Starting an Office Requires a Dedicated Office Phone

Sure, you may be thinking that you do not need an office phone, however, if for no other reason than privacy, you do, especially if you hire employees. Smartphones are awesome mini computers but they are vulnerable in ways a dedicated office phone is not. Every app you download and use has access to your information and system. Not so with a dedicated office phone. Every time you let an employee use your smartphone, they have access to your private information and system. Not so with a dedicated office phone.

It makes sense to separate your phones, depending on the environment you are operating in. Used Cisco IP & wireless phones are a great investment to this end, and should be seriously considered by any entrepreneur that is initially successful in the beginning. Once you put your full time and effort into your business, you need to do everything in your power to achieve results.

A dedicated office phone, like the used Cisco CP-7961G, is just one part of a large amount of dedicated things you need once you decide to scale up your business. Office space is another. Staff and equipment are other expenses that you will certainly incur as well. However, every expense that pays for itself and allows you to generate even more revenue is worth it in the long-term. This is the most practical reason why you should not dismiss the use and efficiency of a dedicated office phone like used Cisco IP & wireless phones.

Sooner or later, every entrepreneur stops working from their laptop in a coffee shop and purchases a dedicated office space to expand his or her business. By scaling up operations, it is also common for entrepreneurs to start hiring staff in order to take full advantage of their new office space and increasing revenues. One of the first employees many entrepreneurs hire is a receptionist and/or personal assistant.

With limited office equipment, especially at the beginning of scaling your business, you need a dedicated office phone that can be used by anyone in the office, whether they are the boss or the receptionist. A used Cisco CP-7961G is that phone!

This phone is simple to operate and easy to use. Even if you have never used a dedicated office phone before, doing so is instinctual with a Cisco phone. With a used Cisco CP-7961G office phone, you can easily access backlit programmable lines, feature buttons that provide enhanced functionality, and a high-resolution display screen, perfect for certain features that require a graphical interface like caller identification and unicode text.

If you have a dedicated office space, and dedicated office employees, you need a dedicated office phone like used Cisco IP & wireless phones. Simply using smartphones is not enough anymore, especially when you are dealing with the cyber security side of things. The last thing you want is to leave your personal information vulnerable to access from others, whether they are your own staff, hackers, or customers. Dedicated office phones are very simple to use, provide great results, and come pre-equipped with a function for practically any office task you could need a phone to handle.

For the best in used Cisco IP & Wireless Phones, like the used Cisco CP-7961G, used Cisco CP-7942G, or the used Cisco CP-7962G, are great for entrepreneurs who are expanding their business operations and purchasing dedicated office space. For more information regarding dedicated office phones, as well as other dedicated office equipment, please visit us at Network IT, located in Toronto and the GTA. You can visit us in-store on online at our website today.

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