The Many Ways You Could Be Overcharged for Traditional Phone Service and Why a Switch to IP Telephony and VoIP Is a Good Idea

You probably keep a close eye on your mobile data to prevent unintentional overuse and a shocking phone bill at the end of the month. It’s similar with business telephone services.
Traditional telephone providers find a variety of ways to increase your monthly bill, whether it be through hidden charges, ambiguous maintenance fees, or taxes. All of these add up, causing problems for your business’s budget.

Luckily, adopting new IP telephony and VoIP technologies not only avoid some of the drawbacks of old telephone hardware but also prevent unexpected surcharges. But if you aren’t comfortable with making the complete switch immediately, here are some potential places to save on your next phone bill.

The Subtle Costs

That package deal from the phone company might have looked like a great deal at first. Bundled services cost less than the sum of the individual components. At the same time, they open the possibility that the service provider adds unnecessary additions you won’t immediately notice.

These can come in the form of extra services the customer didn’t know he was paying for or certain features that costed more than what the listing would imply.
In some cases, the service provider doesn’t include taxes or specific surcharges in the price. You can verify yourself whether the tax charged is in line with the local tax code. Also, remember that surcharges are often made subjectively and that there is room to negotiate some of them.

Above all, the key to avoiding phone bill shock is to know precisely what you’re paying for. Let’s look through the possible ways your phone bill could be higher than you’d expect.

What Raises Your Phone Bill the Most?

• Having too many users or devices connected to the system. Both phone companies and IP telephony and VoIP providers charge per device or user. Know how many lines you genuinely need before placing an order.
• Long-distance charges. These are non-negotiable, but try to allocate long-distance communication to other methods such as email. IP telephony and VoIP calls usually don’t charge extra for international calling since the correspondence is sent over the Internet anyway.
• Rollover lines. Many businesses receive multiple calls at the same time. To avoid giving customers a frustrating “busy” signal, rollover lines are designed to support a large volume of calls. While necessary, rollover lines aren’t cheap, so be careful of how many you’re paying for. Alternatively, invest in IP telephony and VoIP, which can accept as many calls as needed without additional charges and even come with automated answering and call queueing in case no employee is ready to answer yet.
• Extra features. You’re paying for them even if you aren’t using them, so think carefully about whether you need call routing, voicemail transcription, music on hold, conferencing, or call screening.
• Wiring maintenance. Some phone companies charge for physical wiring work in your building. See if you can receive this service at a cheaper cost from another provider if you believe wiring is taking up too much of your phone bill.

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