Used Cisco VOIP, IP and Wireless Phones Are Better and Cheaper

Telephones have been a necessary part of our lives since 1874 when Alexander Graham Bell was credited for inventing it. Through this remarkable device, seas could virtually be crossed as one can connect another person from the opposite end of the world instantly, without waiting for a letter for weeks on end. However, like all new devices, the telephone was an expensive luxury that few could afford, and at one time entire neighborhoods had “the one telephone.”

Fast forward to 2013. While telephones have certainly gotten cheaper, phone bills seem to continue to soar. Not only that, but newer, digital phones seem to break down. The screen that used to display a caller ID now shows a magical array of black dots instead, or just shows blank. Not only that, but being on a phone usually means you are tied to a desk or wall.

Why VOIP and Wireless Phones Are the Answer

Enter VOIP Wireless Phones. Voice Over IP (VOIP) phones run through the same internet route and therefore allow one to leverage ones existing internet plan and therefore pay for a cheaper phone plan.

Wireless, or cordless, phones are great as they don’t limit you to a wall or desk. For the small price of a daily battery charge you can talk anywhere in your house or apartment.

Types of Used Cisco Phones Network IT is Selling in Toronto, the GTA, Ontario and Canada

Netnit or Network IT Services is selling the following phone brands in Toronto, the GTA, Ontario and Canada:

  • Used Cisco CP-7961G
  • Used Cisco CP-7942G
  • Used Cisco CP-7962G

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