Cisco Packet Data Serving Node

Network IT new, refurbished or used Cisco Wireless will help you create a more intelligent and responsive integrated network which is based on resilient, adaptive technologies.

Packet Data Serving Node (PDSN) provides the primary wireless mobile data access to the internet , intranets , and Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) servers for mobile stations utilizing a CDMA2000 Radio Access Network (RAN). Our new, refurbished and used Cisco PDSN provides gateway , Foreign Agent (FA) , and packet transport for Virtual Private Networking (VPN) functionality in support of two primary services , Simple IP and Mobile IP. Cisco PDSN supports both 1xRTT transport capability and 1xEVDO. It also acts as an Authentication , Authorization , and Accounting (AAA) client. A complete Cisco PDSN Solution would also include the Home Agent (HA) and AAA server.

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