Cisco CP-7942G provides you with everything you need to succeed in business. It is an IP phone with the full set of office features, from a speakerphone to a handset. You can program the backlit keyboard, buttons, and softkeys, program the bright LCD screen, and configure settings like the date, call information, and more. It also features an Ethernet connection so you can add it to your office network. This phone is built for success. In the hands of an ambitious entrepreneur, this phone can do no wrong.

The Cisco Advantage

Cisco is a brand name and a household name for a reason. Cisco is the best, and everyone knows it. It is the gold standard in information technology and office technology. You cannot literally do any better since Cisco is the best. With products like the used Cisco CP-7942G, you will soon learn why. Their products are rock solid and can weather even the most extreme office use.

When picking out an office phone, you need to ask yourself what its exact use will be. This is why smartphones, while great, do not really belong in the office as a dedicated work phone. Office phones just have more office functionality built into them.

If you are interested in purchasing used Cisco & IP Wireless Phones, and you need an office phone that just will not quit, you should consider purchasing the used Cisco CP-7961G, the used Cisco CP-7942G, or the used Cisco CP-7962G from Network IT in Toronto and the GTA. For more information about our Cisco products and phones, you should visit us in-store or online at our website today.

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