Buy Juniper Routers and Juniper Switches for Your Home Office

Many entrepreneurs and small businesses that operate out of their home tend to use limited networks and devices when carrying out their business. However, you should strive to use business resources and technologies as much as possible, since you are running a business. Just because you have a home-based office does not mean that you should cut corners with your business network by only using minimal amounts of equipment. In fact, your network in your home office should be just as good as any business network operating in a dedicated office space.

If you do not have any routers and switches installed, especially routers and switches, you should consider doing so. Routers and switches are necessary when thinking about expanding your network, even if you are the sole employee in your business.

Here are three reasons why you should add routers and switches to your home business network, and the advantages you will reap by doing so.

Increase Your Network Size

As your business network grows, you will need more and more connections from your main computer to peripheral devices like security cameras, printers, fax machines, office phones, and so much more. The exact equipment you use in your business network is not as important as the eventual number that you will need. Expanding a business network, especially expanding one efficiently and securely, is more difficult if you do not use routers or switches.

The larger your network, the more devices you will have, and you will need, to connect to each other. Even if you are starting out small, you should invest in routers and switches now so that you know you have the necessary devices in storage for when you need them.

Add Employees to Your Network

As your business grows and expands, you will most likely need to hire employees to scale up your business. No one person can keep an entire company afloat for very long. There is just too much to do. As such, you will need to add your employees’ devices to your business network, especially if they are working alongside you in your home office.

Routers and switches like Juniper routers and Juniper switches make it easy to add other individuals and groups to your network, and to add their devices to your peripheral network devices. With routers and switches, your employees can easily access your servers, your printers, and more. Any device connected to the network can be connected to with your administrative permissions.

Take Advantage of Intranet Capabilities

Juniper routers and switches can setup an isolated intranet for you and your employees to perform business related tasks on. Intranets are advantageous if you want a private and more secure network to connect and communicate with employees, clients, and even customers. You can do so by setting up guest accounts and user controls.

You can request data, share data, receive data, post data, and more, all in a timely fashion since you are all on the same closed network. This is a great way to ensure that everyone is updated on the daily happenings of your business, and your future plans for your business as well.

Setting up a home-based network is not difficult, but you must make it a business network, just like your competitors. You may not have to rent out dedicated office space but that does not mean you should use less resources than the competition. For the best in routers and switches, purchase Juniper routers and Juniper switches from Network IT in Toronto and the GTA. You can learn more information by visiting us in-store, or online at our website, today.

To Run Your Network as Efficiently as Possible You Need Juniper Routers and Switches

Every business owner and operator needs a computer network, even if they think they do not. Most entrepreneurs start off with a laptop, an internet connection, a phone, and maybe a printer/scanner in their living room.

However, as you earn more and more revenue, as well as start hiring employees, you will most likely move to a dedicated commercial office space with your staff.  You will then have to connect your computer and computer accessories to those of your employees, so you all can keep in touch throughout the workday and become more productive.

This is the formation of your computer network. It may have seemed simple at first, and it probably was, but your needs will become increasingly complex, as will your network by default.

Every business owner and operator should understand and utilize their business network as efficiently as possible. Speed counts for a lot, whether you have employees transferring files between each other, or you need to host a company blog that loads quickly. To this end, you need to consider using Juniper routers and switches. If you do not currently have routers and switches connected to your network, you should consider adding them.

Switches are paramount for any network because they manage network traffic. See, data is often too large to send over a network in one piece. Therefore, data is broken up into pieces called packets and sent along the network in parts. These parts are then re-assembled on the destination computer, reviving the data that you sent to your recipient. Unless your recipient is well-versed in networking and computer fundamentals, he or she will not be aware of this specific process.

Switches are a great addition to any network because they increase the capacity and speed that you can send data on your network. This means you can send larger files faster to your recipients. Speed means everything when you are constantly working under deadline, and even when you are not. Clients and customers enjoy receiving files faster and adding Juniper switches can boost your relationship with them, not to mention you are making your business network much more efficient in doing so.

Routers are also a useful addition to any network. Instead of connecting computers to each other like switches, routers connect networks of computers to networks of computers. This means that every time your business network connects to the network of customer 500 miles away, you are using a router to do so.

This is a fundamental difference. As such, you need routers and switches to increase your network’s capability and efficiency, both between computers within your network, and when connecting to computers outside your network. Using Juniper routers and Juniper switches can help you do this. Improve your network’s speed and efficiency today!

When building your network, either for the first time, or continuously as you progress your business, you need to be forward thinking and consider the future usage and needs of your network. As your business grows, the requirements of your network will as well. You need IT equipment that can do the job and routers and switches are no exception.

For the best in network efficiency and capability, choose Juniper routers and Juniper switches. Having a faster, more efficient, network will pay you back tenfold as you will be able to complete your work quicker and for much more satisfied clients and customers. The difference will be clear. For more information on how to make your network more efficient, or to fulfill your networking needs, visit Network IT, serving Toronto and the GTA, either online at their website, or in-store, today.

When to Purchase Juniper Routers for Your Business

There are many different network configurations that you can deploy to suit your business needs. However, while a network configuration may work, it may not be optimal. Here are the top four ways to know if Juniper routers are good for you. If you do not want a router, you can always purchase Juniper switches instead.

You Have Multiple Devices

We live in an era where a small business owner can perform almost every task sitting in a coffee shop with a laptop. However, while many business owners do this, many also do not. The needs of your business really depend on what business you are in.

If you need to support multiple devices on your business network, you should purchase a Juniper router. You can support multiple devices, and even other routers, on your network, allowing you expand your network as much as you would like.

Juniper Routers Leave You with Options

Sure, you may not need a router now, but you may foresee the need for one in the future. As a result, to ensure a seamless transition between not needing a router, and using one, you may want to install a Juniper router now. Choice is never a bad thing, but lack of choice can make your business less efficient, especially if you are unsure of whether you want choice in your business network or not.

It is better to provide yourself the possibility for expansion later on, instead of closing yourself off to the possibility of it. Purchasing a router is a way to ensure that you always have the option to expand, even if you ultimately decide not to.

Having options is also welcome to any business owner. Even if you do not use every option you have, they are great to have in case you want them. This is the power that routers bring to your business. You can unlock even more options with Juniper switches, in addition to your routers.

The Ability to Split Your Internet Traffic

Even if you only need a laptop to perform all your business-related tasks, you may still need to split your internet traffic in a way that it does not interrupt, or slow down, your network traffic. As you know, slow network traffic can make any task unbearable, especially if it lasts too long. Juniper switches can also help with this task, although a router is ideal.

With a router, you can separate your Internet use, ensuring that you can use multiple devices at the same time without interfering with other network connections. This way, if you are researching online, and downloading music, and uploading pictures, you can do this as quickly and seamlessly as possible. For an entrepreneur on the go, this is a great investment to purchase.

Share Files Quicker and Easier

File sharing is a fact of any business that uses online communication. You need to upload documents, download documents, share powerpoint presentations, and so much more. If you have employees who are required to be online on the same network that you are, this is even more of a priority, since you will all be sharing the same network.

With Juniper routers, you can do this so much easier. Since network use is uninterrupted on a router, you can connect many devices, and share between them, with limited to no interference with other devices.

If you are interested in routers and switches that make your business network more efficient, you should consider investing in Juniper routers and Juniper switches from Network IT in Toronto and the GTA. For more information regarding the benefits of routers and switches, please visit us in-store, or online at our website, today.

You Need Juniper Routers & Switches for Business Success

Running an online business is no small feat nowadays, especially if you have a lot of staff members who are required to work online. This could apply to staff working at a call center, staff working in the sales or marketing departments, or even staff working in product development and research.

Regardless of the industry your business is in, as well as how many employees you have, you need a business network that is run efficiency and well, in order to achieve business success.

Routers and switches each serve a slightly different goal in computer networks. Some people prefer purchasing and installing routers, while others prefer switches. You can use either of them, or both. The choice is yours. However, regardless of whether you use Juniper routers or Juniper switches, you should know the difference between them, as well as the difference in quality you will experience with Juniper.

Purchase some today and find out why Juniper is a leading hardware company within the IT field.

Why Should I Buy Juniper Routers?

Juniper routers are recognized as being some of the best on the market today. Not only are you purchasing and installing a quality router, but doing so is affordable and will not break the bank. You can probably guess the purpose of a router by its name.

Essentially, routers “route” traffic, made out of data packets, from one computer network to another. Here is an example of how this works. Every time you send a friend an email with a cat photo in it, that photo is split into parts called packets. Each packet of data will vary in size, but they will be sent along different data pathways and re-assembled on your friend’s computer, once he or she opens the image.

By itself, the photo is too large to send in a single data packet. However, with the help of a router, you can create a connection between your network and your friend’s, which allows you to send and receive as many cat photos as you would like.

Again, routers are like couriers. They pass along information to its destination. In order to make a connection, you need the best routers. Juniper routers are the best.

Why Should I Buy Juniper Switches?

Juniper switches are, like the routers, high-quality Juniper products. Switches are not as easy to guess as routers, but they are still very easy to understand. Switches are devices that help you create an LAN, or local area network, by joining multiple computing devices on a network.

Each network that uses a switch will have a designated lead computer, which will serve as a gateway for other computers on the network to access the Internet, for instance. This is where another difference between routers and switches exists. With a switch, a lead computer must have data traffic flow through it. With a router, no lead computer needs to exist. The router connects all devices equality, without the need for a lead device.

Like Juniper routers, Juniper switches are some of the best on the market. If you would rather use switches, you should consider purchasing and installing Juniper switches today! Juniper is a great company that can ensure your business network is run as efficiently as possible.

If you are interested in purchasing and installing Juniper routers and Juniper switches on your network, you should contact Network IT today. We can help you, as we have helped countless business owners and operators in and around Toronto and the GTA, to set up and maintain efficient computer networks. For more information, you should contact us at our website today.

Become More Productive with Juniper Routers and Switches

Every new small business owner or operator usually focuses on realizing his or her business idea before all else. However, without a foundation of stability and ensured success, it will be hard to make a name for yourself and succeed in a competitive market. Creating a foundation of technological success for office productivity is key to realizing that business idea. Like a house, a business needs a solid foundation or it will crumble.

Everything is mobile now. We have our mobile phones, our mobile tablets, and even mobile watches. With the world’s technology getting smaller and smaller, and our technological capacity becoming larger and larger, new business owners may believe that using such small devices is the future.

Now, sure, you can get all your business needs taken care of through the sole use of smartphones, wristwatches, special eyewear, and tablets, but you will not be as productive as when you use a computer system or network dedicated for work. If you are serious about your business efficiency and ability to reliable generate increasing amounts of revenue, you should invest in items like a tower desktop and monitor, a laptop, a wireless access point, and Juniper routers and Juniper switches.

Why Routers AND Switches?

Many people, especially ones without much technological knowledge, believe that routers and switches are the same things. However, routers and switches have different functions, although they often work in conjunction with one another.

Routers, are devices that are used by computers to connect to networks. They forward your information from your computer across a network by splitting it up into smaller pieces called packets. If you do not use a router, you will not get a connection.

Switches, are devices used to create computer networks that you can use. While routers connect computers to network, switches connect devices on that network together.

You need both routers and switches together in your computer network in order for your network to work. Your network needs to be strong and powerful because, if it is not, you can be delayed and your revenue streams can be affected. If you cannot access the Internet, you cannot converse with clients and customers and they cannot purchase your goods and services or visit your website. You cannot go wrong with Juniper routers and Juniper switches.

The Value of Juniper Routers and Juniper Switches

Many new entrepreneurs and businessmen and women use Juniper hardware products to achieve technological success. Juniper is a household name. Its products provide clients and customers with affordable quality.

Cisco is too expensive for most small business owners and shop operators when starting out. A no name brand is a gamble. For the balance of quality and affordability, you should consider investing in Juniper routers and Juniper switches. If you purchase a few routers and a few switches to start that are a good fit for your network, you can save yourself the hassle when you either want to add or replace the routers and switches you already have.

You need a dedicated network in your store or office. Mobile technology is great but, when it comes to your office needs, it should be an afterthought, not a foundation. Juniper routers and Juniper switches are some of the best routers and switches on the market for new small business owners and operators to invest in. For more information on the IT technology you should consider investing in, visit Network IT at our website today. We have helped countless owners and operators in and around Toronto and the GTA.

Have a Home Network? Purchase Juniper Routers and Switches for Storage

Many small business owners work from home. One common configuration, when setting up your home network to power your servers and connect virtually with clients, is to use an EoP design, or Ethernet over Power design. This means that small devices can be powered via Ethernet cabling from your computer. Some devices you might power would be an IP camera or a VoIP telephone.

Many home business owners and operators choose simple networks like this because such systems are easy to acquire and configure, as well as being very affordable for small businesses.

The components needed to set up and run a simple EoP designed network include a router or switch (preferably Juniper routers and/or Juniper switches), Ethernet cabling, an initial power source, and your devices. These networks are preferable because the wiring complexity it practically nil, allowing even the most technologically-illiterate small business owner to be able to set up their own network after googling or YouTubing how to do so. It is that simple.

You have the option of choosing a router or switch, but you must choose at least one of these options in order to create a connected and working network. You can avoid using a switch if you still have Ethernet ports available to use on your computer. However, if you do not, you will need a router. There are many companies in the technology marketplace that sell routers and switches. However, you need to balance affordability with quality. In that case, only one company can qualify: Juniper.

Purchasing and using Juniper routers and Juniper switches is a wise investment for any physical or online business that operates out of your home.

Even if your network for your small business is all set up and working perfectly, you should consider purchasing extra Juniper routers and Juniper switches to store, just in case your routers or switches stop working. While Juniper is a quality company that is known for its great products, everything breaks down after a while. Even we only last an approximate limit of 100 years. Everything breaks down.

If your system goes down and you need Juniper routers or Juniper switch, you should not have to be inconvenienced by going to the nearest store that stocks them. Simply purchase some in advance and stock them in your home. Then, it is a quick 5-second trip to another room and you have exactly what you need to start your network up again to continue with generating revenue for your business.

Even if you prefer using Juniper routers over Juniper switches, and vice versa, it makes sense to at least stock some routers and switches, even if you do not think you will need to use them. Your network requirements may change, decrease, or even expand in the future. Having the parts you need at a moment’s notice is incredibly calming without having the added anxiety of needing to go out and get them.

In addition, once you get to the store, the store may not have any more Juniper routers or Juniper switches in stock. Make a safe bet, reduce the stress of running your business, and purchase some routers and switches in advance.

To purchase Juniper routers and Juniper switches for your small business’s network, even if you work from home, consider contacting or visiting Network IT today. We are located in Toronto and serve clients all across the GTA. For more information on Juniper products, or to purchase some of your very own, please visit us at our website today.

The Road to $100,000 in Silicon Valley: Juniper Routers and Switches

Every industry, especially those that are incredibly profitable, is composed mainly of two types of people: those that are incredibly passionate about what they do, and those that are incredibly faithful in their work. Those who are passionate are usually willing to choose an experience over a higher paycheck and often choose companies to work for that they find more interesting. Those who are faithful to the company due to a rewarding paycheck are worth no less than those who are passionate, but their motivations to go to work are different.

This does not mean that simply going to work for a paycheck is wrong or inherently hurtful to a company. In fact, it can be the greatest gift an employee can give to their employer: total loyalty to fulfilling the company’s vision. In information technology (IT) specifically, and computer science in general, workers are mostly either working for the lucrative payday, or they are incredibly interested in computing and everything it influences or they want to be a part of it.

Juniper Routers and Juniper Switches: The First Steps to Success

If everyone could make $100,000 or more working in Silicon Valley, they would. However, these lucrative paychecks are reserved for those who stand out in their fields. They may be software engineers, computer engineers, or computer scientists, all at the top of their field. It is not impossible to join their ranks and, if you improve your skills, you too can earn $100,000 or more as well. This is contingent, however, on you being able to turn your computing and IT talent into a formidable skill. You will also need to continue to progress over time, increasing your skillset and worth to your company. Start learning today with Juniper routers and Juniper switches.

The Juniper Advantage

Unlike other industries where one is expected to invest a large sum of money upfront to become productive and make money on their own like in medicine or law, computing does not. You can purchase a used computer from a thrift shop, open it up, and learn all about computer networking and infrastructures by tinkering around, as well as reading textbooks from your local library. However, sometimes you need specialized equipment like Juniper routers and switches.

Juniper products are famous for two reasons: they are affordable and they are top-quality. This is why the company is often mentioned with its competitor “Cisco” in the same sentence. Few other companies can hope to match Cisco like Juniper can. Juniper was actually founded to directly compete against Cisco, offering alternatives in networking hardware for small- and medium-sized businesses that could not afford Cisco’s expensive merchandise. Now, you too can experience the Juniper advantage.

With great additional benefits like the JUNOS operating system, present in every Juniper router and Juniper switch on the shelf, you can start learning computer networking from your own home or office. With a modular design and single train compatibility, rest assured that no matter how much you think you are misconfigured your Juniper router or Juniper switch, the rest of your home network will not be affected.

If you want to earn some certifications in computer networking, like the vendor-neutral CompTIA’s Network+ or Server+ certifications, you should consider purchasing some Juniper routers and Juniper switches today.

A $100,000 paycheck is achievable if you work in Silicon Valley and offer immense value to your company. If you want to be an expert at computer networking, you need to start learning and improving today. Routing and switching is a great place to start.

Network IT in Toronto sells computer hardware and software to satisfied customers in and around the city, as well as the GTA. If you are interested in purchasing some juniper routers and juniper switches, or you would like to purchase other computing goods, consider contacting us at our website today.

Prepare for Your IT Exams with Juniper Routers and Juniper Switches

When studying for IT exams, there are many different options you can consider to prepare for them. You can pay for classes. You can also purchase some interactive material like textbooks and DVDs. Or, you can do what many IT professionals do, which is to create your own home network.

Creating a home network will allow you to learn in a real-time environment beyond the esoteric material of each exam. You will learn how to setup, run, and troubleshoot your equipment, becoming very knowledgeable about running a network in a reduced amount of time.

Simply studying theoretical concepts in a classroom will not prepare you to enter such a demanding and constantly changing field like Information Technology. The only way you can succeed is by becoming knowledgeable and aware of new and old technology on the market. Juniper products are some of the best products in information technology to start with.

As such, Juniper routers and Juniper switches offer many benefits to prospective IT professionals who are setting up their first home network. Here are the top three benefits you need to know about.

Juniper Routers and Switches are Affordable

Although the IT profession is well known for its excellent salaries, you may not be able to afford high-cost equipment like Cisco when you are just starting out. Juniper is your best option when considering quality and price in a router or switch. Although they may not have the same name recognition of Cisco, often thought of as the gold standard in the IT industry, Juniper products are just as good at a fraction of the price. There’s a reason they are the main competitor to Cisco, and have been for over a decade.

Juniper Switches and Routers are More Common in Small Businesses

Not every IT professional wants to move to Silicon Bay or Valley. Startup culture is often influenced by its surroundings, so the tech culture will differ depending on where you work. Many IT professionals are either content in their hometowns and want to stay there, or already run a small business and want to ensure they can fix any IT issue they come across.

Due to their affordability and consistent quality, Juniper switches and Juniper routers are most commonly used in smaller- and medium-sized businesses, or in large companies with the need for many networks like data or render farms in Hollywood. As well, if you find the majority of your clients are small- to medium-sized businesses, it is better you start by using Juniper equipment, so you are more comfortable with their networks when you enter the IT profession.

Juniper Routers and Juniper Switches use the JUNOS Network

JUNOS is one of the most efficient operating systems in the IT industry, due to its modular architecture and single train compatibility. If one module of your network crashes, you will not lose your work. Each module or component of the system is kept separate from each other, and therefore is safe from being deleted unintentionally.

In addition, because all Juniper products run JUNOS, inter-operability across many different devices is much easier, just like using an array of Apple products at the same time. If you want to use multiple devices and “sync” them, you should consider purchasing Juniper routers and switches today. They will make running your home network and preparing for any IT exam you write much easier.

Network IT can help you purchase your first Juniper routers and Juniper switches to start self-studying in IT. With Network IT, you can prepare successfully for any IT exam in Toronto and the GTA. For more information, please visit us at our website today.

JUNOS OS: Juniper Routers’ and Switches’ Secret Advantage

JUNOS Operating System (OS) may not be a secret in the conventional sense of the word. After all, practically everyone working in the IT field knows the operating system exists. However, for newcomers and those interested in an IT career, the JUNOS OS and Juniper routers and switches tend to be overshadowed by the more famous CISCO equipment.

While CISCO routers and switches are better known, there are several advantages JUNOS hold over their competition, which makes Juniper switches and routers hard to beat! Here are the top four benefits you will gain when using Juniper switches and routers.

A Better User Experience Means Less Programming Errors

JUNOS’s operations are automated, which help reduce any errors users might come across. Usage of, and training in, Juniper routers and switches is simplified, and therefore easier, due to the simple implementation of each feature. This prioritization of one feature at a time when using Juniper equipment creates a simplified and familiar experience for users, which help them become acclimated to using Juniper routers and switches.

A more familiar user experience means that users are less likely to make errors when programming their Juniper switches or routers due to their increased familiarity with the software.

A More Secure Operating System

One of the chief concerns of any IT professional is that the equipment they are using is secure. While 100% security can never be guaranteed for any platform or software, it should be as secure as possible. Juniper takes security seriously with its JUNOS software, protecting its equipment with firewalls and VPNs among other security devices. When you use Juniper switches and routers, you are benefiting immensely from using JUNOS OS, one of the most secure and stable operating systems on the market today.

The JUNOS Shell Makes Programming Easier

Sooner or later, you will want to program your Juniper switches and routers. Unlike other operating systems that do not provide feedback until you have finished programming and want to debug your code, JUNOS’s shell allows you to get feedback while coding whenever you want. Officially, you should not enter the command shell and alter the software because you can crash your Juniper router, for instance. However, if you are knowledgeable enough about Juniper hardware and software to avoid that, you will enjoy the increased efficiency of programming in the JUNOS shell.

You can also access the shell by contacting the Juniper Technical Assistance Center (JTAC), as you are officially advised to do by Juniper. The company may not claim any responsibility though if you brick your Juniper router and void company policy.

The Benefit of Using JUNOS’s Modular Architecture

The modular architecture of JUNOS OS provides many advantages when using Juniper switches and routers. The first benefit of JUNOS’s modular architecture is that it allows you to have full control of your own module, using individual control plane processes. Since each module has its own memory partition, you can run your own modified software while preventing your module from influencing other parts of the system. No other module will be affected by your programming changes and neither will the JUNOS OS.

Since modules are isolated from each other, any process that runs in one module will not be shared with other modules. Not only can you find errors more easily, but your Juniper routers and switches are also easier to fix if a problem arises. Once you figure out the root cause of the problem and find its source, you will be very happy you used JUNOS’s modular architecture.

Network IT sells new and used Juniper equipment, like Juniper switches and routers. Take full advantage of Juniper’s JUNOS OS and purchase some of the best IT equipment on the market for your business. If you would like more information on routing and switching, please contact us at our website.

A Primer on Used Cisco Equipment: The Most Effective Way to Prepare for Your CCIE Exam

The Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) Exams are no joke. As one of the highest levels of technical networking offered by companies like Cisco, you need to be on top of your game if you want to pass any CCIE track. After all, months, if not years, of hard work may be wasted if you do not pass and choose not to re-apply.

Luckily, building your own lab to practice using or a commercially offered one, using used Cisco equipment, specifically CCIE equipment, is a great way to prepare for the exams at home. However, there are many different CCIE tracks and you will have to decide which one to test for.

So which CCIE Certification is right for you?

CCIE Routing and Switching

The most popular CCIE track to certify in, the CCIE Routing and Switching covers networking concepts and protocols. If you have a home lab, or are paying to use an established commercial lab to prepare for your exam, used Cisco equipment and CCIE equipment can be very beneficial to your learning process. While the benefits of CCIE equipment for a CCIE exam are obvious, Cisco equipment is industry-leading, with a quality that has not been matched or exceeded by competitors, making it a household name in the information technology community.

CCIE Collaboration

The CCIE Collaboration track is not as popular as CCIE Routing and Switching and this is possibly due to its perceived difficulty. It is reputed that many applicants require more than 3 lab attempts to pass the exam. The collaboration track focuses on communicative devices, like virtualization, instant messaging and video, and voice messaging.

CCIE Data Center

The CCIE Data Center track is perfect for applicants that like using logistics and strategy. After all, they are required to study how complex data center networks work, and how to manage and maintain them. While this is a fairly new track, established in 2012, it is just as tough as the other tracks. Using CCIE equipment in your lab is vital to getting hands-on experience with industry-standard equipment.

CCIE Security

The CCIE Security track is for expert-level network security engineers who have a wide breadth of knowledge in application protocols, operating systems, security technologies, and security applications. Using CCIE equipment in your lab, especially used Cisco equipment, is a great way to affordably practice on industry-standard equipment to raise your chances of success in the exam.

CCIE Service Provider

The CCIE Service Provider track is best for network engineers who want to build and/or maintain Service Provider IP (Internet protocol) NGN (next-generation network) core infrastructures. Test-takers will need to have a thorough knowledge of remote access technologies, Layer 2 and 3 VPNs (virtual private network), IP core networks, and aggregation/edge. This is expert-level knowledge that simply must be learned in a lab environment, and used Cisco equipment is the best to use to achieve this certification.

CCIE Wireless

CCIE Wireless certification is great for test-takers interested in wireless technology, networks, systems, and have a thorough understanding of WLAN (wireless local area networking). Building or using a lab with IOS is now possible, allowing applicants to specialize their expert-level knowledge in Apple’s wireless technology while preparing for their exams. Due to a recent partnership between Apple and Cisco, Cisco networks and CCIE equipment are now optimized for IOS devices and applications, and focusing on IOS wireless networking is a great way to specialize your skills due to the public demand for Apple products.

Network IT has years of experience providing networking and systems products and services to satisfied clients in Toronto and across the GTA. If you have any questions or would like more information regarding CCIE Equipment or used Cisco equipment to build your own lab, please contact us on our website.