3 Tips to Increase Your Network Security in 2018

Securing your business network is very, very important. This is usually an issue among new businesses, especially where entrepreneurs are used to conducting business over public free Wi-Fi in coffee houses, or by using their own unsecured data network or cell plan. If you have data service, strengthen it. If you do not, switch to a secured Wi-Fi or data plan today and secure it immediately.

When it comes to protecting your small business, securing your computer network is very important. You do not want to skimp and save when your data is at risk. In this article, we will cover some of the most common and feasible ways that you can secure your network, and by extension, secure your business.

Change Your Default Login Credentials

Default login credentials are great if you are setting up your network and you need to initially login. However, from that point forward, you really should have a new password and username. The disadvantage of default login credentials is the same as its advantage: ease of use. If you can simply look at the login credentials that came with your router or modem, for instance, anyone can.

Allowing unauthorized individuals to use your business network is sloppy, insecure, and dangerous. You should therefore change your network’s login credentials if you have not done so already. Change them at your earliest convenience, but change them regardless.

Encrypt Your Network to Increase Network Security

Now that you have blocked unauthorized individuals from logging into your network, you now need to hide the data that you are transmitting on the network itself. On an insecure network that is not encrypted, anything that you type can be spied upon. This means that, even if a hacker does not have direct access to your network, he or she can still possibly see the passwords you type, the confidential emails you send to clients and investors, and more.

Increase your network security. It is always better to be safe than sorry, especially when it comes to cybersecurity.

Encryption is easy to implement. All Wi-Fi equipment on the market has the possibility to add encryption to your network, as long as all devices on your network support the same type of encryption (like WPA2). If you are confused by WPA2, do not worry. Your IT team can easily explain this to you.

Remove the Ability for Unauthorized Users to “Auto-Connect” To Your Network

Allowing anyone to auto-connect to your network is dangerous. This is similar to not changing your default login credentials. You need to restrict authorized users on your business network to only employees who need it to complete their work. Adding anyone else is unnecessary from a security standpoint.

This is a security principle in information security called “the principle of least privilege,” where people are only given enough access to things in the workplace in order to complete their work.

Network IT in Toronto and the GTA provides a number of pertinent and valuable Cisco Network Consulting and Support Services that you should consider using. All these services, like Routing and Switching LAN/WAN, Wireless, Network Security, and IP Telephony and VoIP, and more, can benefit your business in one way or another. For more information, please contact us online at our website today.

● Network security is an important thing to do, for any business.
● You can easily and feasibly increase your network security without spending even one cent!
● Securing your network protects you, your employees, your clients, and your customers.

Why We Sell IBM Used Servers

It may be a bit baffling to you when you see a computer technology store selling used servers. It may be baffling to see any used goods in a computer store. Everyone “knows” that the best computing technology is new, right? In some cases, yes. In some cases, no. It all depends on your situation and whether you really need that new computing technology to complete your tasks.

For the average person, this may still be baffling. For information technology professionals, this makes perfect sense. In this article, we will outline some of the most common reasons why companies and small businesses buy used servers, and why you should consider doing so for your own business as well.

We Sell IBM Used Servers So Employees Can Work More Efficiently

Physical servers are a great asset for any company to have, especially when regarding workplace productivity and the availability of data. When raising workplace productivity, the best courses of action are those that not only simplify an employee’s job, but also provides them with everything they need to do that job.

Providing easy access to data is one of the best ways that you can make your workforce more efficient. This does not mean that you need to make all data accessible to all employees, just the data that each employee needs to do his or her job. So, for instance, a cashier would not need to access payroll data, but they would need to be able to input new customer or client information into the client database. It all depends on context and workplace needs.

We Sell IBM Used Servers So Businesses Can Centralize Data

Keeping track of your data is a very big issue. Many companies struggle to do this effectively. If you have the ability to do this, you are already ahead of your competition. One of the simplest ways to centralize data and keep track of it is through physical servers that you control and can personally access at any time.

Physical servers are located in your office under lock and key. Only a few authorized individuals can directly access the servers. People who are authorized to access the server digitally can do so on a local intranet or on your business network.

We Sell IBM Used Servers So Businesses Can Reduce Interruptions in the Workplace

By simplifying your data storage strategies, like through the use of used physical servers, you are also reducing the possible interruptions that your employees will experience. Consider the use of cloud computing. It has its uses, especially for creating data backups to be accessed at multiple locations.

However, cloud computing may not always be accessible to you.
• What if the cloud computing service you use is down for maintenance?
• What if your Wi-Fi signal goes out?
• How will you access your data then?

As such, there is a use for physical servers when reducing workplace interruptions.

If you need to, or are interested in buying IBM used servers, buying IBM used parts, selling IBM used servers, selling IBM used parts, buying Dell used servers, buying Dell used parts, selling Dell used servers, or selling Dell used parts, contact Network IT in Toronto. We supply to companies throughout the GTA and all of Canada and the US. For more information regarding the efficacy and general benefits of physical servers, you should visit us online at our website today.

● Physical servers provide easy access to your data.
● Physical servers centralize your data for you.
● Physical servers reduce workplace interruptions.

Three Common Reasons Why You Need Juniper Switches

Every business owner wants to have a business network that runs as efficiently as possible. However, business owners without the technical or technological knowledge required to troubleshoot their IT equipment may not know where to start. Articles like this are for business owners like these.

If you are interested in securing your business network, simplifying your network’s setup and structure, or want a business network that is easy to maintain and use, consider adding switches to your network today. Switches are simple and affordable pieces of hardware. You will find that the benefits they bring far outweigh the small cost of purchasing switches and installing them.

Here is why switches are a great component to add to your business network.

Juniper Switches Help Secure Your Network

Switches on a network do not broadcast network requests to all ports. This act is unsafe as anyone sniffing in on your network can simply monitor a port, look for network requests, and then attempt to access your network. Switches, however, only send a network request to the port it needs to connect to. This is why switches are the more secure option to add to your network.

Think of the efficiency and security of switches like the mail system in your country. If you want to send a letter to someone, you address it to them directly. In addition, only that person is legally allowed to open their own mail. By contrast, not using a switch is like sending all your mail unaddressed to a community bucket in the middle of town. Anyone can pilfer through the mail and take the mail they want, even if the mail is intended for one specific person.

Juniper Switches Can Be Interconnected for Simpler Network Setup

The simpler the network setup, the simpler the network is to use. Having a complex system setup by your IT team or department will only serve to confuse them and others months or years from now. It is better to simplify your business network whenever you can, without compromising output or efficiency.

To connect multiple switches to a network, all you need is a bus. A bus is a piece of equipment that allows data to flow from one section of a computer to another. Think of it like a highway and the data like individual cars. Cars drive from Toronto and Montreal via a connecting highway. Similarly, data is transferred from your keyboard to the monitor, for example, in the same fashion.

You can pick up a bus in any computer technology store, either in-store or online. By contrast, if you were to use hubs instead of switches, you would need to daisy-chain these hubs together, which would only complicate your network.

Juniper Switches Are Easier to Manage

Consider these two benefits that you receive by adding switches to your network, it is understandable that these two benefits lead to a third: the ease of management of your business network. The easier it is to use and manage your network, the more productive your employees will be, and the more profitable your business will be.

If you are interested in improving your business network, you should consider purchasing and adding Juniper routers and Juniper switches to your network today. For more information on the efficacy of routers and switches, contact Network IT in Toronto and the GTA. You can contact us easily online at our website today.

● Adding switches to your network will boost your network’s security.
● Adding switches to your network will simplify your network setup.
● Adding switches to your network will increase the ease of maintenance and use of your network.

The Value of a Cisco SMARTnet Contract for Small Businesses

Does this scenario sound familiar?

Bob runs a business. He has setup his business network with Cisco products. Bob knows that Cisco products are the best and he wants to ensure that his network runs as efficiently and as long as possible. However, Bob is not a “tech” guy. Bob also does not have an IT team. Bob is wondering whether a SMARTnet contract from Cisco is right for him.

If you are in a similar situation to Bob, read on. A SMARTnet contract may be for you.

Cisco is a world leader when it comes to information technology equipment, especially hardware. If you have Cisco hardware but lack the IT team to maintenance it, repair it, and replace it, you should consider outsourcing those actions to Cisco itself, via the purchase of a SMARTnet contract. There are a ton of reasons why businesses purchase these contracts, as well as a ton of benefits that businesses receive from these contracts. If you need Cisco products, you should consider purchasing a contract.

Why Businesses Buy Cisco SMARTnet Contracts

Businesses of all sizes and in all industries purchase SMARTnet contracts as a form of insurance. Similar to things like travel insurance, you buy it not because you need it now, but because you may need it in the future. If you ever have an emergency travelling, travel insurance comes in handy. Similarly, if you ever have an issue with your Cisco equipment (rare but it happens), a SMARTnet contract comes in handy.

The Benefits You Receive from Cisco SMARTnet Contracts

There are a ton of benefits that SMARTnet customers get when they purchase these contracts for their Cisco products. Here is a list of the following benefits you will receive, depending on the level of contract that you purchase:

● Access to Cisco’s Technical Assistance Center
● Access to Cisco’s online knowledge database
● Access to Cisco documents
● Access to an exclusive forum
● Access to Cisco’s support wiki
● Access to Cisco hardware replacement
● Access to onsite maintenance and service for your Cisco products
● Access to operating system support for your Cisco products

Should You Purchase a Cisco SMARTnet Contract?

Whether or not you need to buy a SMARTnet contract will depend on your business, and your goals. The only real requirement to have a SMARTnet contract is to have Cisco products first. If you do not have any Cisco products, you have no need for a contract.

Do you have a great IT team? If you do, you may not need a SMARTnet contract. SMARTnet contracts are best used by small businesses that lack an IT team, or lack the ability for that team to repair and replace hardware. IT workers already have a ton of tasks they need to perform, and they simply may not have enough time to devote to fixing your Cisco products.

Do you think you will need the coverage that a SMARTnet contract provides? If you do, you should consider purchasing this contract for your Cisco products. If not, there is no need to do so. The best investments in business are the ones that grow your business.

A Cisco SMARTnet contract may be a very “smart” purchase, depending on your business’s goals. You can purchase a SMARTnet contract from Network IT in Toronto and the GTA. For more information regarding Cisco products and Cisco contracts, contact us at our website online today.

● SMARTnet contracts are great if you think you will need the extra hardware support.
● Small businesses and non-tech focused businesses will benefit the most from these contracts.
● There are many benefits to purchasing a SMARTnet contract for any business owner.

Used Cisco Gigabit Switches Are Ideal For a Business

In business, you need to gain every advantage to succeed. Anything that you and your employees can do to become better as a business and stand out against your competition, will help your business succeed in the market. With the proper tools and advantages, you can increase your business’s revenues, reduce its long-term expenses, and operate more efficiently and productively as a result.

Upgrading your network’s speed is a great way to do this. This is just one of many advantages that you can obtain to become better than the competition, reduce your expenses, increase your revenues, and bolster your productivity.

Here is why purchasing the highest quality routers and switches is so important for any business, in any industry.

Why Purchase Used Cisco Routers and Switches?

When it comes to purchasing information technology equipment, there is nothing wrong with using used equipment. In fact, there are considerable advantages to using used equipment.

Information technology equipment is tough. Many companies rely on the durability of their equipment to continue functioning as a business. If a business’s network goes down, productivity grinds down to a standstill. A down network can be very harmful, which is why there are backup measures in place at companies in every industry around the world.

If properly cared for, equipment can last for years, if not decades.

Used equipment is also cheaper. If you have a strict budget for information technology equipment, maximize that budget and purchase more equipment by purchasing used equipment.

What are Used Cisco Gigabit Switches?

Gigabit switches allow you to increase the networking performance between devices on your network. Gigabit refers to the speed that your devices will use. Faster connections mean that you can do more work in the same time as a company with a slower connection.

Achieving this advantage over your competition is a great way to stand out as a company and retain more clients. Your company will run more efficiently and more productively.

If you can afford upgrading your switches to used Gigabit switches, you should consider doing so as soon as possible.

The Benefits of Used Cisco Gigabit Switches

● Gigabit switches provide faster networking service
● Data can be transferred quicker
● Revenues can be increased as an indirect benefit of faster service
● Better device support for devices running HD quality video and audio

The benefits of switching to a Gigabit ethernet network cannot be underestimated. Gigabit service is like driving on the highway versus the backroads.

With backroads driving, it will take longer for you to get to your destination. You will spend much more time driving. The same is true for non-Gigabit service. It will take longer to transmit data and information. You will spend much more time on these processes than you should.

If you consider that the most valuable asset that a company has is time, then upgrading to Gigabit speed is worth it, no matter the cost. You will make this money back quickly, and then set profits for your company.

Fast networking service, especially with Gigabit speed, is much, much more valuable than its cost, making it a great asset to add to your company’s network.

Used Cisco Routers and Switches in Toronto | Network IT

For the best used Cisco routers and switches, contact Network IT in Toronto and the GTA. We provide used Cisco POE switches and used Cisco Gigabit switches for networking. If you are setting up a business network, or improving your existing network, consider contacting us at our website online today.

Top Two Reasons to Sell IBM Used Servers

Bob owns a company. He has physical servers in his office. Bob wants a better data storage solution than physical servers. Bob has heard of the cloud, and has been doing research. Bob learns that by switching to the cloud, he can save his company money, and still enjoy a secure data storage solution. Bob also likes the fact that cloud servers are accessible everywhere.

Be like Bob. Constantly seek out an edge that will make your company stand out from the competition.

Why should you sell your servers and purchase data storage space on the cloud? Here is why.

A lot of companies buy their own servers. Buying your own servers provides you with greater control over them. Physical security cannot be underestimated when building a business. However, in this day and age, a lot of companies do not need physical servers, especially with cloud networking being as prevalent as it is.

In this article, we will discuss the top two reasons to sell your used IBM or Dell servers. Although this may seem counterintuitive, selling your servers can have a net positive effect on your business.

Sell IBM Used Servers Because You Do Not Need the Storage Space

If your company is downsizing, this is a great opportunity to reduce the clutter around the office and sell equipment that you no longer need. Selling servers is one way to do this. Many office servers are not filled or used to their capacity. If you sell off servers that you do not need, you can free up storage space, both physical and virtual, and run a more efficient company in the process.

Practicing minimalism can have a great effect on your company. The lower your expenses, the higher your profits will be. The better your financial quarters are, the better your company will perform over the long-term, especially if you have investors.

Disposing of assets that you do not need, like physical servers and any other office equipment can actually increase your business’s performance.

Sell IBM Used Servers Because The Cloud is King

Servers have been moving to the cloud for a while now. However, some companies are still not on the cloud. Cloud server space is cheaper than using physical server space. The cloud is also much more accessible to remote workers than physical servers are.

You can increase your company’s productivity, while cutting down on expenses, by switching to the cloud.

The cloud is safe, and many companies use the cloud now, especially new companies. Because the cloud is secure and affordable, many entrepreneurs and small businesses exclusively use the cloud through a trusted company like Amazon or Google. Unless you absolutely need physical servers, or you want them around anyways, using the cloud is the better, and cheaper, option.

The cloud is King. As a business owner, you should constantly seek out new and better technologies for your business.

Buy or Sell Used IBM & Dell Servers | Network IT

If you do not need your servers anymore, it may be a good idea to sell IBM used server to others, or to a company like Network IT in Toronto and the GTA. If you want to buy or sell Dell used servers or used parts or buy or sell IBM used servers and used parts contact us at our website online today.

Used Cisco CP-7942G Phones Are Great for Office Use

When purchasing a phone for your office, consider purchasing a used phone that is specially made for office use. You will save money on your initial investment, and you will have a phone that can last decades. In addition, office phones are more secure, and protect you and your business when using them. This is a feature that is sadly not available on many consumer smartphones.

Why Buy a Used Cisco Phone System for your Business?

Used phones are awesome, especially if you need to buy a lot of them. Offices around the world often need at least 10 phones or more when setting up for the first time. In addition, phones need to be repaired and replaced over time.

You need phones which are affordable, cheap and easy to maintain and repair, as well as replace. Few commercial phones can do this. You need phones that were specially-made for office use.

Cisco phones are great investments for the office. These phones will last for decades if cared for properly, and are the industry-standard for excellence. Cisco itself is a household name in information technology. The hardware it produces is top-notch.

Why the Used Cisco CP-7942G is Ideal for Office Work

From the receptionist all the way to the CEO, everyone has a use for a functional office phone. Calls need to be made, schedules need to be set, and customer service needs to be fulfilled. All these services and more can be done with an office phone.

The CP-7942G comes with many great features. Here are a few that you will find yourself using daily if you purchase this phone.

● Multiple VoIP protocol support (SIP and SCCP)
● Full speakerphone (duplex) – comes with wideband support
● Large LCD screen
● Quick access to information like stocks and the weather
● Ethernet switch ports
● Security features like cryptographically secure provisioning

Cisco phones are the best in the information technology industry, and the CP-7942G is no exception. This is a phone made for the office, and the office is where it shines.

Why Phones like the Used Cisco CP-7942G Are Better Than Consumer Phones

Consumer phones are great for consumer things; things like checking email, going on social networks, paying for items on shopping sprees with banking apps, and more. While a consumer phone, especially a smartphone, could be used well in a small business, the issue is security. Consumer phones simply are not as secure as office phones like the CP-7942G because you can access more with a consumer smartphone.

The more things you can access, and do, with a smartphone, the less secure you are. Smartphone banking apps are a good idea for a consumer, but not for a business. No one really needs internet access from their phone. It is an added perk. With a professional IT department, your internet experience will be much more secure and safe from an office’s wifi network than through a smartphone’s data plan or wifi access.

These are just some of the reasons. In the end, it all comes down to security.

Used Cisco IP & Wireless Phones | Network IT

Used Cisco IP and Wireless phones are not appreciated enough. They have no equal when it comes to office hardware. Purchasing a used Cisco CP-7961G, used Cisco CP-7942G, or used Cisco CP-7962G will help your employees perform their work efficiently, and will help protect your business that you do over the phone. For more information on the benefits of using a dedicated Cisco office phone, contact Network IT in Toronto and the GTA. You can also contact us online at our website for greater convenience.

Pass Your CCIE Exams with CCIE Equipment

Bob works desk support for a local company. Bob has grander aspirations though and wants to get a promotion. Bob decides to train and sit for a certification. After a few months of hard study, Bob passes his certification test, and is promoted for his success.

This is the way people get promoted in the information technology industry. It is a fair and meritorious process. Bob put in the work, was successful, and increased his skills to get promoted.

Compared to other fiends of industry, information technology is simple to navigate for employees. Your reputation is everything, and that reputation is built upon the certifications that you have. If you want to improve your reputation, all you need are more certifications.

If you want an entry level job, you obtain entry level certifications. If, however, you want the best jobs, you will need the best certifications.

In order to get the best jobs in information technology, and to command the highest salaries, you need to be the up to date on all the latest certifications.

Being the best in information technology is simple to calculate. So many workers in the information technology industry are certified to the point that certifications are what measure your excellence. Which certifications you have, and which certifications you are studying for, will determine your status. Your status will determine your salary. It is as simple as that.

The question now becomes, “What are the best certifications to get, and why?”

Get the Best Certifications with CCIE Equipment

CCIE certifications were created to determine the best of the best in information technology. These certifications are hard to study for and the certification tests are rigorous to pass. When you earn a CCIE certification, you really earn it.

If you want to maximize your chances of passing your CCIE certifications, you will need to be able to access the right equipment for the job. It is no different than a carpenter choosing the right hammer for the job. One of the tests that you will need to pass is performance-based. You will need experience with the actual equipment in order to do this successfully.

Which CCIE Equipment is Right For Me?

Using the wrong equipment for your information technology needs is like filling your car with the wrong type of gasoline. Sooner or later, you will experience problems. When it comes to certification exams, you need to prepare with the right equipment. The sooner you prepare, the better off you will be when sitting for your certification tests.

The right equipment for your CCIE certification tests will depend on your current lab setup, or your cur-rent training materials or classes (if you are enrolled in those). Different CCIE exams require different equipment.

There are six CCIE tracks that you can choose from. Each track will have a different, focused exam. You need to consult with a study guide to find out which equipment you need, and then purchase that equipment. It is the only way to prepare for these exams.

Information technology equipment generally comes in one or two forms: software and hardware. In general, you will need both to adequately study for your tests.

CCIE Certification | CCIE Equipment | Network IT

Pass your CCIE certification tests the first time with used Cisco equipment. Whether you need CCIE Equipment, CCNA Equipment, or CCNP Equipment, Network IT, can help. We have helped countless clients in and around Toronto and the GTA, and we can help you too. For more information, please visit us online at our website today. Give yourself the best chance to pass your exams.

Buy HP Used Parts to Create a Custom Computer for Your Business

Buying servers may help you with your computing needs. Servers are simply computers that are used to hold data. As such, you can turn a computer into a very high quality server, and vice versa, if you have the technical experience and ability to do so.

You can find tutorials like this one all over the web. Gaming computers have a ton of applicability in business, especially if you need a custom computing solution. Gaming computers are great if you need high visual graphics, large disk space, and large amounts of computer memory.

If you were to buy a computer that had all these qualities, it would probably be very expensive to get the computer you wanted. This is not due to the cost of materials, but labor. Most custom computers are not offered commercially and have to be requested in order to be made. As such, computer manufacturers will charge more for these orders.

Save Money Maintaining Your Computers By Buying HP Used Parts

Not only is it cheaper to build your own custom computing rig, it will also be cheaper to maintain your computer over time. This is because server parts are cost-effective to purchase, and they are reusable. It will be simple to not only source and store parts, but to use and replace them as well.

It is also cheaper to purchase server parts than it is to purchase commercial computer parts. This is due to supply and demand. Cosmetic demands in the commercial computing industry result in largely similar parts being sold for wildly different prices, mostly due to the look of the computer.

However, at the end of the day, a hard drive is still a hard drive and a monitor is still a monitor. As such, by purchasing server parts instead of commercial computer parts, you are able to save lots of money maintaining your computers.

Why Buying HP Used Parts is Effective

Buying HP used server parts is effective because, when it comes down to it, server parts are computer parts and computer parts are server parts. Computers can be turned into servers and vice versa. As such, the parts used in computers and servers are interchangeable as well.

Interchangeability is a benefit that many non-technical businesses do not consider often. This is no fault of their own. Interchangeability is simply prevalent in the computing industry to the point where most people have heard of it, and practice it daily in some fashion.

From using software and hardware for alternative purposes, to modifying their gaming rigs at home, many employees and professionals understand the benefits of practicing interchangeability, especially when regarding hardware needs.

When it comes to obtaining the computers you need with the computing requirements you need, it may be beneficial to repurpose a gaming computer, or even build one from spare server parts. As such, consider the possibilities when you buy HP used servers, buy HP used parts, buy Dell used servers, or buy Dell used parts.

If you do not need your server parts, you can sell HP used servers, sell HP used parts, sell Dell used servers, or sell Dell used parts as well, recouping some of the money you spent earlier. For more information on all the uses of a server, as well as to purchase one for your Toronto or GTA business, contact Network IT today. You can contact us online at our website.

Three Non-Traditional Things You Can Do with Juniper Routers

Many business owners either throw out or get rid of equipment they no longer feel they need. While this can be a prudent way to free up storage space, it denies these businesses of the ability to reuse common IT parts that can find a second life being used for some other means. Reusing hardware is great because it is cost-effective, and you can actually increase the abilities of your computer network, simply be retooling hardware that you originally used for a different purpose.

When it comes to computer hardware, a lot of devices can be used and re-used. essentially, unless a component inside the hardware breaks, there may be an alternative use for practically any devise. Some devices are marketed this way! Take cellphones for example. Many people use them as full-blown computers, not just for their texting and calling needs. The same is true for network routers.

Routers are great for helping business networks transfer data between computers. However, routers can be used for so much more than that, especially when it comes to wifi, the extension of a wifi signal, or the increased strength of a wifi signal. If you are interested in the non-traditional uses for routers, then this article is for you.

We will discuss the top three non-traditional uses for routers which you can put to good use in your own business network in the context of a wifi network.

Use Your Juniper Routers as Access Points

Wifi is great, when you get a strong enough signal. There may be some areas of your business which simply do get get a strong enough signal to ensure seamless LAN wifi coverage. Luckily, a router can help you out. You can turn your router into an access point. All you need to do is to turn off the router’s DHCP port and plug the Ethernet cable into your one of your router’s switch ports, rather than the WAN port. In no time at all, you now have an access point with a strong wifi signal.

Use Your Juniper Routers as Wifi Signal Repeaters

A wifi repeater is slightly different than an access point. While the end goal is the same, the process of extending a wifi signal is different. Instead of plugging an Ethernet cable into your router and connecting it to the network, you simply add some firmware to configure your router as a repeater. No cables, no problem. The router will now collect wifi signals from the airwaves and “repeat” them, thereby boosting your wifi coverage.

Use Your Juniper Routers to Secure Your Wifi

Every business that values information security should invest in a VPN, or virtual private network. While VPNs exist in the context of internet browsing, they can also exist in local office intranets. By turning on your router’s built-in VPN client and server (or adding some firmware if your router does not come with it pre-installed), you can secure the transmission of data around the office. Ensuring that information is confidential, accessible, and maintains its integrity is paramount to ensuring that your office and your office’s operations are secure.

Extend the capabilities of your office’s business network via the use of Juniper routers and Juniper switches. Make sure that your office can function well, in addition to sending information and data securely, with the use of routers. For more information about business hardware, consider contacting Network IT in Toronto and the GTA. You can visit us online at our website today to learn