The Top Four Business Advantages of Owning a Used Cisco IP Wireless Phone

Cellular phones are not enough anymore for the serious businessman. With the increasing functionality of IP wireless phones, as well as the closing gap in price between mobile phones that use wireless connectivity versus those that still use cellular networks, it makes sense for business owners and operators to purchase used Cisco IP wireless phones, because the best deserve the best. Here are four reasons why.

Used Cisco IP Wireless Phones Work on Wifi

Many mobile phone users, especially business owners, need to keep up with the latest functions and accessory gadgets on their device. Constant upgrading is no longer uncommon as phone companies offer more, innovative services every year. However, one advantage used Cisco IP wireless phones have that cellular phones currently lack is the ability to make calls over WIFI.

Having a wireless phone, even a used one, means you can conduct business anywhere you have WIFI, regardless of the weaker and more disparate cellular networks.

Using a Secure WIFI Network Makes Your Conversations More Secure

Besides the greater range of signal when using WIFI versus cellular networks, using an IP wireless phone allows you to have secure conversations with business partners and clients. Now you, as a business owner, may not believe you need a secure network to talk business.

However, let’s suppose you own and operate a stationary store and your business is a stable fixture in the neighborhood. If a competitor were to learn about a secret holiday promotion you were planning and then introduced it before you, this would hurt your sales.

However, making promotional plans over a secure WIFI network will ensure your sensitive business information will not get in the wrong hands. When in doubt, more secure conversations regarding your business is advised, and used Cisco IP wireless phones are great for this purpose.

Don’t Worry about Using up Your Data

Even when business owners use IP wireless phones they may worry about reaching their monthly data limit prematurely. If this occurs on a business trip, they may find themselves unable to call clients or employees for several hours to several days, depending on their business.

In addition, with so many apps in the App Store and Google Play for download, phones are being used as replacements for tablets and laptops. This is another way business owners, busy as they are, use up their data. However, there is a solution.

By switching to public WIFI networks whenever you have the chance, you can save your data for when you truly need it. Whether you’re checking Bloomberg Finance while in line at Starbucks, doing some preliminary research using the airline’s free WIFI, or watching your competitor’s keynote address, rest assured knowing you’ll be able to access the Internet all day long. This is one of the main reasons satisfied clients buy used Cisco IP wireless phones.

IP Wireless Phones Are Tougher Now

Even with a used Cisco IP wireless phone, functionality is greater than with cheaper cellular phones. Cellular networks are notorious for dropping calls and offering weak connection quality because they are intended for individual consumers and not business owners.

IP wireless phones, needing to meet the greater demands of an increasingly more-mobile workforce, are adding features with every new model on the market, like shock resistant rubber casings, scratchproof screens, and the ability to continue working in hazardous environments like natural and manmade disaster or extreme weather areas.

With the price gap closing little by little every day, the great savings you can take advantage of by buying a used IP wireless phone are waiting for you. With an increasingly-specialized list of features that normal cellular phones do not possess, it makes sense for business owners to purchase a used Cisco IP wireless phone as an investment in their business, and an investment in their future.

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