Top Six Benefits of Going Wireless

Bob has a business. Bob has a business network setup to handle his business needs. He can share data, use the Internet, and manage operations from this business network. However, this network is slow and limiting. Bob wants faster service and more freedom to use his network. Luckily, Bob learns that he can upgrade his network from a wired one to a wireless one. Are you like Bob?

While more and more businesses are going wireless, especially with their internet connectivity, many are not. however, it is only right that businesses that still use, or are considering using, wired networks learn about the benefits that they can reap when switching to wireless.

There are many benefits to using a wireless Internet connection on your business network. This article will discuss six of these benefits, as well as why your business should switch to a wireless network. If you want more from your internet connection then this article is for you.

”Bring Your Own Device”

Lots of employees like to use their own devices at work. If you want to allow your employees to use their own phones and laptops, they can, and they can easily add their devices to the wireless network. Wireless networks allow for this setup easier than wired networks do, since the process of adding a device to a wireless network is more intuitive and simpler.

Increased Mobility

Wireless internet can travel with you. While some business owners use their own smartphones and tether them to their laptops, you can just as easily increase the mobility of your business network with additional hotspots. All you need to do is add your hotspot to your network, and then use it!


Wireless internet is scalable. Adding more and wider connectivity can be as little as adding a few more hotspots in your office. This is a great departure from how scaling is done with wired networks. By contrast, wired networks require adding more cabling and more routers and switches to your network. This form of scaling is limited, messy, and possibly dangerous.

Separate Public and Private Wifi

Some businesses have two forms of public and private wifi service. One network is for the employees. One network is for guests and visitors. Obviously, you do not want to let just anyone onto your business network, so this setup is ideal. With wireless internet service, you can offer two different plans for your business.

Wireless is Cost-Effective

Wireless connectivity is cost-effective. The costs of both setting up a wireless network, and expanding it are low. Many wireless internet providers today have scrapped contracts and offer unlimited data. This is great for any small and home-based business that needs internet service.

Increased Safety in the Workplace

By virtue of switching from a wired internet network to a wireless one, safety in the workplace will be increased. This is because there will be less wires and network hardware lying around, waiting to be tripped over. The safer your office is, the more content your employees and co-workers will be.

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