Buy Dell Used Servers to Avoid Version Control Errors in the Workplace

Without version control, even the best managed projects can fall into disarray. It is difficult to keep track of which files are saved where, when updates are applied, and which versions of files various members of your team access and at what time. There is so much to consider when not using version control, that you should really use it to free up time, as well as to make your projects more efficient.

What is Version Control?

Version control is a process that allows users to back up and save their work at regular intervals. Version control can mean saving files in specific folders on a computer or centralized server, or even using version control software like Git.

Version control can exist on local computers, or on the web using a SAAS (Software As A Service) solution like Github or Dropbox. The best version control strategy is one you can control. A physical server sitting in your office will always be easier to access and control than an SAAS service, no matter how good or convenient the service is. Even though a SAAS service may be cheaper, an accessible server in your office will be more valuable.

Buying Dell Used Servers to Offset Version Control

Users have limited space on their hard drive. Web-based version control solutions are not as secure as office-based solutions. Using external hard drives can become cumbersome and confusing after a while. One of the best solutions to using version control in the office is to use a central server that employees can access and deposit files into.

You can even protect the server by locking it in a closet and requiring that users use their login credentials to access the server. You can have the IT department keep activity logs and back them up as well.

These files can then be accessed by other workers in the office, ensuring that everyone is up-to-date regarding the progress of office projects at the end of the day. A worker will use version control to backup his or her work before leaving the office, and the rest of the team members in the office can access the same files when they start work in the morning.

Why Buying Dell Used Servers Results in Better Version Control

The best version control strategy you can implement is one that you will be able to control. Websites go down and folders get moved on personal computers all the time. Installing a centralized, physical server in your office and requiring office workers to move their files to that server will result in more efficient version control.

When it comes to implementing features like version control, you need a custom solution that works for everyone in the office. If some workers use Github, while others do not, version control can become very confusing very fast.

However, buying Dell used servers is a great way to ensure the process is simple, quick, and easy to follow. Network IT, serving the Toronto and GTA areas, can help you buy HP used servers, buy HP used parts, sell HP used servers, sell HP used parts, buy Dell used servers, buy Dell used parts, sell Dell used servers, and sell Dell used parts. For more information, contact us online at our website today, or visit us in-store.

Purchasing a Used Server Can Help Your Business

Servers can have multiple purposes in your business network. There is so much you can do with a server that, if you learn that someone is selling IBM used servers, you should jump at the chance to purchase it.

Here are three different types of servers that you can create that will help your business create more revenue.

FTP Server

An FTP server is one of the most common server types that you will encounter. You probably have one or know someone who does. If, however, you do not, you should get an FTP server to upload and download your files more quickly. Look around and see who is selling IBM used servers!

FTP, or file transfer protocol, transfers files from your devices to your server. This configuration allows you and others on your network to access files quicker and easier. Seconds count in business when money is on the line. If you see someone selling used IBM servers, you should consider purchasing one to turn into an FTP server.

Web Server | Selling IBM Used Servers

Web servers can be online. In fact, many are. However, if you host your web content on a physical server, you are able to exert more control over them, as well as protect the server more from intrusion. If information security is a great concern for your business, you should consider purchasing a server from a technology store selling IBM used servers and turning one into a web server.

Of all the businesses out there, many believe that only web development or online businesses need web servers. However, every business can benefit from hosting a web server in their office. Keep copies of all your important documents and files on a web server, only accessing them to update them or to retrieve information. This is a great method to ensuring that you never lose your files or never accidentally delete them.

Proxy Server | Selling IBM Used Servers

Proxy servers are another type of server which you may need in a small business. Sometimes, you need to keep some data inaccessible to specific individuals. These individuals can be customers, if you operate a multi-tiered subscription business. These individuals can be employees, if you have specific pay grades for employees. These individuals can be the public, if you only want information available to your employees or customers.

Proxy servers are an intermediary, which either block or allow devices to access a network server. A device or the person using a device, needs to be approved beforehand, or the connection will not occur. Purchasing a server from a business selling IBM used servers is a great and affordable way to create a proxy server.

How Do These Servers Increase Your Revenue

FTP servers, web servers, and proxy servers, help stabilize your business. The stronger and more stable your business is, the better it will perform during times of adversity. It is the same reason why hospitals have backup electrical generators. If a file is ever deleted accidentally, or you need to control access to a file, or you need to ensure that your web server is running correctly, you will be glad you purchased a server.

If you need a server, contact Network IT. We can help you buy IBM used servers, buy IBM used parts, sell IBM used servers, sell IBM used parts, buy Dell used servers, buy Dell used parts, sell Dell used servers, or sell Dell used parts. For more information, or to purchase a used or new server for your business, contact us online at our website today. We have been servicing clients throughout Toronto, Ontario, Canada and globally for over 20 years.

The Top Two Reasons Why You Need IP Telephony and VoIP

IP Telephone and VoIP service is a hidden benefit that many small business owners and operators do not know about. However, switching to a packet-distributed phone service like IP and VoIP can help their business by reducing expenses and increase revenues.

While the end function of IP telephony and VoIP is the same as using a regular circuit-switched phone service plan (your call is connected), the process is different. You can save money, as well as secure your phone calls over your business network’s internet connection, by switching today.

First, you need to understand how these phone service plans differ on a fundamental level.

Why is IP Telephony and VoIP Different?

Generally, your telephone and cell phone calls are routed through the public switched telephone network. Calls are sent via circuit-switching in order to route calls from a caller to a recipient. While the earliest circuit-switching was done by switchboard operators, now everything is digital.

IP Telephony and VoIP are also digital, but different, since calls are routed via your Internet connection, rather than through digital connections. No physical connection, like a telephone pole or a cell tower, is required for the call to connect. Instead, your call is digitized and broken into packets, which is sent on your wireless connection to another phone, also connected to wifi.

This difference in call connection provides many benefits to companies using IP or VoIP phones. Here are the top two advantages that you can benefit from by switching to a packet-switched telephone network today.

Network IT | IP Phone | More Affordable Phone Service

Phone plans, especially for professional businesses can range from the tens of dollars per month, to hundreds. This depends on your network service provider, your plan, and your phone use. These costs, like all other costs, will add up over time, increasing your monthly expenses as a result.

IP phone service is much more affordable than any phone plan. This is because you can route your calls through your Internet. Your calls will be able to connect faster and will be clearer, as long as your Internet connection is on.

Since you are already paying for Internet, you should consider saving money and using an IP phone in order to reduce your expenses. By virtue of reducing your monthly business expenses, you are increasing your profits.

More Secure Phone Service

By virtue of having a business network that is connected to the Internet, you should have at least one firewall connecting your network. Although more firewalls are better, even if you do not have one firewall, your router will have one built-in to its hardware. This means that there is at least one layer of security protecting the information that you are sending over your network.

With this security already in place, it makes sense to route your calls over wifi instead of through a traditional phone plan. Having the ability to secure your phone calls is very important in business.

You need to ensure that no one is listening in, that you can maintain a clear connection when talking to customers and clients, and that you can ensure that your call will be able to connect.

Cisco Network Consulting and Support Services provide many advantages to your business. Whether you need routing and switching LAN/WAN, wireless, network security, IP telephony and VoIP, or more, Network IT can help. Visit us online at our website to learn more about how IP phone service can help your business succeed. Network IT has been providing new, used and refurbished IP Telephony and VoIP equipment as well as Cisco Network Consulting services for over 15 years to clients throughout Toronto, Ontario, Canada and Globally.

Cisco SMARTnet Service Contracts are Worth Every Penny

When you purchase a Cisco product, make sure you purchase a corresponding Cisco SMARTnet plan with it as well. Doing so is prudent and will save you hours of headaches in the future should your product ever break or fail after years of use. Even the best equipment breaks down eventually and you need to ensure that when it does, your business workflow will not be crippled.

Now, when it comes to service contracts, many people play it fast and loose. They take a gambler’s risk and believe that nothing bad will ever happen to their equipment, even if they bought it used. However, hardware always breaks down over time. Dust in your machines can slow them down, an electrical storm can short the power connections, and someone could accidentally spill water on the machine’s internals.

Anything can happen, and you need to ensure that your equipment is protected for when that occurs. The best way to ensure this is by purchasing an official service contract from Cisco whenever you purchase a Cisco product.

All you are doing is protecting your valuable investment and is no different than purchasing comprehensive car insurance when purchasing a luxury vehicle. The same principle is true for computing and information technology equipment.

But I Was Told That Service Contracts Don’t Matter

Service contracts matter if you need them. For businesses, they are essential. You need to ensure that your Cisco equipment continues working, even when it does not. Every moment that your website is online and that your Cisco equipment works is a moment that can be monetized. Every moment that a piece of Cisco equipment is down is a moment that your IT staff have to worry about fixing the issue, and not working on keeping your network running and secure.

Service contracts matter and this is why Cisco SMARTnet is so popular among Cisco customers. In part, this is due to the premium price you need to pay for Cisco equipment. Cisco customers understand the importance of protecting their investments.

However, this is expected, since Cisco equipment really has no equal when it comes to information technology. Cisco is an industry leader with a solid reputation that has been built by decades of quality software, hardware, and fulfilling service contracts like Cisco SMARTnet.

Even though you have quality Cisco equipment, you should still purchase a SMARTnet plan. There is no telling when something will break or fail, even after many years of faithful service. You need to ensure that your workflow is not disrupted as a result.

The Benefits of SMARTnet Plans

There are varying levels of SMARTnet plans that you can purchase. Some, like the basic plan, come with access to a 24-hour telephone guidance center. There, you can get your questions answered and you can receive help to troubleshoot your equipment. More expensive plans, by contract, include on-site help from Cisco employees who will service your equipment should it fail.

There is no telling which plan is best for you. You will need to consider the varying benefits each plan offers, the costs of each plan, and whether the coverage included in the plan is beneficial to your business’s goals. If so, purchase that plan.

Ensure that your workflow is not interrupted when your equipment goes down. To learn more about the different levels of a Cisco SMARTnet plan, as well as more benefits to purchasing one, please visit us, either in-store at Network IT in Markham or online at our website today. We have been servicing companies throughout Toronto, Ontario and Canada as well as globally for over 15 years.

Top Three Reasons to Add Juniper Routers to Your Network

Information technology can be a tough field to understand at first. It contains its own lingo, words that mean one thing in general conversation can mean something completely different when talking about tech, and you are expected to know a lot. Beginners are often intimidated by new tech words like “router,” “switch,” and “hub.” It can be difficult at first to understand terms like these, but also the differences between these terms.

This article will break down what a router is, and why you need one for your business network. If you do not know what a router is, have no fear because you will by the end of this article.

Routers are devices that you add to your network. They are hardware, so they are physical devices. Routers often include firewalls, which add another level of protection to your network. The router itself is a device that connects multiple devices to your network. You can connect your devices with either cables, or wirelessly with Juniper routers.

Still, it can be difficult to tell if a router is right for you, especially a Juniper router. Here are three reasons why the inclusion of routers can benefit your network security, and your business.

Increased Security

Security is of great importance to any business owner or operator. You need to keep your information safe, secure, and accessible. With a router, you can increase your network’s security. Routers have built-in firewalls which add another layer of security to its network. Every increased level of security makes your network that much more secure.

Routers remap your devices onto a separate private local network. This private local network remaps and assigns another IP address to your network. Your private local network IP is different than your public local network IP address. The advantage of having a private and a public local network address adds a buffer between your network and the Internet. This is one of the most common reasons why people buy Juniper routers.

Connect Multiple Devices to the Internet

Usually, you have to connect each device to the Internet individually. This can be a chore if you have multiple devices. Even sorting through the Ethernet cables to find one connection can be difficult. Instead of having to connect each device individually, you can use Juniper routers to connect each device wirelessly.

No more wires means less mess in the IT section of your office. Connecting via a private wireless network is a simple and secure way to protect your network, while also allowing approved devices to connect to the network as well.

Share Files More Easily

The purpose of a router is to connect multiple devices to a network, and then facilitate the sharing of information between those devices, or between those devices and devices on other networks. Adding a router to your network is a great idea if you either upload or download tons of data and need to make that process easier.

All your devices will be wirelessly connected to a single private local network. You and others using approved devices will be able to share files more easily, and more securely. There is no price that you can put on business security. This just makes the inclusion of a router even more valuable to your network security.

Installing a router can be very beneficial to your network’s functionality and security. Juniper routers and Juniper switches are top-quality devices that you should consider adding to your network today. For more information or to purchase used or new Juniper routers and switches contact us online at our website today. We have been servicing clients throughout Toronto, Ontario, Canada and globally for over 20 years.