SpeedBoost Routers Make All the Difference

SpeedBoost technology has become a boon to routers. In some ways, they are the best thing to happen since sliced bread. Right now, SpeedBoost is specific to new and Used Cisco Routers, as well as new and Used Linksys Routers, a type of used Cisco router.

What is SpeedBoost?

SpeedBoost is a new technology that detects when there is available bandwidth and automatically increases speed when it’s needed most. SpeedBoost turbo-charges your streaming video, online gaming and downloading activities! SpeedBoost technology is available with used Cisco routers and used Linksys routers.

How does SpeedBoost Work?

SpeedBoost detects when there is available bandwidth on the network and automatically provides a temporary burst of speed for the first 10 MB of a download or stream. This allows content to load faster. Not only that, SpeedBoost technology dramatically increases signal strength, reducing the need for range extenders. This therefore saves further costs.

Benefits of SpeedBoost

SpeedBoost makes online gaming, downloading and streaming even faster in the following ways:
1. It gives your videos a head start when watching YouTube videos.
2. It provides a competitive advantage when gaming by avoiding long lag times.
Discover the latest internet video sensation and stop suffering from constant buffering.

Netnit provides Used Cisco Routers with SpeedBoost Technology

Netnit sells used Cisco routers as well as used Linksys routers with SpeedBoost technology.
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