Prepare for Your IT Exams with Juniper Routers and Juniper Switches

When studying for IT exams, there are many different options you can consider to prepare for them. You can pay for classes. You can also purchase some interactive material like textbooks and DVDs. Or, you can do what many IT professionals do, which is to create your own home network.

Creating a home network will allow you to learn in a real-time environment beyond the esoteric material of each exam. You will learn how to setup, run, and troubleshoot your equipment, becoming very knowledgeable about running a network in a reduced amount of time.

Simply studying theoretical concepts in a classroom will not prepare you to enter such a demanding and constantly changing field like Information Technology. The only way you can succeed is by becoming knowledgeable and aware of new and old technology on the market. Juniper products are some of the best products in information technology to start with.

As such, Juniper routers and Juniper switches offer many benefits to prospective IT professionals who are setting up their first home network. Here are the top three benefits you need to know about.

Juniper Routers and Switches are Affordable

Although the IT profession is well known for its excellent salaries, you may not be able to afford high-cost equipment like Cisco when you are just starting out. Juniper is your best option when considering quality and price in a router or switch. Although they may not have the same name recognition of Cisco, often thought of as the gold standard in the IT industry, Juniper products are just as good at a fraction of the price. There’s a reason they are the main competitor to Cisco, and have been for over a decade.

Juniper Switches and Routers are More Common in Small Businesses

Not every IT professional wants to move to Silicon Bay or Valley. Startup culture is often influenced by its surroundings, so the tech culture will differ depending on where you work. Many IT professionals are either content in their hometowns and want to stay there, or already run a small business and want to ensure they can fix any IT issue they come across.

Due to their affordability and consistent quality, Juniper switches and Juniper routers are most commonly used in smaller- and medium-sized businesses, or in large companies with the need for many networks like data or render farms in Hollywood. As well, if you find the majority of your clients are small- to medium-sized businesses, it is better you start by using Juniper equipment, so you are more comfortable with their networks when you enter the IT profession.

Juniper Routers and Juniper Switches use the JUNOS Network

JUNOS is one of the most efficient operating systems in the IT industry, due to its modular architecture and single train compatibility. If one module of your network crashes, you will not lose your work. Each module or component of the system is kept separate from each other, and therefore is safe from being deleted unintentionally.

In addition, because all Juniper products run JUNOS, inter-operability across many different devices is much easier, just like using an array of Apple products at the same time. If you want to use multiple devices and “sync” them, you should consider purchasing Juniper routers and switches today. They will make running your home network and preparing for any IT exam you write much easier.

Network IT can help you purchase your first Juniper routers and Juniper switches to start self-studying in IT. With Network IT, you can prepare successfully for any IT exam in Toronto and the GTA. For more information, please visit us at our website today.

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