The Top Two Reasons Why You Need IP Telephony and VoIP

IP Telephone and VoIP service is a hidden benefit that many small business owners and operators do not know about. However, switching to a packet-distributed phone service like IP and VoIP can help their business by reducing expenses and increase revenues.

While the end function of IP telephony and VoIP is the same as using a regular circuit-switched phone service plan (your call is connected), the process is different. You can save money, as well as secure your phone calls over your business network’s internet connection, by switching today.

First, you need to understand how these phone service plans differ on a fundamental level.

Why is IP Telephony and VoIP Different?

Generally, your telephone and cell phone calls are routed through the public switched telephone network. Calls are sent via circuit-switching in order to route calls from a caller to a recipient. While the earliest circuit-switching was done by switchboard operators, now everything is digital.

IP Telephony and VoIP are also digital, but different, since calls are routed via your Internet connection, rather than through digital connections. No physical connection, like a telephone pole or a cell tower, is required for the call to connect. Instead, your call is digitized and broken into packets, which is sent on your wireless connection to another phone, also connected to wifi.

This difference in call connection provides many benefits to companies using IP or VoIP phones. Here are the top two advantages that you can benefit from by switching to a packet-switched telephone network today.

Network IT | IP Phone | More Affordable Phone Service

Phone plans, especially for professional businesses can range from the tens of dollars per month, to hundreds. This depends on your network service provider, your plan, and your phone use. These costs, like all other costs, will add up over time, increasing your monthly expenses as a result.

IP phone service is much more affordable than any phone plan. This is because you can route your calls through your Internet. Your calls will be able to connect faster and will be clearer, as long as your Internet connection is on.

Since you are already paying for Internet, you should consider saving money and using an IP phone in order to reduce your expenses. By virtue of reducing your monthly business expenses, you are increasing your profits.

More Secure Phone Service

By virtue of having a business network that is connected to the Internet, you should have at least one firewall connecting your network. Although more firewalls are better, even if you do not have one firewall, your router will have one built-in to its hardware. This means that there is at least one layer of security protecting the information that you are sending over your network.

With this security already in place, it makes sense to route your calls over wifi instead of through a traditional phone plan. Having the ability to secure your phone calls is very important in business.

You need to ensure that no one is listening in, that you can maintain a clear connection when talking to customers and clients, and that you can ensure that your call will be able to connect.

Cisco Network Consulting and Support Services provide many advantages to your business. Whether you need routing and switching LAN/WAN, wireless, network security, IP telephony and VoIP, or more, Network IT can help. Visit us online at our website to learn more about how IP phone service can help your business succeed. Network IT has been providing new, used and refurbished IP Telephony and VoIP equipment as well as Cisco Network Consulting services for over 15 years to clients throughout Toronto, Ontario, Canada and Globally.

Trust Experience, Not Every Phone Upgrade is Worth It

Many small business owners just starting out either use their personal phones to conduct business, or they purchase a smartphone to use as an all-in-one device to remain productive throughout the day.

However, if you were to purchase used Cisco & IP wireless phones instead, you would not only reduce workplace inefficiency, but you would increase workplace productivity as well. While smartphones offer more functions like direct access to the Internet and email, which many small business owners can use to their advantage, such phones also offer more distractions. The amount of games and apps available at your fingertips can be overwhelming and you may find yourself taking too many breaks to play the newest version of Angry Birds as a result every few hours!

Instead, consider “downgrading” from your smartphone to a used Cisco CP-7962G phone instead, at least when at work. With a balancing and efficient compromise between phone features and increased durability, this phone can make all the difference, whether you are concerned about closing sales, contacting clients, or tracking shipping orders, and more.

The Used Cisco CP-7962G: “Old School” Practices and New-Age Business

Purchasing a used Cisco CP-7962G is one of the best decisions any new business owner can make when acknowledging Cisco’s superiority at delivering durable and reliable products that last longer and perform better than their competition, like Juniper Networks or Sun Microsystems. While all the top companies in the IT industry are great, Cisco is the leader for their brand-name recognition and for the quality of goods and services they provide.

Everyone from part-time receptionist to owners and operators will love the used Cisco CP-7962G phone. With six backlit line and feature buttons, all of which are fully programmable, as well as all the regular call features and functions you expect in an office phone, the Cisco CP-7962G is well worth the price, even when used.

If security is an issue for you and your company, especially when you are trying to avoid telemarketers and cellular scammers, you can rest assured. The used Cisco CP-7962G shows each caller’s name and number clearly on a 4-bit grayscale LCD monitor for your visual convenience. Never miss the name and contact information of another client or lead again, with a proven office phone.

You can also use your phone hands-free, a design feature specifically intended for the busy professional. Multitask and complete more during the day with a Cisco phone. In addition, with language support available for over thirty languages, you can help your foreign tourist clientele, as well as any clients who immigrated to the country recently.

Consider Downgrading to Better Technology

We as people often think that newer technology is automatically better. However, with regards to telecommunications equipment, we now know that popular phrase is not always accurate, depending on the situation. As a business owner, you need to use the best technology for your job. Sometimes, the best technology is that which has been around for a while, and has been tested by years of experience.

The newest smartphone off the shelf does not even compare in terms of productivity to the used Cisco CP-7962G, or other used Cisco IP & Wireless phones. Each phone has a purpose. Smartphones are best left to personal use, outside of the office. However, when you are in the office, use the best. Use Cisco technology. You cannot go wrong with the used Cisco CP-7962G.

Network IT has services clients in and around Toronto and the GTA. If you want to downgrade your phone and upgrade your business productivity, consider purchasing used Cisco & IP wireless phones like the used Cisco CP-7961G, the used Cisco CP-7942G, or the used Cisco CP-7962G. Visit our website to learn more.

Top Two Reasons to Upgrade to IP Telephony and VoIP

One of the best Cisco network consulting and support services a business can purchase, as an investment in generating future revenue, is IP Telephony and VoIP. If you are a young small business owner, it is more than likely you are at least familiar with IP Telephony and VoIP, if you do not use such systems yourself.

However, older business owners may still be using a legacy phone system or an out-dated system that is not helping your productivity. Here are the top two reasons why you should upgrade your telephone system to IP Telephony and VoIP, and the benefits they will have on your business.

You Already Have the Infrastructure

IP Telephony and VoIP services require an Internet connection to run. Since the Internet is everywhere nowadays, and you may even have it in your business, all you need to do is choose an IP Telephony and VoIP plan and retailer. Using your Internet connection to its fullest capabilities is great for businesses that operate in cities and towns, as your connection will remain consistently strong, especially in commercial districts.

The strength and value of using an Internet connection for IP Telephony and VoIP can also have positive effects on your business, leading to an increase in sales. While older phone systems had issues in network integration and long-distance connection, integrating your phone system with a wireless network will result in a stronger and improved phone connection with customers.

A dropped call may be the difference between a successful sale and a failed one. Since you already have the infrastructure, the switch to an improved system is only a call away.

The Countless Extra Features in IP Telephony and VoIP

There are many extra services included in IP Telephony and VoIP that you simply cannot find in a legacy phone system. Your phone system can perform many functions, even those that are not typically available on a phone system, like voicemail to email transcription, which can help you file important information faster and more easily. You can now check your voicemails on your emails while waiting in line at the store or while at home.

Another great service included in IP Telephony and VoIP services is the ability to integrate your phone system with your security system. If you carry expensive products or have lots of cash in-store by the end of your daily operating hours, merging these two systems adds another layer of security, without any downsides.

All you have to do is add an analog door phone in your IP Telephony and VoIP system, which will allow you to screen visitors. If you have banned certain individuals from your store, like known local thieves for instance, being able to control the people that can enter your store is of paramount importance.

You can also add a list of telephone numbers your IP Telephony and VoIP system will attempt to contact before going to voicemail. This is a great feature if you are out of the office and need to remain in contact with customers or suppliers. You never have to worry about missing an urgent call while in your car, at a business meeting, or even at home.

If you cannot be reached at any of the numbers you programmed into your phone system, the call will be sent to voicemail. If you activate voicemail to email transcription, you can still receive important messages on your smartphone with an email app and a WIFI or data connection. You will never have to worry about missing important information left on your voicemail again!

If you would like more information on Cisco network consulting and support services, especially IP Telephony and VoIP, please contact us at our website. Network IT has helped small businesses across Toronto and the GTA install IP Telephony and VoIP and save money.

The Top Four Business Advantages of Owning a Used Cisco IP Wireless Phone

Cellular phones are not enough anymore for the serious businessman. With the increasing functionality of IP wireless phones, as well as the closing gap in price between mobile phones that use wireless connectivity versus those that still use cellular networks, it makes sense for business owners and operators to purchase used Cisco IP wireless phones, because the best deserve the best. Here are four reasons why.

Used Cisco IP Wireless Phones Work on Wifi

Many mobile phone users, especially business owners, need to keep up with the latest functions and accessory gadgets on their device. Constant upgrading is no longer uncommon as phone companies offer more, innovative services every year. However, one advantage used Cisco IP wireless phones have that cellular phones currently lack is the ability to make calls over WIFI.

Having a wireless phone, even a used one, means you can conduct business anywhere you have WIFI, regardless of the weaker and more disparate cellular networks.

Using a Secure WIFI Network Makes Your Conversations More Secure

Besides the greater range of signal when using WIFI versus cellular networks, using an IP wireless phone allows you to have secure conversations with business partners and clients. Now you, as a business owner, may not believe you need a secure network to talk business.

However, let’s suppose you own and operate a stationary store and your business is a stable fixture in the neighborhood. If a competitor were to learn about a secret holiday promotion you were planning and then introduced it before you, this would hurt your sales.

However, making promotional plans over a secure WIFI network will ensure your sensitive business information will not get in the wrong hands. When in doubt, more secure conversations regarding your business is advised, and used Cisco IP wireless phones are great for this purpose.

Don’t Worry about Using up Your Data

Even when business owners use IP wireless phones they may worry about reaching their monthly data limit prematurely. If this occurs on a business trip, they may find themselves unable to call clients or employees for several hours to several days, depending on their business.

In addition, with so many apps in the App Store and Google Play for download, phones are being used as replacements for tablets and laptops. This is another way business owners, busy as they are, use up their data. However, there is a solution.

By switching to public WIFI networks whenever you have the chance, you can save your data for when you truly need it. Whether you’re checking Bloomberg Finance while in line at Starbucks, doing some preliminary research using the airline’s free WIFI, or watching your competitor’s keynote address, rest assured knowing you’ll be able to access the Internet all day long. This is one of the main reasons satisfied clients buy used Cisco IP wireless phones.

IP Wireless Phones Are Tougher Now

Even with a used Cisco IP wireless phone, functionality is greater than with cheaper cellular phones. Cellular networks are notorious for dropping calls and offering weak connection quality because they are intended for individual consumers and not business owners.

IP wireless phones, needing to meet the greater demands of an increasingly more-mobile workforce, are adding features with every new model on the market, like shock resistant rubber casings, scratchproof screens, and the ability to continue working in hazardous environments like natural and manmade disaster or extreme weather areas.

With the price gap closing little by little every day, the great savings you can take advantage of by buying a used IP wireless phone are waiting for you. With an increasingly-specialized list of features that normal cellular phones do not possess, it makes sense for business owners to purchase a used Cisco IP wireless phone as an investment in their business, and an investment in their future.

Network IT is a Markham-based reseller of Cisco hardware, specializing in new and used networking equipment. We serve the Toronto, GTA, and the province of Ontario. If you would like to learn more about used Cisco IP wireless phones, or more information in general, please visit us in-store at 210 Don Park Road #1, Markham, Ontario L3R 2V2. You can also shop or get a quote online at our website, or call us at 1 (866) 429 5055.

What to Look for When Shopping for Wireless Phones for Your Business

As modern communication costs continue to skyrocket, more and more businesses are turning to wireless phones and VoIP technology. Buying new wireless phones can be expensive and often doesn’t provide a significant value increase when compared to used wireless phones. Network IT works hard to help businesses save money. We sell used Cisco IP wireless phones like the Cisco CP-7961G, the Cisco CP-7942G, and the Cisco CP-7972G.

Why Choose Wireless Phones

The technology for wireless phones has existed for a long time, but it took businesses a while to trust the technology and to buy into it. In reality, the only costs associated with employing IP phones is your Internet bill and the equipment itself. When looking for ways to save money, buying used Cisco IP wireless phones is a great way to save your business money. Cutting your phone bill out of the equation and purchasing used equipment will help you stretch your budget further.

IP technology is the way of the future due to the high level of integration that it offers. Businesses are able to tie their networks directly into their phone lines, providing them complete control over the way that their phone line behaves and allowing them to customize the user experience for their customers.

There are many wireless phones that are capable of servicing your business in a professional way. We recommend that businesses start with used equipment like a used Cisco CP-7961G, used Cisco CP-7942G, or used Cisco CP-7972G. All of these phones possess all the necessary features to keep your business running and are capable of advanced processes. For further information on these models, we recommend that you check out Cisco’s website.

Pitfalls of IP Phones

With any technology, there are weaknesses. This is a fact of life and even wireless phones suffer from specific weaknesses. Some of these weaknesses include:

• VoIP technology must be installed. The installation process can be lengthy and will require an expert who is familiar with the technology and capable of designing a network that suits the needs of your business.

• Wireless phones rely on AC power and will not function if your network is tripped up due to a power surge or outage.

• If your Internet goes down, your wireless phones will go down with it. IP technology is directly tied to the functionality of your Internet connection.

• Security is always a major issue when using wireless phones. Businesses are encouraged to take utilize high quality security in order to protect their important data and to minimize the chance that they will suffer a catastrophic security breach.

• Certain VoIP plans have operational costs tied into them. Businesses will have to pay monthly fees or train a member of their staff to oversee the network.

• Some VoIP plans do not offer 911 services and will charge additional fees to businesses that dial these numbers.

• Wireless phones can be complicated and difficult to use if you are inexperienced with the technology and have trouble learning advanced networking technologies.

Regardless of these weaknesses, wireless phones are the way of the future and something that all businesses should consider using. The days of the tethered phone line are over and modern businesses have the opportunity to take control of their own phone networks and to design them in such a way that is helpful to their business.

Network IT supplies various used Cisco IP wireless phones to businesses in Toronto, the GTA, Ontario, and all of Canada. If you are looking for new IP phones, we recommend a used Cisco CP-7961G, used Cisco CP-7942G, or used Cisco CP-7972G. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us through our website today.

Increase Your Competitive Advantage With Used Cisco IP Wireless Phones

It doesn’t matter what size a business is. All businesses require reliable phone networks. Here at Network IT, we believe in used Cisco IP wireless phones and their ability to provide your business with a phone network that is always online and easy to troubleshoot. When shopping for wireless phones, we recommend phones like the used Cisco CP-7961G, used Cisco CP-7942G, and the used Cisco CP-7972G. These three phones are extremely reliable and will increase the competitive advantage of your business.

By using used Cisco IP wireless phones, you will create a phone network that is capable of paging, intercom, voicemail, automated messages, and strong presence technology. In addition, used Cisco IP wireless phones can be linked to popular applications like Microsoft CRM, Microsoft Office, Meeting Place Express, WebEx, and video applications.

Wireless phones are flexible and incredibly easy to use. Used Cisco IP wireless phones provide you with an IP-based phone system that consolidates your network and saves your business money. Wireless phones that use IP technology come with all the features of classic phones without any of the hidden costs. By using this type of technology, you provide your employees with the necessary communication channels to drive and maintain business, thereby increasing your overall return on investment.

Network IT provides businesses in Toronto, the GTA, and all of Ontario with used Cisco IP wireless phones. If you have any questions about wireless phones like the used Cisco CP-7961G, the used Cisco CP-7942G, or the used Cisco CP-7972G, please feel free to contact us today. We would be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have. Upgrade to IP technology today and increase the competitive advantage of your company.

Cutting the Cord: Using IP Telephony and VOIP for Your Business

Are you looking to work out the kinks in your network? Has your business been tethered to a traditional phone line for too long? With the help of Cisco network consulting and support services, cut the cord, and create your own IP telephony and VOIP network. Network IT offers Cisco network consulting and support services in an effort to allow for routing and switching LAN/WAN wireless, the bolstering of our clients network security, and to facilitate the development of integrated IP telephony and VOIP networks.

By creating your own personal IP telephony and VOIP network, you will greatly increase your company’s network security. These networks are stored server-side, granting you complete access to tweak internal settings, establish proper security protocols, and develop in-house applications of the network. This includes personal voicemails, password protection, company greetings, advanced routing, and much more.

With the help of Cisco network consulting and support services, your company will have an efficient network that directly caters to your needs. Never sacrifice network security by using antiquated phone lines with common telecommunications companies. No one cares about your security like you do and you need to make sure that your data and calls are properly protected. Make the switch to IP telephony and VOIP today.

If you are in need of Cisco network consulting and support services, routing and switching LAN/WAN wireless, advanced network security services, or you want to change to IP telephony and VOIP, Network IT is here to help you. We offer our products and services to clients in Toronto, throughout the GTA, and all of Ontario. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us today. We would be more than happy to answer any questions that you may have.

Exploring the Advantages of Wireless IP Phones & How They Operate

We’ve all heard the saying: people survived for centuries without telephones. Why do we need one now? Times have changed and it’s now required for people to have a telephone when they are on the run, when they are at work, and when they are at home as well. The advantages of having a quality phone are amazing and it enables carriers to keep in instant contact with people they need to talk to right away. The invention of wireless IP phones has made communication even more convenient and affordable for the discerning business person and that is the topic of our discussion in this featured blog.

A very common question we get asked by friends and family is about setting up Voice-over-Internet Protocol (VoIP) and what kind of phone is needed. Many people believe that they will have to purchase a new IP phone and hook it up to pricey and difficult to set up systems before they can start using it. Rest assured that this belief is false.
Today’s active employees and employers are becoming more and more mobile. This is a trend that is expected to continue as technologies enable the ability to perform work outside of the workplace. Today’s IP wireless phones (at least with Cisco wireless models) provide much more than “tip and ring” functionality and are powerful tools for streamlining operations, improving productivity and encouraging information sharing.


Once it is set up, a wireless IP phone is as easy to use any other phone you use at home and around the office. The two biggest advantages are cost and versatility. Because a VOIP phone routes calls across the Internet, there is little difference between a local and a long distance call. How much you pay is determined by the service provider. Some service providers charge a flat monthly fee for unlimited calling, while others bill on a per-minute basis. Being wireless, your phone can be used anywhere you have access to a Wi-Fi signal, void of any cords and wires.

How Wireless IP Phone Works

A wireless IP phone is dependent on Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) to send and receive voice data in much the same way that a computer or mobile device does. Your voice is converted into digital data, sent from the phone to a Wi-Fi router and then sent over the Internet to a server that directs the data to the other phone. The same process in reverse sends the other person’s voice to your phone. VOIP phones can be used to call or receive calls from other VoIP phones, cell phones and/or landlines.

About Network IT:

Since 2001, Network IT has been buying and selling new, refurbished and Used Cisco Wireless IP Phones. Our goal is to be a trusted global supplier of new and used networking equipment and servers by assisting our clients in lowering their total cost of ownership; by delivering reliable quality products on time, and being a trusted and knowledgeable advisor. All our used and refurbished Cisco networking equipment and servers are well tested and come with a full one year warranty.

Cisco IP Wireless Phone Features

Cisco wireless IP phone features are generally controlled via a technology called “softkeys.” Softkeys are programmable feature buttons that appear when the phone is in a different call state. An idle phone is said to be under the “On Hook” state since the handset is on the cradle “on the phone hook,” holding down the phone hook. When the handset is lifted, the phone is in “Off Hook”. “On Hook” has many available softkey features, but only three are enabled by default in many Cisco wireless IP phones.

The default softkeys include “Redial,” “CfwdAll,” and “NewCall.” Pressing “Redial” dials the last phone call attempted. When this softkey is pressed, the speaker phone become active and the last placed will be attempted. The “CfwdAll” festure allows one to punch in a call forwarding destination for all incoming calls. The Cisco IP Phone will not ring while “CfwdAll” is active. The “NewCall” feature will take the phone “Off Hook” with the speakerphone active.

There are many On Hook phone features that are not enabled by default. We will begin to talk about these phone features now. The first on this list is the “CallBack” softkey. This is a feature allowing the calling party to monitor the called party’s line status. After an unsuccessful call due to a “call forward busy” (CFB), the calling user presses “CallBack”. When there is a status transition (onhook/offhook), the calling party’s phone rings with the information present on screen. When the calling party picks up the phone, the recipients’ phone begins ringing. The next available softkey is “Conference List” (ConfList). This softkey can inspect conference participants by their Caller ID.

The conference members will be listed in the order in which they joined the conference. The next Softkey in “On Hook” is the “Direct Transfer” (DirTrfr) softkey. This softkey transfers two active calls. For example, let’s say you were speaking on the phone. You then put the active call on hold and made a brand new phone call by clicking your “second directory number” button, or the “NewCall” softkey. While talking, it was decided that the two parties on different lines should be in on the same call. Instead of dropping the second call and transferring the first one, you could click “DirTrfr”, highlight the first call and then click “DirTrfr” a second time. The second call would then transfer to the party on hold.

About Network I.T. and Cisco IP Wireless Phones

In addition to Network IT (Netnit) buying used Cisco IP phones, it also offers the following used Cisco wireless IP phones for your business:

a.            Used Cisco CP-7961G

b.            Used Cisco CP-7942G

c.             Used Cisco CP-7962G

Network IT is located in Toronto, Ontario and ships throughout Canada and the US. Contact Network IT  today to get a free quote on Used Cisco IP and Wireless Phones today.

Advantages of Cisco Wireless IP Phones

Today’s employees utilize mobile technology more than ever. This is a trend that is expected to continue as the workspace is being more defined outside of the more traditional office environment.  Today’s Cisco Wireless IP phone provides much more than the “dial and ring” functionality.

If you’ve visited a local store recently, you may have observed retail employees using a Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phone to perform timecard functions.  Cisco phones are also now utilized for inventory management or supply chain functions in manufacturing or other retail settings.  In healthcare, a Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phone can provide doctors with alerts on patient status and specific medical instructions.

Lastly, there’s something to be said about voice quality and service availability. In a financial services environment where decisions are made in split seconds, can enterprises afford a best-effort, non-guaranteed service approach to voice?

The answer is obviously no. Your business needs to be “up and running” as soon as possible. It’s also understandable that your business like most cannot afford the “latest and greatest” in Cisco technology. It makes sense for these companies to use refurbished, or used, Cisco Wireless IP Phones from a vendor that you trust and can offer a warranty. This is where Network I.T. comes in.

About Network I.T. and Cisco IP Wireless Phones

In addition to Network IT (Netnit) buying used Cisco IP phones, it also offers the following used Cisco wireless IP phones for your business:

a.            Used Cisco CP-7961G

b.            Used Cisco CP-7942G

c.             Used Cisco CP-7962G

Network IT is located in Toronto, Ontario and ships throughout Canada and the US. Contact Network I.T.  today to get a free quote on Used Cisco IP and Wireless Phones today.