Used Cisco VOIP, IP and Wireless Phones Are Better and Cheaper

Telephones have been a necessary part of our lives since 1874 when Alexander Graham Bell was credited for inventing it. Through this remarkable device, seas could virtually be crossed as one can connect another person from the opposite end of the world instantly, without waiting for a letter for weeks on end. However, like all new devices, the telephone was an expensive luxury that few could afford, and at one time entire neighborhoods had “the one telephone.”

Fast forward to 2013. While telephones have certainly gotten cheaper, phone bills seem to continue to soar. Not only that, but newer, digital phones seem to break down. The screen that used to display a caller ID now shows a magical array of black dots instead, or just shows blank. Not only that, but being on a phone usually means you are tied to a desk or wall.

Why VOIP and Wireless Phones Are the Answer

Enter VOIP Wireless Phones. Voice Over IP (VOIP) phones run through the same internet route and therefore allow one to leverage ones existing internet plan and therefore pay for a cheaper phone plan.

Wireless, or cordless, phones are great as they don’t limit you to a wall or desk. For the small price of a daily battery charge you can talk anywhere in your house or apartment.

Types of Used Cisco Phones Network IT is Selling in Toronto, the GTA, Ontario and Canada

Netnit or Network IT Services is selling the following phone brands in Toronto, the GTA, Ontario and Canada:

  • Used Cisco CP-7961G
  • Used Cisco CP-7942G
  • Used Cisco CP-7962G

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3 Reasons to Buy a Used Cisco Router in Toronto

cisco-productsThe very name “Cisco” evokes feelings of reliable networking and performance.  IT professionals have been using Cisco equipment for years based on the company’s reliability and track record in the Computer Networking/I.T. industry.

However not every small business can afford to buy brand-new, out-of-the-box routers and switches. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot purchase used Cisco routers or switches. Here are three reasons why used Cisco routers are the way to go.

Used Cisco Routers Are a More Affordable Option.

There’s no doubt that choosing top-quality used Cisco routers and switches over newer lesser-branded routers and switches will save you money. Not only that, many distributors back up their pre-owned routers and switches with certification mandates proving that not only is it reused, but also refurbished to the point where a warranty can be placed on it, promising a free replacement in the event that the device does in fact break down.

Used Cisco Routers Are Just as Reliable as a New Cisco Router.

Cisco has become the number one name brand in the I.T. industry, and for good reason. Before a Cisco product, such as a router or switch, goes through, it needs to first undergo a rigorous series of quality checks to ensure that it’s a top-notch product. Nevertheless, it’s still always a good idea to get that extended warranty “just in case.”

Also, by going through a reliable distributer, you are practically ensuring that you are getting a product comparable to a new Cisco router or switch.

Lessen Your Need for Training.

Half the battle is familiarizing yourself with Cisco routers, switches, and other equipment. This is because most Cisco products are made in a similar manner. If you are switching from one Cisco router to another you can lessen the time spent on training, which is time saved in productivity to do what you need to do to gain more business, clients and revenue. specializes in used Cisco routers and switches. We deliver in Toronto and throughout Canada.

Used Cisco Routers and Switches is Ideal for Small to Medium Sized Businesses

A lot has changed over the past decade with regards to how people manage and handle their business. There has been a huge difference on how to efficiently market one’s products and services. You must be up-to-date with your equipment and facilities. It is also crucial to create a system that will allow your staff to work quickly and efficiently. Since communication is a major factor in the success or failure of any business, you must be easily accessible to your customers.

In all industries, especially in the technology industry, you need to adapt to change in order to be able to compete with other related businesses. You need to be up-to-date with the latest and greatest communications system. In this respect, there is nothing more reliable than Cisco products.

Why Choose Cisco in Toronto and the GTA

Cisco is the number 1 leading technology company when it comes to routers and switches. Their innovative products have helped a lot of businesses grow, and this has earned them the loyalty of many customers and income. They even helped established networking solutions to small- and medium-sized companies. The name Cisco has become a household name with routers, switches, VoIP phones, and more. Starting a business in Toronto and GTA, and don’t have enough funds for technological resources? Well, used Cisco equipment such as routers and switches, especially from Network IT is a good way to start.

What’s Wrong with “Used” Cisco Routers and Switches

You may think twice about the operative word “used.” However, Cisco products are so well known for the reliability and durability of their equipment that they can last for a large number of years. Just because they are “used” it doesn’t mean that they will last for a short time. Much like a brand new Cisco router or switch they undergo thorough tests and inspections to make sure they are still at their optimum performance. In this respect, it may be fairer to call them “certified pre-owned” rather than “used.”

Why Used Cisco Routers and Switches are a Great Way to Upgrade Your Infrastructure

Used Cisco routers and switches are the perfect means for many to upgrade their communications and infrastructure, but simply don’t have the money to purchase new equipment. The same applies with small- or medium-sized enterprises with limited staff. This option can be very practical. Simply find a trusted supplier or manufacturer, such as Network IT in order to ensure that you are getting a fully-tested and approved Cisco router or switch. Seek those who will not hesitate to tell you more about their used or refurbished products. If the product is carefully checked, there is no need for them to flinch when you ask for more details.

The next thing you should check is the warranty. Although they are used and refurbished, you will find suppliers who still offer warranty with the equipment. Then you might as well proceed by reading the terms and conditions. Ask about their process if ever you need to return or replace the merchandise. It would be really helpful if you know about the price of the brand new one so that you can compare it with their price.

Make yourself knowledgeable enough with regard to utilizing used Cisco routers so that you can avoid being ripped off. Give it enough time to research about the models, specifications and customer reviews to know what you are getting and if it’s going to be worth it. In the end, it’s all about the savings and the quality that you can get.

Network IT services Toronto, Ontario, the GTA and all of Canada.


Selling Used Cisco Routers and Switches in Toronto and the GTA

There are a few important tips to remember when selling used Cisco Routers, Switches and other networking equipment. Here are some guidelines to help you maximize your used networking equipment.

Tips to Remember When Selling Used Cisco Routers and Switches in Toronto and the GTA

1. Do your Homework

It’s important to have an accurate inventory of your existing used Cisco routers and switches. Used Cisco routers and switches normally have slots for accessory modules and interfaces, Wireless Area Networking (WAN) cards, etc.

The bottom-line is you should compile a complete inventory. While doing so, write down part/serial numbers of your used Cisco router and switch chassis, as well as the accessory interfaces that are installed in the units.

2. Take Photos

Create a photo inventory of your used Cisco gear for marketing purposes. Most buyers like to see photos of the product they will buy. They will also like that they can verify the model, accessories and cosmetic condition of the used Cisco router or switch you are selling.

3. Test your Used Cisco Routers and Switches

Assuming that you have the time and resources, you should test your used Cisco routers and switches. This will allow you to confirm that they are in good working condition. Buyers will pay more money for a tested used Cisco router or switch, compared to a product offered “as is.”

4. Beware of Scam Artists

Scammers absolutely love Used Cisco equipment, especially routers and switches. This is mainly due to the relatively high value, ease-of-travel and worldwide demand. Be sure to fully investigate your buyer to ensure he’s reputable prior to doing any business. Also, ensure that you get your payment in advance. This will mitigate any risk of these shady characters taking advantage of you when selling your used Cisco routers and switches in Toronto and the GTA.

5. Keep a Record of Serial Numbers

Another well-known scam occurs when someone buys a used Cisco router or switch and then complains that it’s broken or malfunctioning. However, in reality, the used equipment works and that the buyer simply wanted to swap the working unit with another, poorly functioning unit he also owns! A record of serial numbers would mitigate problems like this one when you simply compare the serial number of the defective product with the one you sold.

Network I.T. is a Reputable Seller of Used Cisco Routers and Switches in Toronto and the GTA

Network I.T. sells high quality used Cisco routers and switches in Toronto and the GTA. Our staff ensures that the above practices are followed in order for our clients to get the best used Cisco equipment possible.

Why Choose Used Cisco Routers and Switches in Toronto and the GTA

Whatever the business is, routers play an extremely important role in its networking infrastructure. Today, more businesses are opting for used Cisco routers over new Cisco routers in order to slash additional costs on brand new Cisco routers. These used Cisco routers are efficient in performance and are an excellent option for running the networking system of a

A business of any type requires a wide range of devices for its networking hardware. Some of them include memory, VoIP and VoIP phones, routers, firewalls, switches and wireless devices. Among these, routers and switches are considered as among the most basic requirements in setting up a business computer network.

What is a Router? What is a Switch?

In essence, a router is a device responsible for connecting many users to the internet by switching incoming data of a computer system to the outgoing links. In fact, the router is the one device that establishes the internetwork, through which various processes of communication between the businesses are carried on. Switches also contribute to this, especially in larger networks when multiple computer devices need to share the same internal IP address.

When expanding the networking infrastructure of a business, Cisco routers are the #1 choice of various business organizations seeking high-quality routers. Cisco routers, known for their reliability and versatility, come with a dummy-proof format, both new and used. Cisco routers and switches can be used by both small as well as large business organizations. While using a brand new Cisco is the preferred choice by most businesses and organizations, various business expenses are taken into consideration, and therefore many companies in Toronto and the GTA opt for used Cisco routers and switches. Used Cisco routers and switches are an excellent way to minimize business expenses in Toronto and the GTA and offers highly efficient performance that is almost equivalent to a brand new one.

What Many Businesses do for Used Cisco Routers in Toronto and the GTA

Many reliable suppliers of used/refurbished hardware equipment provide used Cisco routers and switches to businesses in good condition. Before selling these to the businesses, these routers and switches are first recycled, and then undergo various testing procedures in accordance to the defined industry parameters. Aside from reconditioning and various testing procedures, these used routers are also cleaned thoroughly to give them the same “look” equivalent to a brand new Cisco router. Therefore a business is really getting more “bang for their buck.”

Online Suppliers Offering Used Cisco Routers with Warranties in Toronto,the GTA and Throughout Canada

There are many online suppliers offering used Cisco routers and switches in Toronto,the GTA and throughout Canada, as well as other networking hardware, to businesses. One can search for them on various online stores and after considering some of the important factors opt for a suitable supplier preferably in your city or close to where you are located. It is always easier to confirm the integrity of a company offering a warranty on used computer equipment when you can easily visit their location. Among the various factors to be considered, one of the main factors to account for is the warranty. Since many standard manufacturers do not take the responsibility of the warranty related issues, it is therefore advisable to know what the supplier covers in his warranty. Aside from the warranty issue, you must also ensure about the replacement facility in the event of any type of equipment failure.

Network IT Offers Used Cisco Routers with a Warranty in Toronto and the GTA

Network IT (Netnit) sells used Cisco Routers and Switches in Toronto,the GTA and throughout Canada and the US. Network IT also offers a 1 year warranty ( on all used and refurbished equipment in Toronto and the GTA.

Purchasing Used Cisco Routers – Low Cost, High Performance Upgrades For Office Network’s in Toronto and throughout the GTA

If your business does not have the budget to purchase new networking equipment, you should consider opting for used Cisco routers and switches, a cheaper and smarter upgrading alternative.

Well known for assisting the broadcast of data, voice and video packets, used Cisco routers and switches have been the choice of many business owners in Toronto and throughout the GTA.

 Rather than compromise on performance, businesses should select high quality equipment that provides optimum services.  Used Cisco routers and switches are known for their stellar speed, performance and reliability.

In Toronto and throughout the GTA refurbished Cisco products come with the Cisco certification that guarantees high performance, quality and reliability. Investing in refurbished used Cisco routers and switches is the perfect alternative to purchasing cheap, less reliable equipment.

Instead, high quality used Cisco routers and switches can be obtained at much lower prices.

Network IT Managers in Toronto and throughout the GTA Prefer Purchasing Used Cisco Routers and Switches Instead of Cheaper, Less Reliable Alternatives

The shortcomings of low-grade routers become increasingly apparent with continued use. Rather than spending your money on the low-grade alternatives, you can purchase used Cisco routers and switches and join the ranks of many successful companies in Toronto and the GTA.

Whether upgrading the office to improve the networking equipment or establishing a new business in Toronto or in the GTA altogether, used Cisco routers and switches are the preferred choice for many business owners and entrepreneurs.

With the new online communication technologies deployed every now and then, used Cisco switches and routers from Network IT have become the basic need for any business in Toronto and throughout the GTA.

External Connections – Used Cisco Routers and Switches in Toronto and the GTA

What Is Computer Networking with Cisco Routers and Swicisco-routerstches in Toronto and the GTA


A new Cisco device won’t be configured the first time you get it. In other words, it’s not customized to your needs, and you may feel that it won’t do what you asked it to do. If you buy a used Cisco switch in Toronto and the GTA, switch on the power, and plug computer devices into it, it will work to connect those PCs with no further configuration. However, you will be missing out on many advanced features. A new router, on the other hand, will not be capable of doing much at all, even if you simply plug devices into the router. Routers of any sort need basic configuration to function on a network, or else they simply act as a power consumer that merely blinks at you.

The console port, therefore, is used for local management connections. This means that you must be able to physically reach the console port with a cable that is typically about six feet long. The console port looks exactly like an Ethernet port. It uses the same connector, but it has different wiring and is often (but not always) identified with a pale blue label that says “CONSOLE.” If the device is not configured at all—meaning, if it is new or has had a previous configuration erased— the console port is the only way to connect to it and apply configurations.


Connecting to the console in the port of the Cisco router or switch is done via a special rollover cable. A rollover cable has pins numbered 1 through 8, each one wired to the opposite number.


More About Console Ports on Cisco Routers and Switches in Toronto and the GTA


One end of the rollover cable has an RJ-45 connector connecting to the console port. The other end has either a molded-in 9-pin serial connector, or simply another RJ-45 connector and adapters for 9-pin or 15-pin serial connections. Since a lot orj45-rolled-over-cable-endsf newer laptops do not have the EIA/TIA 9- or 15-pin serial connections and only feature USB ports, you might need to buy yourself a USB-to-serial adapter. The serial connection on the rollover cable attaches to your workstation’s COM port.


Configuring Cisco Routers and Switches in Toronto and the GTA

Once you’re plugged in, you then will need to configure a terminal application to communicate with the Cisco device, such as a router or switch, over the rollover able. You can use Hyperterminal, Procomm, TeraTerm, SecureCRT, or any of a number of others that support character-based terminal emulation. The settings for your terminal session are as follows:

Baud Rate:          9600

Data Bits:           8

Parity:              None

Stop Bits:          1

Flow Control: None

Your COM port for this connection will vary, though.

Aux Port

The AUX (auxiliary) port is in reality just another console port, intended for usage with a modem. This is done so that you can remotely connect and administer the device by phoning it. This is a great idea as long as the modem is connected, powered up, and plugged in to the phone system; however, doing so can create some security issues, so make sure that you get advice on addressing those before setting this up. Please note however that not all routers will have an AUX port.

Ethernet Port

An Ethernet port (which might be a FastEthernet or even a GigabitEthernet port, depending on your router model) is intended to connect to the LAN. Some routers have more than one Ethernet or FastEthernet port; it really depends on what your requirements are, as well as what you purchase. The Ethernet port generally connects to the LAN switch with a straight-through cable.

A straight-through cable has “pin 1” connected to pin 1, 2 to 2, 3 to 3, 4 to 4, and so on. It is used to connect routers and hosts to switches or hubs.


If you have multiple Ethernet ports, you can connect the others to a high-speed Internet connection such as a cable modem or DSL, or to another, distinct Local Area Network (LAN).

A crossover cable is used to connect two devices that each use the same pins for the transmit and receive functions; this means that if we use a straight-through cable to connect them, the Layer 1 circuit will not come up, and the connection will not work.

For example, suppose you would want to connect your router’s FastEthernet0/1 interface to another router’s FastEthernet0/1 interface. Using a straight-through cable, this link will not work. Instead, you would need to use a crossover cable, changing the pinouts of the transmit and receive pairs so that they line up with the receive and transmit pairs on the other device, respectively. When you attach the crossover cable, the link lights should come on, and Layers 1 and 2 should change to “up.”


Network IT Sells Used Cisco Routers and Switches in Toronto and the GTA

For used “custom” Cisco Routers and Switches in Toronto as well as the GTA, contact Network IT for used Cisco Routers and Switches.

Used Cisco Switches & Routers Allow Businesses To Upgrade Despite Shrinking Budgets

Ancient network equipment, plus the need to implement new network initiatives drives network managers to make router and switch upgrades their highest priority.

Despite IT budgets remaining healthy during the current struggling economy, it appears that more budgets next year are getting a bit smaller and smaller.

Core router and switch upgrades top the list of projects for network managers.  To reinforce the findings of the research further, on the list just below these routers and switch upgrades was “technology refresh”. So, what does this mean?  Bottom-line, network managers are looking to get more technology for less.

Used Cisco Routers and Switches Can Allow For Needed Upgrades Despite Smaller Budgets in Toronto and the GTA

Apparently people are looking to keep up with technological advances, as well as improve their network infrastructure. However, they are seeking lower-cost solutions to fulfill these agendas. One excellent solution is choosing to work with an established vendor to obtain high quality used Cisco switches and routers in Toronto and the GTA.

It just makes sense, simply because it satisfies requirements for both network managers and IT departments, as follows:

(a) Upgrading routers and switches to keep up with advancing technologies in Toronto and the GTA, and

(b) Accommodate smaller budgets.

You can purchase used Cisco routers and switches at a fraction of the list price from established companies and you will get equipment that is as reliable as brand new out-of-box Cisco routers and switches.  One must also factor in the ability to get long term warranties (see this lifetime warranty) and hardware replacement options.

When you reduce your costs substantially and get the reliability/performance you are looking for, consider that option. Netnit sells Cisco Switches and Routers in Toronto and the GTA.

Used Cisco Routers: Same Quality, Same Productivity at a Lower Price in Toronto, the GTA and all of Canada

Looking for a money-wise solution to build a productive and reliable networking infrastructure or an intelligent software-testing lab? Buying from the world leading networking hardware manufacturers such as Cisco, Juniper, HP Procurve, Extreme, IBM, etc. can be costly. Network IT also known as NetNit is a trusted source of used and refurbished networking hardware. Network IT holds a large inventory of used Cisco equipment in Canada. We help companies save up to 95 per cent off regular manufacturers’ list prices. We help small and medium sized businesses be able to afford using a reliable and powerful networking system by using refurbished Cisco equipment.

Cisco hardware and networking solutions have always been trusted by many businesses to handle their data sharing. Cisco managed to build its reputation producing innovative, durable and reliable wireless router devices that increase a company’s productivity and flexibility. Used Cisco routers are a solid and reliable option for Internet connectivity needs and we offer them at the most competitive prices in the Canadian market. Used Cisco routers are well-built routers with excellent wireless performance. With our technical expertise and the right used Cisco routers, we will ensure that you will resolve your complex IT needs. The used Cisco routers that we work with are excellent for delivering highly secure data, voice, video and application services.

Network IT- A Leading Reseller of Used Cisco Routers in Toronto, the GTA and all of Canada

Network IT has been operating since 2001 and we offer a full selection of quality used and refurbished Cisco equipment catering to all business needs. We ensure that all used Cisco routers, switches, security and other related hardware delivered by Network IT is tested and comes with a 1 year warranty. That is why many businesses whether small or large have chosen Network IT as a strategic partner for technical expertise and wireless networking solutions.

Network IT, also known as NetNit, is a leading reseller of new and used Cisco routers and networking components. We proudly serve businesses in Toronto, Ontario the GTA and all of Canada.

Why Choose Network IT for Used Cisco Equipment in Toronto and the GTA

How can you grow your business without increasing your company’s expenditures on IT related equipment? How do you build a reliable and intelligent integrated network that will fit into a tight budget? Network IT also known as NetNit is a leading company that delivers a full spectrum of used and refurbished networking hardware and networking solutions and specializing in used Cisco equipment. We proudly service Toronto, the GTA and all of Canada.

With our expertise in technology and the quality of the used Cisco equipment which we supply to all of our clients throughout Canada, your company will be able to save up to 95 per cent off regular manufacturers list prices. The increasing innovation and quality of Cisco technology processes enables the company to create and deliver high-performing, durable and reliable networking products and solutions. By using Network IT, your company can integrate the world-class networking hardware and servers manufactured by Cisco. We supply used Cisco routers, switches, cables, and much more at the most competitive prices available in Toronto, the GTA and all of Canada.

We have countless of testimonials from clients that have been amazed at the quality and efficiency of the used Cisco equipment that we sell. At Network IT we carry a large inventory of used Cisco equipment and servers available for all of Canada. We will find you the right used and refurbished Cisco routers, switches and other related networking hardware that will match your current networking infrastructure. Network IT ensures that all used and refurbished networking equipment and special components are tested for quality assurance: we have a rigorous and detailed testing, diagnostics, and functional testing process. This results in better productivity, efficiency and reliability from the networking infrastructure.

Used Cisco Equipment Is Available in Toronto and the GTA

We are located in Toronto, Ontario and we carry a very large stock of used Cisco equipment and other networking hardware from the leading networking hardware manufacturers including Juniper, HP Procurve, Extreme, IBM, HP, and much more.

Network IT also known as NetNit is a leading reseller of new and used Cisco equipment and networking components. We proudly service Toronto, the GTA and all of Canada.