Time to Invest in Used Cisco IP & Wireless Phones: 4 Major Reasons VoIP is the Future for Business Communication

It’s not uncommon to see households ditch landline phones for smartphones nowadays. The added convenience and portability can make traditional phones obsolete for many families. And for businesses, a similar change can be seen with Voice over Internet Protocol phones, or VoIP.

VoIP is an umbrella term for a variety of devices and technologies allowing for easy communication through an IP network, usually the Internet. For a variety of reasons, VoIP is the ideal solution for an increasing number of companies now. Here’s why.


VoIP systems are cheaper to deploy and use than conventional phones, especially when it comes to long-distance calling. Because VoIP technologies can be open source, they are not subject to the policies of a third party provider. As a result, there aren’t any international fees or hard limits on how many devices can be connected.

The equipment for VoIP can be cheap to source as well. Refurbished or second-hand devices like used Cisco IP & wireless phones are readily available for many organizations. Buying used might be your best option, especially if you can score a warranty.


One great thing about VoIP is that it’s available anywhere an Internet connection can reach. That means certain locations where standard phone signals are inaccessible, such as airplanes, can still be used for Internet calling.

Simply bring a headset with you whenever you’re traveling, and you can enjoy cheap phone calls almost anywhere. Plus, some VoIP systems can be accessed through email as well, with some services offering email transcription as a feature.


As mentioned, because some Internet phone systems are open-source, your company can have full control over it at all times, giving you peace of mind when it comes to cost and reliability.

Also, you can also buy VoIP converters, essentially USB sticks that plug into your computer and convert analog phone signals into digital ones for transmission over the Internet. Some services even allow you to acquire your own VoIP number for convenient calling.


For you business users out there, VoIP also enables you to make multimedia calls. Video conferencing and file sharing are all possible through the service. This way, you can attend important meetings while traveling without being physically present in the boardroom.

Other features offered by modern IP phone systems include auto attendant, answering machines, and call waiting. Some companies have even managed to hook up their VoIP service to serve as terminals for security systems, lighting, and heating controls throughout the building.

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  • Voice over Internet Protocol offers several benefits over traditional landlines and cell phone services. Modern businesses should consider adopting this new advance in communications technology.
  • Thanks to its fully online operation, VoIP is cheaper, more convenient, more available, and offers more features than traditional counterparts. Companies can take full control of their communication lines with VoIP.
  • Adopting Voice over Internet Protocol is cheap and easy. Pick up any used Cisco IP & wireless phone from Network IT today.

Quick Guide to Cisco Certifications and How They Affect Your Purchasing Decisions for Used Cisco Equipment

CCNA, CCNP, and CCIE are technical certifications provided by Cisco that indicate skills in business networking. At the professional level, workers can use these certifications to find jobs and earn higher salaries, while recruiters use them to find experienced employees.

Plus, knowing the certification of your employees can also indicate the kind of networking equipment your organization needs. To find out whether you need CCIE, CCNA, or CCNP equipment, read on to find out about these Cisco certifications.

Types of Certifications

In order to obtain a certification, an IT worker must:

  • Choose a certification track (i.e. a specific field) he or she would like to specialize in.
  • Study through official training courses offered by Cisco
  • Attend a proctored examination
  • Recertify in the future if necessary

The certification tracks offered as of now are Cloud, Collaboration, Cybersecurity Operations, Data Center, Design, Industrial, Routing and Switching, Security, Service Provider, and Wireless.

On top of that, there are 3 major tiers of certification for each category – CCIE, CCNA, and CCNP. Let’s look into what each one encompasses.


A Cisco Certified Network Associate, or CCNA, is a certified technician with a basic understanding of networking. These workers are capable of dealing with small-to-medium-sized business networks. The certification is widely sought after by aspiring IT technicians wanting to advance their careers with job-focused training.


The Cisco Certified Network Professional, or CCNP, denotes an intermediate-level technician capable of dealing with larger networks. The certification requires one full year of networking experience to obtain. Full-time system administrators and LAN/WAN infrastructure workers are commonly CCNP-certified.


Finally, the Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert, or CCIE, is designed to help businesses find the cream of the crop when it comes to network infrastructure skills. Workers with this certification are ready to take on the most challenging business networks. The program continually keeps itself updated to preserve its applicability and value. In addition to a written test, there’s also a laboratory exam involved in obtaining one.

Other Tiers

Cisco also offers the entry-level CCENT and CCT certifications as great starting points for brand new aspiring professionals. While not as prestigious as the others, these technicians are still capable of diagnosing and repairing Cisco components at consumer sites.

There is also the CCAR Architect certification, the highest accreditation that can be given to a senior-level network infrastructure architect. These technicians can handle the technical demands of global organizations when it comes to complex networks.

Relevance in Buying Used Cisco Equipment

If you’ve ever searched on online marketplaces for used Cisco equipment, there’s a good chance you’ve seen VoIP, terminals, routers, switches, and security lab kits being described by a certification. Knowing who’s in your IT department can help you make informed buying decisions.

Network IT | Used Cisco Equipment in Toronto, Ontario & the GTA

In the market for used Cisco equipment? Sure, you could spend hours scouring eBay for scraps, but why not outsource that job to the experts? From CCNA equipment to high-quality switches to used HP servers, Network IT has you covered.

Our experienced staff can find the best refurbished and used networking equipment from today’s best brands. We offer one-year warranties on all the equipment we sell and can ensure your business’s networking runs in optimal shape. Call us today!

  • Cisco offers technician certifications for several fields in corporate networking. Pursuing one is absolutely worth it, as certified workers have reported higher salaries.
  • Certifications also make it easier for managers to make hiring decisions for their IT departments. Plus, they can help in deciding which networking hardware to buy.
  • Network IT is your company’s best provider for used Cisco equipment and other networking hardware. We also provide warranty and support for all of our price-efficient solutions.

Looking to Buy Used Cisco Gigabit Switches? Here Are a Few Things to Consider

Regardless of what industry you work in, your organization needs to stay connected in today’s digital world. That’s why every IT department allocates a sizable budget to the network that connects your company’s users to the Internet and to each other.

In order to achieve a smooth transfer of data across devices, you’ll need some reliable network switches. Whether you’re shopping for new ones or just browsing for used Cisco gigabit switches, there are plenty of models and features to choose from on the market, so let’s go over what to consider.

The Types of Switches

Ethernet/LAN switches come in two major categories: modular switches and fixed switches.

  • Modular switches offer more flexibility at the expense of a higher cost. They allow you to add expansion modules later in case you need them.
  • Fixed switches generally have a set number of ports and can’t be expanded upon.

Fixed switches range from “plug and play” solutions that work instantly after being plugged in to more expensive switches with a high number of customization, security, and management options. Generally, the latter is used by major companies with large, expanding networks.

Features and Specifications to Consider

You want a network switch solution geared towards your business’s specific needs, so it’s important to check the features a switch supports. These are the main ones.

  • Speed: From lowest speed to highest, network switches are offered in fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, and ten-gigabit variants. You don’t want an underpowered switch, but you also don’t want to overspend. In general, the speed you need is directly proportional to the number of users and volume of data your organization uses at once.
  • Ports: Likewise, the number of ports on a switch determines how many clients can use the switch at once. The larger your network, the more ports are necessary.
  • Stackable: Stackable switches allow you to control and configure multiple switches together as one entity, in contrast with standalone models that must be configured individually.
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE): As its name suggests, PoE signifies that the switch can transfer electrical power to your devices in addition to network data. This feature can be useful if power sockets aren’t readily available. Make sure the wattage supported is enough for all your devices, whether it’s security cameras or wireless access points.

Customer Support

As business networking is becoming more complex, fewer organizations are settling for “plug and play” switches. IT departments now have to do some tinkering to optimize network performance.

It’s advisable, then, to buy switches from providers with a good history of customer service and warranties. Even used Cisco gigabit switches might be worth looking into if you can score a solid warranty. Your company shouldn’t be held up because of a network interruption.

Network IT | Used Cisco Routers & Switches in Toronto & the GTA

Corporate networking is a high-risk, high-reward business. A reliable network streamlines your organization’s workflow, but a spotty one can cost you a ton.

If you work in the Toronto or GTA, consider contacting Network IT to handle all your networking needs. From used Cisco gigabit switches to refurbished Dell or HP servers, our over two decades of experience will keep your network smooth and reliable without blowing your budget.

  • Solid company network connectivity is a must-have nowadays, so taking the time to invest in good network switches is vital for any company.
  • The type of switch, the features, customer support, and warranty you receive is worth considering when shopping for network switches. Sometimes, you can save some of the budget by buying used Cisco gigabit switches.
  • Network IT is an all-in-one company networking solution ready to serve you in the Toronto area. We offer price-efficient used equipment with one-year warranties to keep your workflow streamlined.

Digital Protection in a Compromised World: Common Threats Affecting a Business’s Network, IP Telephony, and VoIP Security

For better or for worse, the Internet has penetrated into every aspect of our modern lives. While it enables us to enjoy more conveniences than ever before, online connectivity has also introduced various network security threats almost every business needs to address.

And if you’re a small business, pay attention, as studies show that 71% of online attacks affect businesses with fewer than 100 employees. Here are some of the most common online threats you should look out for.

Viruses and Malware

When you think of network security, malware is probably the first thing to come to mind. Malware infections are all too common in both business and home networks.

Spread through dodgy links and emails, malware usually takes the form of viruses and worms that can cause business servers to slow down, lose online connectivity, and even break your company’s file systems. Malware is especially problematic since it’s ubiquitous, sometimes undetectable by regular users, and is expensive to recover from.

Stolen Data

The goal of most viruses is to gain control of company servers and steal data. A cracker might target confidential company files, intellectual properties, various corporate contracts, and client records. That last one puts your own customers at risk, reducing the trust your clients may have in your company.

And it happens more often than you think. Just last year, restaurant chain Jason’s Deli suffered a breach in its network security, resulting in thousands upon thousands of customer credit cards to be leaked.

Cracked Passwords

For a surprising number of small businesses, only a thin line of defense keeps online hackers from company servers: employee passwords. Many employees out there unfamiliar with network security might choose easily guessable passwords like “1234” and “password.”

When training new workers, ensure that they:

  • Choose more complex passwords featuring special characters and numbers
  • Change their passwords every few months
  • Use 2-factor authentication with a smartphone or other device

Threats Specifically Affecting IP Telephony and VoIP

Many businesses are beginning to adopt IP Telephony and VoIP technology (Voice over Internet Protocol), enabling them to communicate with more features at a cheaper price than traditional phone calls.

However, VoIP brings with it a few security risks as well:

  • Since encryption is not common with VoIP, you are at risk of eavesdropping and credential interception by crackers.
  • Phishing and viruses are still a threat through VoIP
  • Denial of service attacks are a risk, where crackers overload your VoIP service with unnecessary messages causing slowdowns and halts in service

Tips on Bouncing Back

Sounds like a lot to consider? It is. Fortunately, there are ways you can mitigate the risks.

  • Hire IT professionals to keep track of your network security
  • Use anti-malware and anti-virus solutions and keep them up-to-date at all times
  • Educate your staff on proper digital habits, such as never sharing passwords and avoiding dangerous links.
  • Employ the services of a third party network manager. If your business is around the GTA area, Network IT is a strong option for deploying a secure, price efficient, and well-maintained network, as they have provided support before for industry leaders like IBM and Dell.

About Network IT | Cisco Network Consulting Services | Toronto and the GTA

Network IT has been providing high-quality networking equipment to businesses in Toronto and throughout the GTA for decades. Why pay more for brand new equipment, when you can accomplish everything you need with a better priced used piece of equipment. Contact us today if you have any questions, or want to see what options we have available for you.

  • Network security is a major issue every business needs to deal with. Small businesses, in particular, are targeted often.
  • Viruses, stolen data, weak passwords, phishing attacks, and VoIP-related risks are all things to consider.
  • In addition to keeping a well-trained staff and employing anti-malware solutions, hiring a network manager like Network IT is a great way to ensure your business’s network runs smoothly and securely.

Beyond Resetting It: Troubleshooting Your Juniper Router

Not many Internet users think about the network routers they’re using. They’re out of sight, out of mind when they’re working but cause a slew of frustrations if they ever fail. Even with the most durable and reliable hardware, issues are bound to pop up every now and again.

For most issues, simply resetting the router (unplugging it, waiting a few seconds, and plugging it back in) works well enough, but if your equipment is being stubborn, there are plenty of other parts to check.

Router Configuration

As wireless technology progresses, networking equipment ends up needing to support various transmission standards. Juniper routers are among those with support for newer modes for higher bandwidth and older ones for backward compatibility since both the client and the router must support the same standard.

For instance, if your desktop can only support the 802.11g network mode, it would not work with a Juniper router set to 802.11ac mode necessarily. Whether you’re using g, ac, b, n, or any other setting, ensure both machines agree on the same one. If in doubt, use the “mixed” mode if your router supports it.

There’s also the separate setting radio bands. Most routers can transmit either a 2.4 GHz or a 5 GHz signal. While one isn’t inherently faster than the other in most cases, many other devices use the 2.4 GHz band. Switching to the 5 GHz band on your router can reduce the possibility of interference. Keep in mind that the device you’re connecting to the network must support 5G as well. Generally, routers will separate the bands into two separate Wi-Fi networks, with “5G” added to the end of one option.

And next, you have MAC addresses. Some administrators set the router to only connect devices with certain MAC addresses, so if your brand new laptop can’t connect, add the device’s MAC address to the whitelist. You can also disable MAC filtering entirely through the router settings.


Like all electronics, heat reduces the lifespan of your Juniper router. Heat can build up through constant heavy load (which is common in businesses), causing crashing and disconnections. To prevent any heat-related issues:

  • Keep the router in a cool, dry place
  • Give the device room for ventilation
  • Keep the ambient temperature of the room relatively low
  • Reposition the router away from heat sources like a desktop or radiator

Loose Cables

It may seem silly, but cables can become loose because of someone’s tripping over them. Jostle each connection leading to the router to ensure it stays firmly in place. The cables to look out for are:

  • The power cable for the router
  • The power cable for the modem
  • The cable between the router and modem
  • The Ethernet connection leading from the router to any devices

Repositioning the Router

Where you place your router can have a large impact on your signal strength. In addition to plain distance, metal objects, microwaves, and cordless phones can interfere with the signal. Consider these factors when you decide where to place it.

Also, position the antennas vertically rather than horizontally to optimize signal spread.

Replacing Outdated Equipment with a New Juniper Router

Routers will eventually degrade over time and require replacement. If you’re considering retiring your current router, try as a last resort:

  • Updating the router’s firmware, which may contain bug fixes
  • Reset to factory settings through a specialized switch somewhere on the router
    Otherwise, it’s time to go shopping.

About Network IT – Serving Toronto, the GTA, and All of Ontario

If you’re searching for networking solutions for your business in the Toronto or GTA, contact Network IT. Our services will provide you with the most cost-effective and reliable parts, from Juniper switches and routers to components from HP and Dell among other top-selling brands.

  • Routers are an essential part of business networking but can be difficult to troubleshoot.
  • Check your router’s configuration, placement, and cables if you suffer from disconnections.
  • Network IT is your one-stop solution for business networking, from part sourcing to professional maintenance.

Equipment with Experience: A Guide to Buying HP and Dell Used Parts

Patience has its rewards. As a business owner, you might be looking for affordable yet reliable computers, printers, servers, routers, and other components. If new equipment seems a little pricey, buying used HP or Dell parts could be the solution.

Sure, you could buy refurbished parts and shave off around a quarter of the price, but you can save more than half the MSRP by buying used if you’re willing to take the risk. The market for used electronics, however, is a lucrative minefield. To raise your chances of striking gold, consider these tips.

If It’s Too Good to be True, It Probably Isn’t

Be realistic about the prices you expect, and don’t wait months for a discount that will never come. High-end flagship smartphones, for instance, tend to keep a hefty fraction of their values in the used market after a year.

When deciding on a price, factor in:

  • The product’s condition
  • Included accessories
  • Any possible warranties

If a price seems unusually low, it’s smart to be suspicious.

Research the Prices

Do your research to compare what other similar products are priced at. Average together the prices of second-hand offerings from popular platforms like eBay, Amazon, and Craigslist to get a good idea of where the offering stands. If the price seems too high, consider going for a lower-spec model or one from a previous generation. Sometimes, generational improvements aren’t worth the extra cost.

And don’t forget offerings from different brands for essentially the same product can differ in cost considerably too. Companies generally buy from the same brand for most of their hardware. Buying used Dell servers then might be easier than buying a used HP server if a local company running on Dell decides to sell off some old equipment.

Timing is Key

Used prices fluctuate immensely but predictably. When the iPhone 8 was released, thousands of listings for used iPhone 7s hit the market as consumers sold off their old phones to buy the new one. As a result, you could potentially score a great price right after a new product’s launch.

Also, take into account seasonal fluctuations. Sales for used goods tend to go after holiday sales or other large buying events.

Protecting Your Investment

It’s no secret that buying used is risky business. Sometimes, you don’t get a return policy or manufacturer warranty like you do with buying refurbished products. Many storefronts such as eBay have buyer protection that also covers the used market, so it’s wise to keep your receipts. Also,

  • If you can, test the product out before buying. Not only can you check for counterfeits but also see whether the model number matches what you want. Selling a cheaper variant of an authentic product is a common scam to look out for.
  • If you’re buying a personal computer specifically, every operating system lets you check the system specifications. Know how to do so to ensure you get what you paid for.
  • And finally, complete the exchange with a credit card or PayPal transaction, which offer better fraud protection than plain cash.

Network IT – A Reputable Seller for Buying Used Dell or HP Parts

Are you a business owner looking for used and price-efficient equipment in Toronto and the GTA? Consider checking out Network IT. We bring 20+ years of experience in business electronics can get you the best price for used and refurbished parts and equipment. Whether you’re looking to buy used Dell parts or Cisco and Juniper routers, Network IT is ready to offer a one-year warranty and top-notch customer support to help your business stay modern without breaking the budget.

  • Buyers must take considerable precautions when participating in the used electronics market.
  • There are many factors to consider when buying used electronic equipment. To get the best price, research the market, know when the price goes down, and double check that you’re getting what you’re paying for.
  • Network IT is a great source for buying used HP parts, Dell servers, Juniper routers, and any other equipment from the industry’s best brands for your business.

3 Ways Cisco SMARTnet Optimizes Your Business’s IT Department

In today’s connected world, businesses need to utilize technology to the fullest extent to stay on top. But you can’t guarantee all your servers, routers, printers, and terminals will always work without a hitch. Hence why companies invest so much into professional IT departments and offload technical support onto third parties for severely perplexing issues.

When it comes to networking, Cisco has you covered. With the launch of the Cisco SMARTnet technical support service, your business can save tons of resources, prevent hours of downtime, and generally keep your firm running smoothly. Read on to find out how they do it.

A Source of Information

Even the best tools in the world aren’t enough if you don’t know how to use and maintain them. Should an employee’s laptop act up, naturally you’d contact the manufacturer for support. Likewise, Cisco SMARTnet is your one-stop shop for any network-related issues. Among the services you’ll receive, expect:

  • 24-hour access to Cisco’s professional staff for guided troubleshooting when you need it most
  • Self-help information, tools, and resources through the online knowledge base and user forums
  • Technical support documentation provided to employees to improve experience, productivity, and self-sufficiency

Hardware and Software Support

No product by any manufacturer has a 100% perfect reliability rate. Every now and again, malfunctions have to be dealt with, and if an employee laptop malfunctions in ways that perplex even your internalized IT staff, you’d call up the manufacturer to help out.
Similarly, Cisco SMARTnet offers a slew of hardware and software support services related to improving your network’s security and reliability.

  • Cisco Smart Call Home, a feature that assists in diagnosing and troubleshooting problematic devices
  • Replacement parts for networking devices shipped within the day
  • Expedited shipping on any equipment you need fast
  • Operating system updates tailored to your use case to increase the lifetime of your network
  • Advanced software configuration and setup

Onsite Help

Sometimes, you just need a hands-on technician for those extremely frustrating and stubborn problems. Perhaps you’d like the professional installation of replacement parts or just the peace of mind that help is at your disposal at all times in case your internal IT staff isn’t enough for whatever reason.
Choosing Cisco SMARTnet Onsite entitles you to deploying a ready network technician right on your company premises. With specialized knowledge of Cisco’s networking ecosystem, the technician can react to and fix problems quickly. This feature is ideal for remote sites where experienced staff are scarce and out of reach.

Ready to Dive In? Call Network IT Today

Perhaps you’re interested in not only networking but tech-based solutions for your entire company. If so, consider calling Network IT in Toronto and the GTA. Network IT specializes in providing competitively-priced networking and server equipment from all the best brands, including Cisco, HP, IBM, and Dell.
We can get you set up with all the parts and services, including Cisco SMARTnet, you’ll need to ensure smooth sailing and maximize the return on investment for your company. Also, expect generous warranties and customer service to sweeten the deal. You could even go used or refurbished if the budget calls for it.

  • Technology is always prone to occasional failures. Having experienced technical support on hand is vital to succeeding in business.
  • Cisco SMARTnet is the ideal solution for your firm’s networking needs. Through comprehensive maintenance, technical support, and employee training, keeps productivity high and downtime low with Cisco.
  • Network IT specializes in bringing the right tech solutions to your business, including Cisco routers, IBM servers, and HP printers and scanners among other high-quality equipment from the world’s greatest brands.

Why You Should Purchase Used Cisco Gigabit Switches Today!

Does this scenario sound familiar?

Bob is a business owner. Bob is frustrated by the low data transfer speeds on his business network, and he feels that he could be more productive if his data transfer speeds were faster. However, Bob does not know much about technology. Bob wants a simple solution that will lead to faster data transfer speeds, and without much technological know-how.

This is normal among many entrepreneurs and business owners. Knowing how to upgrade your business technology is one thing. Knowing the specifics about why you should is a whole other matter. There are so many different tech needs a business owner needs to be aware of. If an owner is not technically-inclined, this can be an issue. Luckily, adding switches to a network is something any novice IT worker can accomplish.

In this article, we will discuss the benefit of switches, why you should purchase gigabit switches, and how the inclusion of switches can boost employee productivity.

If you are like Bob, you should use gigabit switches in your business network. There is literally no downside to doing so.

What do Switches Do Anyways?

Switches are small piece of technological equipment that basically connect many computers in your organization together. These computers use switches to “talk” to each other, and send packets of data between them. You can also use switches to expand your business network, via the use of increased ports. Doing so will allow you to connect more devices to the network, like phones and security cameras.

If you want to experience a seamless data transfer, you need to purchase used Cisco gigabit switches. When used in conjunction with a gigabit router, you will be able to access your local business network at ten times the speed of the previous generation of switch (hence why it is called “gigabit”).

Benefits of Using Used Cisco Gigabit Switches

If your business network does not currently feature switches, you should consider purchasing and adding gigabit switches to your business network.

Here are some of the most common advantages that switches will provide you and your business:

  • Faster network speeds
  • Network expansion
  • Increased data transmission between computers on your network
  • Gigabit data transfer speeds
  • Affordable
  • Increased network reliability
  • Increased employee productivity

Increased Employee Productivity Used Cisco Switches & Routers

There comes a time when employee productivity can only be boosted by improved, and faster, technologies. No matter how hard your employees work, eventually, they will be limited by their tools. By improving their tools, like adding gigabit switches to your network, you are allowing your employees to become more productivity.

Employees love being productive, seeing their projects come to fruition in record time, and feeling a sense of accomplishment, instead of waiting around for a file to be transferred to their coworker on the second floor. By installing gigabit-speed switches, you are providing your employees with a more positive working experience, and the ability to become more productive.

About Network IT | Purchase Used Cisco Routers and Switches

If you are interested in purchasing used Cisco routers and switches, like used Cisco POE switches or used Cisco gigabit switches, look no further than Network IT in Toronto and the GTA. For more information, or to order switches, please visit website today and order online.

  • Gigabit switches, when paired with gigabit routers, can provide you with exceptionally fast data transfer speeds.
  • Expanding your business network’s ports can help de-clutter your network, while also allowing you to add more devices.
  • Employee productivity will increase as information becomes quicker to send and receive on your business network.

Why Tech Equipment Stores Sell Dell Used Servers

Many business owners, whether they are new to the game, or they have been business owners for decades, usually default to purchasing new equipment, rationalizing that it is a better investment. However, although understandable, this is not always the case.

When you walk into a big box store, or even a specialized technology equipment store, it is likely that you will see the shelves stocked with new equipment. That being stated, there are some benefits to purchasing used tech equipment, especially if you need to purchase bulk equipment for your small or medium sized business.

Here are some of the most common reasons why you should consider purchasing used equipment like servers for your business.

You Too Can Sell Dell Used Servers

If you need a server, why not purchase a used one? They are cheaper, and still as formidable, as new servers. There is also little need to purchase a new server if you do not need to. Used servers can still fulfill the need that your business requires from a server.

Once you are done with your used servers, you too can sell Dell used servers to third-party customers as well.

Stores That Sell Dell Used Servers Sell Them Cheap

It is no secret that used equipment, even non-tech equipment, is cheaper than new equipment. However, just because you are purchasing a used piece of equipment does not mean that you are not getting your money’s worth. You are still obtaining a great server that will fulfill all the server needs of your business, at a great price.

If you want to, or need to, save money when purchasing assets and equipment for your business, buy them used when you can.

Selling Dell Used Servers Helps Small Businesses

When you run a small business, if you are like most small businesses, you are strapped for cash. For the first few years of operation, it may even be likely that you will be operating at a loss. This is normal. It takes a while for business to pick up, and for your business to become profitable.

In the meantime, you still need to operate your business. You still need tech equipment, like servers. Purchasing used servers is a great way to obtain a server for your business, even if your cash flow is tight at the moment.

As such, purchasing used equipment helps small businesses. These are just some of the reasons why you should consider purchasing used servers for your business. Other reasons can include:

  • More positive impact on the environment
  • Quicker to obtain than purchasing new servers from the manufacturer
  • Servers are simple machines that can run well, even if slightly outdated or old

About Network IT | Buy and Sell Used Dell Servers & Parts | Toronto & the GTA

If you are in the market for a server, look no further than Network IT in Toronto and the GTA. Whether you want to buy Dell used servers, buy Dell used parts, sell Dell used servers, sell Dell used parts, buy IBM used servers, buy IBM used parts, sell IBM used servers, or sell IBM used parts, we can help. For more information, please visit us in-store or contact us online at our website today.

  • Used servers can be resold, allowing small businesses to recoup their investments.
  • Used servers are cheaper to purchase than new servers, allowing small businesses to save money.
  • Used servers allow small businesses to continue operating under a tight budget, which many small businesses do.

Why You Need an Office Phone like the Used Cisco CP-7961G!

There is a sense of informality among entrepreneurs and new business owners involving the day-to-day operations of a business. Many business owners see their business as a side hustle, and may not take it as seriously as they should.

However, running a small business requires more effort than running a side hustle. Sure, your small business may have started as a side hustle, as most do, but you need to start purchasing specialized equipment like servers and office phones.

Office phones are not built like regular consumer-grade phones; they are built better, stronger, and more durable. When it comes to selecting the phones that you and your staff will use in your business, you must choose the best, more rigorous phones possible that you can afford. You will need to ensure that your phones can handle specific tasks, like call forwarding and the ability to upload and use XML applications.

Here are some of the most common reasons why the Used Cisco CP-7961G is a great phone for your office, and why you should leave your smartphone where it belongs: in your pocket or at home.

Great Tech Specs | Used Cisco IP and Wireless Phone Systems

The used Cisco CP-7961G has some great tech specs. Weighing only 3.5 lbs, this phone offers practically every office feature that you could want in a phone. Here are some of the following features that you will gain:

  • Caller identification
  • Message categorization
  • Settings display controls
  • Access to XML applications
  • High resolution display
  • Multi-featured speakers
  • Headset port
  • Language support for over 20 languages
  • Operating temperature from 0 to 40 degrees Celsius
  • Wall-mounting kit

Let’s see your smartphone do all that seamlessly!

Businesses Need a Separation of Concerns Regarding Phones

Separation of concerns is a computer programming design principle that simply states that each part of the program needs to focus on completing a specific task. You can use this principle and apply it to how you use office equipment, including office phones for office-related tasks.

Since smartphones are mini-computers, and as such, we do everything with them, you need to ensure that your private life and your professional life do not collide.

For example, if you like to text jokes with your spouse using your smartphone, but your jokes can seem in bad taste if one of your investors reads them, you should realize that your smartphone can never be used in a business setting – accidentally sending that text could lead to the ruination of your business.

Even an innocent piece of information can be weaponized. Sending a picture of a steak accidentally to a vegan can lead to the same result.

The best way to ensure separation of concerns is to purchase dedicated office phones. Leave the smartphones in your pockets, or at home, and solely use the office phones for all dedicated office functions.

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  • Smartphones are simply not enough. You need dedicated office phones for office-related tasks.
  • Cisco phones have great features which you and your small business simply cannot do without.
  • Separation of concerns is a very real issue that you need to be focused on regarding your office equipment, including your phones.