Sell IBM Used Parts the Right Way: 5 Best Practices for Selling Old Components

While business-grade computer components are designed to last longer than their consumer-grade counterparts, there comes a time when IT servers and parts become outdated and need to be sold.

That old server component? Sell that IBM used part. Got some extra RAM lying around? You could make a quick dollar on eBay.

But before you hit the publish button on your listing page, consider these best practices for selling used computer components online. Sometimes an extra image or comment is enough to boost your earnings significantly.

Providing Enough Documentation When Selling IBM Used Parts

Online buyers have to sift through thousands of manufacturers, brands, makes, and models of servers and other components. Documentation is how the online market for used components can navigate, and it’s your responsibility as a seller to provide sufficient information.

Describe in your listings all the necessary model numbers and specifications required for that part. Many online guides will tell you what you should mention for storage units, networking equipment, hard drives, processors, and graphics cards. In other words, don’t sell an IBM used part before listings its exact model.

Offering Bundles | IBM Used Parts

Many components increase in value when sold alongside other ones. Selling a hard drive along with its carrying caddy is a lot more feasible than selling only the caddy by itself.

At the same time, certain combinations like CPUs and motherboards can occasionally result in less profit thanks to consumers’ expectation for bundle deals. Know your parts well before deciding on the best course of action.

Being Complete in Your Descriptions When Selling IBM Used Parts

Even damaged parts can sell, but don’t take any risks leaving out certain details. If any parts are damaged, explain how it was damaged, when the damage occurred, and what specific piece is damaged if possible.

Don’t expect misrepresenting your listings to earn you anything; at best, you’ll be forced to refund and receive scathing emails back. Plus, building your reputation as an online seller is never a bad thing.

Don’t Cheap Out on Packaging

Used parts don’t have to be packaged in attractive, retail-grade boxes with graphical lettering and eye-catching fonts. Many suppliers dedicated to shipping refurbished parts just use plain cardboard.

However, be aware of how much abuse packages take in transit. Ideally, use the packaging that came with the components. If not, use holders and trays for smaller components like RAM sticks that might be thrown around inside the box.

Including Useful Images

Photographs statistically raise sales in online marketplaces. Customers get a chance to decide on product condition and suitability in just a quick glance. Selling that IBM used part with a clear view of how it looks might convert a few potential customers.

The best pictures are taken in bright, even lighting. This isn’t a photoshoot, so your smartphone camera will do fine. Photographs are also the best way to show off product labels and numbers, as typing them in manually may result in errors.

Network IT | We Buy & Sell IBM Used Parts & Equipment | Toronto & GTA

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  • Experienced sellers of IT equipment know the practices that will score them high earnings when it comes to the used market.
  • Including as much information in the listing as possible, taking pictures, and putting effort into packaging may all raise your odds of landing a profitable sale.
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When Should Business Networking Be Refreshed? A Quick Guide Before Picking Up Used Cisco Equipment

You’re an IT manager, and the OEM provider for your organization’s networking equipment has recently announced that your products will soon be out of service. What is your course of action? A full network refresh? A partial refresh if at all?

The answer is never clear. Professional networking equipment is built to last, sometimes even after an OEM discontinues support for it. Plus, while most support is taken directly from the manufacturer for the sake of convenience, there’s always third-party support, which is not only valid but also sometimes cheaper and more flexible.

What Are the Benefits of Upgrading Your Network

  • Advances in technology – Wi-Fi, for instance, is rising in speed and reliability in the last few years, quickly closing in on wired connections. You also might want more bandwidth, more ports on your network switches, and overall higher performance as your business grows.
  • Security patches – Cyber-crime has been going up in frequency and increasingly affects small businesses as well as large ones. Newer equipment has the newest security issues patched out.
  • Better support and compatibility – As new devices are released every year, you may find that newer networking equipment is needed to support all the new features. Plus, extended warranties can still be helpful.

So How Often Should You Upgrade?

OEM manufacturers recommend a refresh every 5 years or so but like to overestimate to sell more equipment. Perhaps your budget is too low for a refresh, or you don’t find any issues with your current hardware to merit a replacement.

Still, it’s important to refresh every now and again. Moore’s Law, for example, applies greatly to wireless networking. Years ago, the 802.11n Wi-Fi standard was considered top-of-the-line, but the newer 802.11ac standard released soon after featured 3 times the bandwidth. Some used Cisco equipment might be a worthwhile investment if it’s been a while since the last refresh.

In general, think about upgrading yearly if security updates come up. Wireless networking should be looked at every 2 to 3 years depending on how much of a premium bandwidth is to your business. Physical switches can last several years longer, and typical wired LAN can last well into a decade.

What About Large Components?

For large computers and mainframes, it’s not uncommon for businesses to be using outdated equipment since it works well for the job, the employees are used to it, and the performance isn’t low enough to require an update.

The cost of adjusting your business to new a new apparatus can be high, so factor that cost into your decision.

Network IT| Buy Used Cisco Equipment | Toronto & the GTA

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  • Upgrading your organization’s networking equipment is vital to keeping up to date with newer technology, security fixes, and feature compatibility.
  • However, don’t upgrade just because your OEM pushes you to. Only do so if you believe the cost balances out with the benefit.
  • Network IT is your key to finding cheap used Cisco equipment with great warranties. Contact us today and give your IT department the boost it needs.

Time to Pick Up Some Used Cisco POE Switches: The Benefits of Power over Ethernet

Power over Ethernet (POE) is a technology that allows network cables to carry electrical power in addition to network data. For example, it’s common for security cameras to be connected by a network to send its footage to a storage server and a power connector to operate itself. With POE, both connections are made with a single cable.

Potential Applications of POE

POE is a widely-used technology adopted by IT departments in corporate offices. Some common applications include:

  • Surveillance cameras, as mentioned. POE enables fast and easy deployment of security camera systems.
  • Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phones, one of the first applications of POE technology.
  • Network switches are used to connect various networking equipment.

The Advantages

So what makes POE so useful in the business setting? Some of the main reasons IT technicians look towards Power over Ethernet are:

  • Reducing cable clutter, as the reduction of the number of necessary cables makes an office space or server room look neater and easier to manage
  • Opening an electrical outlet to be used for something else
  • Allowing more versatile placement of your devices instead of limiting it to only where power cables can reach
  • Network cables don’t need an electrician to fit them, saving you time on installation
  • POE switches are more easily scalable
  • No special wiring or advanced technical knowledge is necessary to install POE.
  • Broad compatibility thanks to the wide adoption of the IEEE 802.3af standard.

Considerations for POE Switches

Before you go out and pick up a used Cisco POE switch, investigate its specifications to ensure it will fit in with your business’s system well. In particular, look at:

  • The maximum power draw. Multiply the wattage of each switch by the number of switches and supply enough power to support slightly above that figure.
  • The number of ports. Take some time to see how many devices will be connected at one time.
  • Cable requirements. Whether it’s Cat5e or Cat6, make sure the cables you choose have suitable materials and support the transmission length you need.

How to Upgrade

Decided on Power over Ethernet as your business’s next venture into a more productive workflow? One way to upgrade is to pick up a used Cisco POE switch, a network switch with POE technology built-in. Simply connect other networking devices to it, and the switch will detect whether POE is enabled. These types of switches come in many sizes to fit a variety of use cases.

If your devices aren’t POE enabled at first, you can use a POE injector to add compatibility, giving you the benefits of POE technology without having to replace every piece of equipment in your office.

Network IT | Used Cisco Equipment and POE Switches | Toronto & the GTA

The best way to adopt Power over Ethernet into your organization is to pick up pre-owned networking equipment at an economical price. For the best deals on used Cisco POE switches, contact us today at Network IT.

Serving various enterprise-grade businesses throughout the Toronto area for over two decades, our staff has supplied generous warranties on all the best brands, including Cisco, Juniper, Dell, and HP.

  • Power over Ethernet, or POE, is a technology every IT department should look into for better flexibility, compatibility, and scalability of networking devices.
  • POE technology is commonly used for VoIP phones and surveillance cameras amongst others.
  • Get top-notch customer support and substantial warranties with Network IT the next time you pick up some used Cisco POE switches.

When It’s Time to Buy HP Used Parts – 3 Facts about the Used Market for Networking Equipment

The great thing about business-grade computers and components is that they tend to last longer than their consumer-grade counterparts. Is your business trying to save some of the budget on equipment this year? Why not consider the used or refurbished market? Buying HP used parts could provide you similar quality at a drastically lower cost than buying new.
While used markets certainly aren’t the best option in all cases, many misconceptions about used technology are floating around. We’re going to clear up some facts about buying used corporate networking components here.

Used HP Parts from a Reliable Vendor Should Be in Good Condition

Buying used cars can be risky sometimes, as abused vehicles might cost a lot down the line when repairs are needed.
However, good resellers always require products be at a standard of quality before selling. Some even provide warranties and technical support after a purchase.
In the case of “refurbished” goods, the manufacturer actually cleans, inspects, and checks for any damage on an item before putting it back on the market.

1. You Can Trust Secondary Market Goods to be Authentic

Reputable resellers of refurbished or used computer components always test every item they sell, ensuring no counterfeit, stolen, or black-market goods go through.
Buying HP used parts from a popular reseller with good reviews? Chances are, that reseller did more than just look at the packaging. They undergo their own equipment tests and occasionally work with law enforcement to prevent counterfeits.

2. Third-Party Components and Repairs Are a Viable Way to Keep a Product Running

If a reseller chooses to sell Dell used servers, there’s a chance a stick of RAM or a fan might be malfunctioning. In that case, the reseller might order a third-party replacement before selling the server. This is a perfectly valid strategy, as aftermarket components are usually of similar if not better quality than a machine’s original components.
So just because that Cisco product uses memory from Samsung, doesn’t mean it’s of necessarily worse quality.

3. Finding What You Want in the Used Market Is Easy

Typically, when new generations of products are released, the used market gets flooded with items from the previous generation, still in perfect working condition.
Graphics cards used in animation, modeling, and video editing, for instance, have a huge used market even though sales of new items are consistently high.
Some of the most popular resellers have large inventories of used products ready to be sold, so absolutely go searching even if you think what you want is only available new.

We Buy & Sell HP Used Parts | Network IT | Toronto & the GTA

Want a technology reseller to bring you cost-effective used or refurbished networking equipment? Need a warranty and technical support for peace of mind? Network IT has your back. We buy HP used parts and sell all sorts of enterprise-grade components from Cisco routers and switches to Dell servers.
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• The next time you’re buying HP used parts or Dell servers, consider looking to the used market for cheap, quality products.
• Used components can be just as good as new ones, and as long as you choose a reputable reseller, you can be sure the items are genuine, the components are good, and the customer support will be helpful.
• Network IT is a reputable reseller of enterprise-grade networking equipment for businesses across Toronto and the GTA. Call us today to start saving money on the company IT budget.

Choosing the Right CCNP Equipment: Why Managed Network Switches Are the Way to Go

A staple of enterprise networking systems, the Power over Ethernet (PoE) switch is vital for businesses that rely on complex internal networks. When sourcing new CCNP equipment, every IT worker will need to know how to handle network switches.
One choice that businesses need to make is whether to go with managed or unmanaged switches. While unmanaged switches are cheaper, most businesses, especially ones with large enterprise networks, should prefer a managed switch. We’re going to explain why.

More Comprehensive Customization Options

Managed switches offer administrators more control over network security, giving them full insight into the workings of the company network.
For instance, network admins can program each port individually, which can optimize the network and help deal with device failures. Unused ports can be turned off as well, saving power and making the network more efficient.
While their “plug and play” installation makes them easier to deploy, unmanaged switches offer far fewer options in comparison.

Better Security | CCNP Equipment – Managed Network Switches

With stories of corporate data breaches occurring every year putting customers and employees at risk, companies are always finding ways to strengthen their networks’ security.
Managed switches let admins control how connected devices communicate with each other across networks. They also limit connections between ports and sometimes require an authentication process before allowing access.

Higher Flexibility | CCNP Equipment – Managed Network Switches

Managed switches are also more flexible than their unmanaged counterparts. Help your business adapt to changing market circumstances by ordering managed switches from your CCNP equipment provider.
For example, some of the features managed switches can support include:
• Prioritized network traffic
• IP routing
• Redundancy.
Unmanaged switches, on the other hand, run on a fixed configuration out of the box.

Use Cases for Managed Network Switches

Managed ports are great for a wide variety of devices. Security cameras and motion sensors for building security is one major use case.
Another is for wireless Internet access points. Businesses needing connectivity everywhere on the premises will look to managed switches for their CCNP equipment. Because power is carried through a PoE switch, the installation will be simpler and cleaner since no power cable is necessary.
Finally, thin clients, or computer terminals that don’t have internal operating systems, will benefit from being connected to a managed switch. Thin clients operate through an external server and thus save massive amounts of energy compared to a full-sized client. They are also more secure, as their access is limited by the server administrator.

CCNP Equipment – Managed Network Switches | Network IT | Toronto & the GTA

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• Among the many decisions IT equipment professionals need to make, the choice of managed or unmanaged network switches should be an easy pick. Managed switches are more useful in most large-scale enterprise networks for a variety of reasons.
• Managed switches, compared to unmanaged ones, offer more customization options, are more secure, have higher flexibility, support more features, and can be used in a wide variety of use cases.
• Serving businesses throughout Toronto and the GTA, Network IT is ready to get you the perfect deal on refurbished CCNP equipment, including managed network switches. Get a generous warranty and technical support with Network IT.

Before You Buy Those Used Cisco IP & Wireless Phones: Understanding VoIP Phones

The humble landline phone seems to be on its way out the door. Not only are residential users ditching home phones for cellular telephones, but even businesses are looking towards online telephones, known as VoIP phones.
There are plenty of justifications into why a used Cisco IP & wireless phone would do a better job than a landline. But first, let’s go through a basic walkthrough of IP phones in general.

What Are IP Phones?

Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, is a relatively new technology that lets you make phone calls over the Internet. IP phones are the physical devices that let you make these online calls. You can usually find IP phones on cubicle desks of many office spaces.
While they look and work similarly to traditional landline phones, IP phones transmit their data differently. Calls are sent through digital signals, whereas landlines are limited to the cables.
IP phones allow companies to make calls without paying the fees by the telephone company. That’s one of many reasons IT departments should consider following through on that used Cisco IP & wireless phone transaction.

Are There Different Types? Of IP Phone Systems

Most IP phone systems work the same way, whether they’re manufactured by Cisco or Polycom. Differences in branding don’t matter as much to your purchasing decision as price range, needed features, and use case.
However, VoIP phones themselves can differ greatly. Some prefer traditional-looking desk phones for their VoIP needs, while others look to more sleek and flashy smartphones. In some ways, the Skype desktop program can be considered a soft IP phone.
Nonetheless, all IP phones run using the Internet, either through an Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi. Some models even offer Bluetooth connectivity as an added convenience.

Why Is Everyone Switching to IP Phone Systems?

IP phones hold major advantages over traditional landlines for many reasons.
• As mentioned, they look and feel almost identical to older phones. Employees thus instantly know how to use them from experience, removing the need for training.
• IP phones are cheaper and more convenient to deploy than landlines due to fewer infrastructure investments, lower fees, and usage of the already existing Internet connection in the office.
• You can make calls with multiple people at once without having to pay extra.
• You can use IP phones anywhere you have an Internet connection. In today’s busy corporate market, being held down to your desk isn’t always an option for everyone.
• IP phones don’t require on-site service. Instead, updates are pushed directly through the Internet.

Network IT | Used Cisco IP & Wireless Phones | Toronto & the GTA

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• Companies looking to upgrade and streamline internal communication should look to switching from traditional landlines to IP telephones.
• IP phones are not only becoming more popular, but they are also cheaper, more convenient, and more versatile.
• If you want a good deal on a used Cisco IP & wireless phone, call up Network IT for all your network infrastructure needs.

More Reasons to Pick Up That Used Cisco Gigabit Switch | Why Gigabit Ethernet is Vital to Your Business

Gigabit Internet refers to a connection speed of 1000 megabits per second (Mbps) for both download and upload speeds, making it 100 times faster than most residential services. Gigabit utilizes fiber optic lines to transfer that volume of data.
We all want a faster Internet speed. But why should small business owners spend the resources to upgrade to a Gigabit connection? With all the communication companies do, you’ll find that picking up a used Cisco gigabit switch will be a vital step in keeping up with the competition. Here are some of the ways a Gigabit connection will help your business.

Enabling Better Video Conferencing | Used Cisco Gigabit Switches

Studies have shown that businesses can save tens of thousands of dollars every year on traveling costs by deploying video conferencing for business meetings. Gigabit connections can not only enable better quality video streaming but also reduce the incidence of cut-offs and dropped calls.
And thanks to the high adoption rate of IP Telephony in business, having a faster connection results in better customer satisfaction and a good reputation for your organization.

Digital Sales Opportunities | Used Cisco Gigabit Switches

A faster connection opens the door to selling online. Most companies commonly deliver products and services, such as online consulting, digitally now.
Make sure your organization gets its share by selling software online or even offering subscription-based services to your consumer base. Even an affordable used Cisco gigabit switch will greatly improve your ability to start selling.

Less Employee Downtime | Used Cisco Gigabit Switches

A slow connection negatively impacts your employees directly, and it’s more than just waiting an extra second for email to load in. With a Gigabit connection, employees can enjoy:
• Faster file streaming
• Support for more devices at once
• Faster download and upload speed
• Lower buffering times
Many workers have become accustomed to waiting for these processes to finish, resulting in significant downtime and an inefficient use of company resources. While a few seconds might not seem like much, every minute adds up.
Plus, as the competition upgrades their own Internet and adopts file sharing and online workloads more frequently, the cost of staying behind rises every year.
Get a used Cisco gigabit switch today and open the door for new digital services and opportunities for online business communication.

Forming a Better Work Environment

Not only is dealing with slow Internet frustrating, but it can also outright alienate newer recruits. Surveys have shown that younger members of the workforce are finding fast Internet a staple of a satisfying job environment.
Employees now have more agency in choosing where they work nowadays. Prove to them your organization has a productive working environment with a Gigabit connection upgrade.

Network IT | Used Cisco Gigabit Switches | Toronto & the GTA

The cost to upgrade to Gigabit is absolutely worth the money. If you’re looking for a discount, consider buying a used Cisco gigabit switch and other equipment from Network IT. We offer generous warranties on all used and refurbished networking equipment we sell to business across Toronto.
• Upgrading to a Gigabit Internet connection should be a high priority for businesses.
• Faster Internet results in more responsive workflows, less employee downtime, and support for new technologies like video conferencing.
• Looking for a deal on a used Cisco gigabit switch? Network IT is ready to improve your business’s networking infrastructure.

Second-hand Savings: The Pros and Cons of Buying Used IBM Parts

IT professionals oftentimes must work with reduced budgets, especially for smaller or newer businesses. However, that doesn’t mean they have to sacrifice quality or performance in their server hardware.

Many turn to buying HP used servers or buying IBM used parts. There are plenty of advantages to buying used but also some risks. We’ll list the pros and cons here to help you make an informed business decision.

Pros to Buying Used

• Reduced Cost: Obviously, buying used means you aren’t paying full price for a brand-new product. The savings can be significant too, sometimes up to 80% off for business-grade equipment. Newer or smaller companies benefit greatly from used and refurbished markets.
• Longevity: Unlike their consumer-grade counterparts, computer and server parts intended for business and enterprise are engineered to last longer. Thus, even used components should last a decent amount of time.
• Low-risk Shopping: If you’re buying from a reputable reseller, the components you buy should come with warranties. HP itself has a list of authorized resellers on its main site, and buying HP used parts from one of them guarantees you’ll receive an updated and supported product.
• Consistent Performance: Computer components, from graphics processors to CPUs, generally don’t degrade in performance over time, even with use. Buying used, as a result, should not compromise on your business’s operations. Storage drives are an exception, as they can degrade over time and generally aren’t recommended for the used market.
• Environmentalism: Buying used means the component isn’t thrown in the waste and can continue to be used.
• Support: High-profile brands will also provide technical support and maintenance parts for several years even if they’re used. Buying IBM used parts is common for this reason.

Cons to Buying Used

• Risk: Unauthorized resellers, such as casual sellers on eBay or Amazon aren’t always trustworthy. The parts they sell might not be in fully working condition, and damage for some parts can’t be seen with the naked eye. Always check on the marketplace’s return policies.
• Obsolescence: Buying an IBM used part implies the item isn’t from the current generation, meaning it might lack newer features or performance offered by newer products.
• Longevity: While business equipment tends to last, buying used still means they won’t last as long compared to newer equipment. This is especially the case for storage drives as mentioned. Hard drives can suffer mechanical wear-and-tear damage over time, while SSDs naturally degrade as data is written to them.
• Support: Warranties and technical support aren’t always guaranteed, particularly from unauthorized resellers.
• Compatibility: CPUs and motherboards generally go together, as a CPU from one generation might not work with a motherboard from another. Availability of compatible parts in the used market is purely up to what people are willing to sell, so finding something that fits isn’t guaranteed.

Network IT – Toronto, GTA

As mentioned, buying from a reputable seller is a great way to reduce risk when it comes to buying used IBM parts or otherwise. IT professionals looking to save some of their budgets without compromising on component quality should look to Network IT for used or refurbished parts.
Network IT has been serving businesses across Toronto and the GTA for over 2 decades. We sell competitively-priced server and networking components with one-year warranties and excellent customer support.
• IT workers, when working with reduced budgets, may turn to the used/refurbished market for computer components.
• Buying used lets you save a ton of money while still receiving support and warranties, assuming you buy from an authorized reseller. However, the parts might not last as long and buying usually comes with risks.
• Network IT is your company’s ideal source of used networking equipment. We offer one-year warranties on every networking component we sell.

Juniper Routers: 8 Major Trends in Enterprise Networking

Computer networking is the catalyst for a large portion of modern business growth. A great deal of investment is spent nowadays to ensure solid network performance, speed, and responsiveness.
Enterprise networking has also been changing considerably over the years. As of 2018, many recent trends have popped up. Here are some high-profile changes that are coming to the networking industry.

Doing Work in the Cloud

Expect most organizations to get some extra mileage out of those Juniper routers and Cisco switches this year. Cloud storage and cloud computing, in which data is being stored or work is being done over the Internet on off-site servers, is on the rise.
For consumers, this trend means more people buying digital licenses and downloading or streaming the content they consume, whether it be movies, music, or games. For businesses, IT departments are expected to be connected 24/7 for instant technical support and issue diagnostics.

Increased Spending

Over half of IT professionals surveyed by Interop ITX researchers state that they expect their companies to spend more on networking this coming year. Spending may include technical support for currently existing hardware, additional networking equipment like Juniper routers or Dell servers, and enhanced security measures.
Many IT workers thus find that reducing cost is a great challenge in business networking, more so than ensuring network efficiency in many cases.

A Larger Focus on Security

A leading cause of that increased spending is network security. Corporate data breaches are occurring with increasing frequency and put both the organization and its customers at risk whenever sensitive data like credit card information or personal details are stolen.
Businesses, in response, are starting to step up cybersecurity beyond traditional methods like firewalls and access permissions. The increased complexity of cybercriminal attacks has raised the price of doing so even more.

Balancing Security with Privacy

On the flipside, there is an ongoing tug-of-war between user privacy and organizational security. It’s common for users to encrypt online traffic to ensure privacy, but many companies also choose to inspect user data by decrypting traffic.
It’s up to the organization to decide whether scanning for malicious activity is more important than the trust and privacy of its clients.

The Push for More Bandwidth

As a company expands, its operating needs rise. The increased corporate spending for networking coincides directly with a demand for more bandwidth.
According to Cisco reports, IP networks in the US will be carrying 2.6 exabytes a day by 2021. The pressure and cost to increase networking bandwidth will be a major trend and challenge over the next coming years.

Utilizing Automation

Manually performing network-related tasks is rather slow. It takes several days or weeks for IT professionals to complete a major task.
Nowadays, the rise of automation greatly increases the speed and responsiveness of corporate networks but also reduces adaptability. Businesses choosing to aggressively pursue automation may find themselves unable to deal with special or more complicated cases.

Proprietary Networking Equipment

Most IT departments say they do not have much interest in switching to an open-source networking system. Open-sourcing can offer several benefits:
• Lower cost
• Reduced chance of lock-in with a provider
• Better customization and configuration options
However, non-proprietary equipment is nonetheless having trouble gaining traction in the enterprise market.

Wireless Investments

The top wireless products businesses will be investing in these days include:
• Access points
• Wireless Security
• Mobile Devices
• Switches

Network IT – Toronto, GTA

Speaking of networking, if your business needs new equipment from Dell servers to Juniper routers to Cisco switches, Network IT is ready to serve you in Toronto and the GTA.
We’ve been offering competitively-priced used and refurbished networking hardware from the industry’s greatest brands to enterprise customers across the world. Our over 2 decades of experience enables us to provide full-year warranties and exceptional customer support for your organization.

Join our list of satisfied customers today!
• Corporate and enterprise networking is a large and quickly changing aspect of modern business.
• Major trends in networking include increased spending, a focus on security and privacy, and a push for more bandwidth.
• Need some Juniper routers so your business can keep up? Contact Network IT for affordable business networking equipment.

3 Things You Should Know About Cisco SMARTnet

Corporate networking is a complex yet vital job every business deals with. But with tons of equipment and software to keep track of, most IT departments can have trouble keeping everything running at peak efficiency, resulting in costly downtime for the company.
Luckily, Cisco, one of the most trusted providers of networking and telecommunications equipment, offers the Cisco SMARTnet service. Through technical support provided by Cisco themselves to comprehensive hardware coverage and warranties, SMARTnet is designed to streamline your corporate workflow and reduce downtime.
Cisco has been offering the service to companies across the world. Interested? Here are 3 things you should know about Cisco SMARTnet.

Cisco SMARTnet Features Instant Tech Support

One of SMARTnet’s premier features is full technical support from experts provided directly by the Cisco Technical Assistance Center. Working alongside your own business’s local IT department, Cisco technicians are CCIE-certified, have an average of over 5 years of experience in the tech support industry, and can help diagnose and fix issues more quickly. Full access is available globally 24/7 every day of the year.
Cisco technicians are also useful in remote locations where technical support is difficult or expensive to deploy otherwise. Plus, Cisco support can order and install new replacement hardware in as little as a few hours, minimizing downtime for you.

SMARTnet Provides Valuable Information

To solve network issues quickly, Cisco SMARTnet offers you the chance to do it yourself through an online library of self-help tutorials, downloads, tools, and operating system updates. In fact, almost 3 million software downloads are made in a month on Cisco’s main website, and 80% of technical support issues are solved directly through the site.
SMARTnet also provides real-time information on service coverage and hardware longevity, as well as alerting you of networking issues instantly. Having full insight into the company’s networking goes a long way to ensuring efficient operation.

SMARTnet Produces Results

Cisco SMARTnet encompasses a wide variety of services and resources, but what management wants to know is whether it does the job. The statistics show that it certainly does.
According to Forrester’s 2017 Total Economic Impact Study, Cisco SMARTnet, when deployed, resulted in an average:
• 75% reduced length in networking outages
• $1.6 million saved from reduced downtime
• 65% lower risk of security breaches
• $150K reduced operating cost
Not only that, but Cisco has won the J.D. Power and Associates “Outstanding Customer Service Experience” award 11 times because of SMARTnet’s performance. Its global adoption is another testament to its reliability.

Network IT – Toronto, GTA

To get the full benefit of Cisco SMARTnet services, you need some competitively-priced Cisco equipment from Network IT. With over 20 years of experience, Network IT serves businesses throughout Toronto and the GTA with new, used, and refurbished hardware from brands like IBM, HP, Dell, Juniper, and of course Cisco.
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• Business networking is an important aspect of every business, but it also opens the possibility of expensive downtime and costly repairs. Some managers depend more on internal IT departments to do the job.
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