Maintenance and Support

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Is your hardware maintenance contract eating away at your annual budget?

Why 3rd party maintenance is right for you!

It’s a known fact that maintenance and support makes up a large portion of any organizations IT budget. Most companies have IT hardware from multiple manufacturers, i.e. Cisco, Dell, IBM, and HP among others with multiple maintenance contracts. Managing multiple contracts and expiration dates adds complexity and unnecessary costs. Moreover, the OEM maintenance contracts are designed to push the customer away from maintaining legacy equipment and towards spending more money on upgrades.

Many businesses are not aware that a third party maintenance contract is an affordable option. So here are four key reasons to consider third party maintenance:

1. Price: As previous mentioned the OEM business model is to sell new equipment not to maintain out of warranty equipment. Manufacturers will charge an unreasonable amount to have you protect your legacy equipment year over year. This is why a thirdparty maintenance contract makes sense. You save money while maintaining the same level of SLAs.

2. Flexibility: While most OEM service level agreements are one-size-fits-all, third-party maintenance providers provide much more flexibility. In addition to offering various options on coverage days and response times, they feature co-term contracts that allow companies to adjust the expiration dates for multiple contracts so they terminate on the same date.

3. Multi-vendor support: OEM technicians service the products they manufacture, but third-party maintenance providers have the expertise to service multiple manufacturers.

4. Single point of contact: If an outage occurs and you have multiple OEM service contracts, who do you call? The longer it takes to figure it out, the longer your equipment is down. With third-party maintenance providers, all equipment is consolidated under one contract and you know exactly who to call to get service.

Network IT is always looking for ways to save you money. We want customers to extend the lifecycle of their equipment even when the manufacturer’s warranty has expired.

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